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Authors starting with 'W'

  1. Kara Elizabeth Walker (Book Title: Kara Walker, ID: GB/80386)
  2. Kara Elizabeth Walker (Book Title: Pictures From Another Time, ID: GB/80666)
  3. Jeff Wall (Book Title: Photographs, ID: GB/80562)
  4. John Walsh (Book Title: Bill Viola: The Passions, ID: GB/6910)
  5. Harvey Wang (Book Title: From Darkroom to Daylight, ID: GB/80261)
  6. Per Wästberg (Book Title: True North: The Grand Landscapes of Sweden, ID: GB/80835)
  7. Carleton Watkins (Book Title: Art of Perception, ID: GB/80017)
  8. Weegee (Book Title: Weegee, ID: GB/80992)
  9. Weegee (Book Title: Weegee's New York: Photographs 1935-1960, ID: GB/80884)
  10. Eli Weinberg (Book Title: Portrait of A People: A Personal Photographic Record of the South African Liberation Struggle, ID: GB/80682)
  11. Paul Weinberg (Book Title: Back to the Land, ID: GB/80036)
  12. Paul Weinberg (Book Title: Dear Edward Family Footprints, ID: GB/80939)
  13. Paul Weinberg (Book Title: Durban: Impressions of an African City, ID: GB/80182)
  14. Paul Weinberg (Book Title: In Search of the San, ID: GB/80342)
  15. Paul Weinberg (Book Title: Moving Spirit: Spirituality in Southern Africa, ID: GB/80483)
  16. Paul Weinberg (Book Title: Musings in Muizenberg, ID: GB/31102)
  17. Paul Weinberg (Book Title: Once We Were Hunters, ID: GB/80526)
  18. Paul Weinberg (Book Title: Shaken Roots: The Bushmen of Namibia, ID: GB/80751)
  19. Paul Weinberg (Book Title: The Other Camera, ID: GB/81008)
  20. Paul Weinberg (Book Title: Traces and Tracks: A Thirty-Year Journey with the San, ID: GB/80826)
  21. Eudora Welty (Book Title: Eudora Welty: Photographs, ID: GB/80214)
  22. Wim Wenders (Book Title: Immagini dal Pianeta Terra, ID: GB/80331)
  23. Wim Wenders (Book Title: Pictures from the Surface of the Earth, ID: GB/80667)
  24. Jann S. Wenner (Book Title: Rolling Stone - The Photographs, ID: GB/3567)
  25. Richard Wentworth (Book Title: Eugène Atget, ID: GB/80215)
  26. Koen Wessing (Book Title: Chili September 1973 (Books on Books), ID: GB/80111)
  27. Koen Wessing (Book Title: Flashes from South Africa, ID: GB/80243)
  28. Edward West (Book Title: Casting Shadows: Images from a New South Africa, ID: GB/80102)
  29. Charles Wilson Weston (Book Title: California and the West, ID: GB/80092)
  30. Edward Weston (Book Title: California and the West, ID: GB/80093)
  31. Edward Weston (Book Title: Edward Weston: Fifty Years, ID: GB/80198)
  32. Edward Weston (Book Title: Edward Weston: Nudes, ID: GB/80932)
  33. Edward Weston (Book Title: Edward Weston: Photographer, ID: GB/80199)
  34. Edward Weston (Book Title: Edward Weston's California Landscapes, ID: GB/80200)
  35. Edward Weston (Book Title: Forms of Passion, ID: GB/80250)
  36. Edward Weston (Book Title: Weston's Westons: California and the West, ID: GB/80926)
  37. Edward Weston (Book Title: Weston's Weston's: Portraits and Nudes, ID: GB/80888)
  38. Richard Whelan (Book Title: Gerda Taro, ID: GB/80275)
  39. Graeme Williams (Book Title: As the Grass Grows, ID: GB/80019)
  40. Graeme Williams (Book Title: City Refracted, ID: GB/80114)
  41. Graeme Williams (Book Title: Floor, ID: GB/80246)
  42. Graeme Williams (Book Title: Graeme Williams, ID: GB/80931)
  43. Graeme Williams (Book Title: Inner City , ID: GB/80354)
  44. Graeme Williams (Book Title: Last Chief, ID: GB/80402)
  45. John Williams (Book Title: John Williams: Photographs, ID: GB/80376)
  46. Manfred Willmann (Book Title: Blitz & Enzianblau, ID: GB/80071)
  47. Manfred Willmann (Book Title: Das Land , ID: GB/80153)
  48. Manfred Willmann (Book Title: Die Sieger: Arbeiten 1971-1989, ID: GB/80167)
  49. Manfred Willmann (Book Title: Werkblick, ID: GB/80885)
  50. Manfred Willmann (Book Title: Werkschau II, ID: GB/80886)
  51. Marlene Winberg (Book Title: Back to the Land, ID: GB/80037)
  52. Garry Winogrand (Book Title: Arrivals and Departures: The Airport Pictures of Garry Winogrand, ID: GB/80015)
  53. Garry Winogrand (Book Title: Garry Winogrand, ID: GB/80266)
  54. Garry Winogrand (Book Title: Winogrand: Figments from the Real World, ID: GB/80898)
  55. Gordon Winter (Book Title: Country Camera 1844-1914, ID: GB/80958)
  56. Gordon Winter (Book Title: Golden Years. 1903-1913, ID: GB/80957)
  57. Joel-Peter Witkin (Book Title: 55 Series, ID: GB/80972)
  58. Joel-Peter Witkin (Book Title: Harms Way: Lust & madness, murder & mayhem, ID: GB/80293)
  59. Joel-Peter Witkin (Book Title: Heaven or Hell / Enfer ou Ciel, ID: GB/80297)
  60. Joel-Peter Witkin (Book Title: Witkin, ID: GB/1108)
  61. Michele Witthaus (Book Title: What we left at the beach, ID: GB/80961)
  62. Tom Wolfe (Book Title: Rolling Stone - The Photographs, ID: GB/3567)
  63. Vernon Wright (Book Title: South Africa, ID: GB/80768)

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