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Authors starting with 'B'

  1. Omar Badsha (Book Title: Imperial Ghetto: Ways of Seeing in a South African City , ID: GB/80332)
  2. Omar Badsha (Book Title: Letter to Farzanah, ID: GB/80411)
  3. Omar Badsha (Book Title: Seedtimes, ID: GB/80747)
  4. Ronald H. Bailey (Book Title: Duane Michals, ID: GB/31031)
  5. Édouard Baldus (Book Title: Photographs of Édouard Baldus, ID: GB/80651)
  6. Roger Ballen (Book Title: Brutal, Tender, Human, Animal, ID: GB/80089)
  7. Roger Ballen (Book Title: Platteland: Images from Rural South Africa, ID: GB/80677)
  8. Jose Manuel Ballester (Book Title: Conversations with Photographers, ID: GB/80968)
  9. Lewis Baltz (Book Title: Park City, ID: GB/80542)
  10. Bill Bamberger (Book Title: Durham County Photographs, ID: GB/80187)
  11. Jan Banning (Book Title: Down and Out in the South, ID: GB/80177)
  12. Olivo Barbieri (Book Title: site specific_Shanghai 04: The meaning of buildings in China, ID: GB/80757)
  13. Rodney Barnett (Book Title: Book 1: Photographs by Rodney Barnett, ID: GB/80078)
  14. The Brothers Barnett (Book Title: Barnett Collection: Records of Early Johannesburg, ID: GB/80040)
  15. Oliver Barstow (Book Title: Johannesburg Gas Works, ID: GB/31643)
  16. Gabriele Basilico (Book Title: Conversations with Photographers, ID: GB/80967)
  17. Walter Whall Battiss (Book Title: Private View, ID: GB/31085)
  18. Nicholas Battye (Book Title: Survival Programmes in Britain's Inner Cities, ID: GB/80946)
  19. Manuel Bauer (Book Title: His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama: Journey for Peace, ID: GB/80313)
  20. Manuel Bauer (Book Title: Khadi: Textile of India, ID: GB/80390)
  21. Cecil Beaton (Book Title: Cecil Beaton's New York, ID: GB/80105)
  22. Bernd Becher (Book Title: Bernd and Hilla Becher: Life and Work, ID: GB/80055)
  23. Bernd & Hilla Becher (Book Title: Grain Elevators, ID: GB/80283)
  24. Bernd & Hilla Becher (Book Title: Pennsylvania Coal Mine Tipples, ID: GB/80549)
  25. Bernd & Hilla Becher (Book Title: Typologies, ID: GB/80839)
  26. Bernd & Hilla Becher (Book Title: Zeche Hannibal, ID: GB/80911)
  27. Hilla Becher (Book Title: Bernd and Hilla Becher: Life and Work, ID: GB/80055)
  28. Mario Bellatin (Book Title: Demerol: Sin Fecha de Caducidad/ El Bano de Frida Kahlo, ID: GB/80159)
  29. Wolfgang Bellwinker (Book Title: War in Europe (Bosnia), ID: GB/80878)
  30. Richard Benson (Book Title: Lay This Laurel, ID: GB/80408)
  31. John Berger (Book Title: Another Way of Telling , ID: GB/80005)
  32. Jordi Bernadó (Book Title: Atlanta, ID: GB/80027)
  33. Jordi Bernadó (Book Title: Berlin: Photographs, ID: GB/80052)
  34. Ian Berry (Book Title: English, ID: GB/80205)
  35. Ian Berry (Book Title: Living Apart: South Africa Under Apartheid, ID: GB/80422)
  36. Heinz & Elizabeth Bertelsmann (Book Title: Eye of the Beholder, ID: GB/539)
  37. Antonio Biasiucci (Book Title: Res: Lo Stato delle Cose, ID: GB/80713)
  38. Gertrude Blom (Book Title: Gertrude Blom: Bearing Witness, ID: GB/80276)
  39. Jennie Boddington (Book Title: Laurie Wilson, ID: GB/80407)
  40. Ivan Boiko (Book Title: Vieux-croyants de Russie, ID: GB/80858)
  41. Laurence Bonvin (Book Title: On the Edges of Paradise, ID: GB/80524)
  42. Marrie Bot (Book Title: Timeless Love, ID: GB/80814)
  43. Pierre Bourdieu (Book Title: In Algerien: Zeugnisse der Entwurzelung, ID: GB/80335)
  44. Margaret Bourke-White (Book Title: Portrait of Myself, ID: GB/80685)
  45. Jane Bown (Book Title: Gentle Eye: Photographs by Jane Bown of the Observer, ID: GB/80268)
  46. Mark Bradford (Book Title: Mark Bradford, ID: GB/80452)
  47. Serge Bramly (Book Title: I.N.R.I., ID: GB/731)
  48. Bill Brandt (Book Title: Bill Brandt: A Life , ID: GB/80062)
  49. Bill Brandt (Book Title: Bill Brandt: Nudes 1945-1980, ID: GB/80063)
  50. Bill Brandt (Book Title: Bill Brandt: Photographs 1928-1983, ID: GB/80064)
  51. Bill Brandt (Book Title: Brandt: The Photography of Bill Brandt, ID: GB/80082)
  52. Bill Brandt (Book Title: Literary Britain: Landmarks, Landscapes and Houses of the Great Writers and Poets, ID: GB/80421)
  53. Bill Brandt (Book Title: London in the Thirties, ID: GB/80427)
  54. Filipe Branquinho (Book Title: Real Time. Mozambican Photographers, ID: GB/81004)
  55. Brassai Brassai (Book Title: Graffiti: Le Langage du Mur, ID: GB/80282)
  56. Brassai Brassai (Book Title: Paris de Nuit, ID: GB/80540)
  57. Gilberte Brassaï (Book Title: Brassaï, ID: GB/80083)
  58. Manuel Alvarez Bravo (Book Title: Dreams - Visions - Metaphors: The Photographsof Manuel Alvarez Bravo, ID: GB/80179)
  59. Basil Breakey (Book Title: Beyond the Blues: Township Jazz in the '60s and '70s , ID: GB/80058)
  60. Marilyn Bridges (Book Title: Markings, ID: GB/31638)
  61. Adam Broomberg (Book Title: Alias, ID: GB/80623)
  62. Adam Broomberg (Book Title: Chicago, ID: GB/80109)
  63. Adam Broomberg (Book Title: Fig, ID: GB/80237)
  64. Adam Broomberg (Book Title: Ghetto, ID: GB/80279)
  65. Andreas Brown (Book Title: Prairie Fires and Paper Moons: The American Photographic Postcard 1900-1920, ID: GB/80696)
  66. David Bruce (Book Title: Sun Pictures: The Hill-Adamson Calotypes, ID: GB/80794)
  67. Norman Bryson (Book Title: Cindy Sherman 1975-1993, ID: GB/3569)
  68. Angela Buckland (Book Title: zip zip my brain harts, ID: GB/80913)
  69. Gail Buckland (Book Title: Travelers in Ancient Lands: A Portrait of the Middle East, 1839-1919, ID: GB/80830)
  70. Sonja Bullaty (Book Title: Sudek, ID: GB/80793)
  71. Francki Burger (Book Title: Belonging, ID: GB/80945)
  72. John Burgess (Book Title: Road through the Grove: Friendship and adventure along Louis Botha Avenue, Johannesburg, in the 1950s, '60s and '70s, ID: GB/80721)
  73. Robert Burley (Book Title: Frederick Law Olmsted En Perspective, ID: GB/80255)
  74. Edward Burtynsky (Book Title: Oil, ID: GB/80522)
  75. Linda Butler (Book Title: Inner Light: The Shaker Legacy, ID: GB/80355)

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