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Authors starting with 'J'

  1. Lotte Jacobi (Book Title: Lotte Jacobi: Photographs, ID: GB/80432)
  2. Geoffrey James (Book Title: Frederick Law Olmsted En Perspective, ID: GB/80257)
  3. Cuny Janssen (Book Title: Portraits and Landscapes, ID: GB/80955)
  4. Eva-Lotta Jansson (Book Title: Acid River Runs Through It, ID: GB/80607)
  5. Eva-Lotta Jansson (Book Title: Acid River Runs Through It, ID: GB/80606)
  6. Eva-Lotta Jansson (Book Title: On the Road to Elephants, ID: GB/80525)
  7. Bill Jay (Book Title: Views on Nudes, ID: GB/80859)
  8. Lucas Jodogne (Book Title: Singapore, views on the urban landscape, ID: GB/80756)
  9. John John Coplans (Book Title: Body Parts: A Self-Portrait by John Coplans, ID: GB/80075)
  10. Clarence John Laughlin (Book Title: Clarence John Laughlin: The Personal Eye, ID: GB/80116)
  11. Philip Jones Grifiths (Book Title: Dark Odyssey, ID: GB/80151)
  12. Sune Jonsson (Book Title: And Time Becomes a Wondrous Thing, ID: GB/80001)
  13. Sune Jonsson (Book Title: Och tiden blir ett förunderligt ting, ID: GB/80520)
  14. Heinrich Jöst (Book Title: In The Ghetto of Warsaw: Heinrich Jöst's Photographs, ID: GB/80346)

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