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Authors starting with 'L'

  1. Hansgert Lambers (Book Title: Fotografien 1973-1989, ID: GB/80923)
  2. Hansgert Lambers (Book Title: London Then. 1955 & 1958, ID: GB/81002)
  3. Hansgert Lambers (Book Title: mein berlin, ID: GB/80461)
  4. Hansgert Lambers (Book Title: Refugium: Westberlin 1961-1989, ID: GB/80710)
  5. Dorothea Lange (Book Title: 55 Series, ID: GB/80971)
  6. Dorothea Lange (Book Title: American Exodus: A Record of Human Erosion, ID: GB/80629)
  7. Dorothea Lange (Book Title: Dorothea Lange, ID: GB/80175)
  8. Dorothea Lange (Book Title: Dorothea Lange Looks at The American Country Woman, ID: GB/80176)
  9. Dorothea Lange (Book Title: To A Cabin, ID: GB/80817)
  10. Karl-Ludwig Lange (Book Title: Topographie der Berliner Mauer 1973-1990, ID: GB/80822)
  11. Henning Langenheim (Book Title: Wall Vanishes, ID: GB/80877)
  12. Brian Lanker (Book Title: I Dream A World: Portraits of Black Woman Who Changed America, ID: GB/80321)
  13. Jason Larkin (Book Title: Platinum / Marikana, ID: GB/80675)
  14. Jason Larkin (Book Title: Tales From the City of Gold, ID: GB/80801)
  15. Sergio Larrain (Book Title: Londres, ID: GB/80428)
  16. Sergio Larrain (Book Title: Vagabond Photographer, ID: GB/80851)
  17. J.H. Lartigue (Book Title: Bonjour Monsieur Lartigue, ID: GB/80077)
  18. Jacques Henri Lartigue (Book Title: Watersides, ID: GB/80883)
  19. Bronwyn Law-Viljoen (Book Title: Hââbré, ID: GB/31640)
  20. Bronwyn Law-Viljoen (Book Title: Johannesburg Gas Works, ID: GB/31643)
  21. Bronwyn Law-Viljoen (Book Title: Sometimes I make money one day of the week, ID: GB/31641)
  22. An-My Lê (Book Title: An-My Lê: Small Wars , ID: GB/80002)
  23. Anne Le Cozannet-Renan (Book Title: L'Ami intime: Un Musée Imaginaire du pain, ID: GB/80397)
  24. Monika Lauferts le Roux (Book Title: Johannesburg Gas Works, ID: GB/31643)
  25. Chris Ledochowski (Book Title: Cape Flats Details: Life and Culture in the Townships of Capetown, ID: GB/80099)
  26. Annie Leibovitz (Book Title: Mark & Leibovitz, ID: GB/31032)
  27. Annie Leibovitz (Book Title: Photographs, ID: GB/80565)
  28. Saul Leiter (Book Title: Early Black and White (Two Volumes), ID: GB/80189)
  29. Saul Leiter (Book Title: Early Color, ID: GB/80190)
  30. Saul Leiter (Book Title: Saul Leiter, ID: GB/80999)
  31. Jean-Claude Lemagny (Book Title: Atget: the Pioneer, ID: GB/80024)
  32. Zoe Leonard (Book Title: Fotografías, ID: GB/80252)
  33. Arnaud Lesage (Book Title: Anatopees, ID: GB/81000)
  34. Adriana Lestido (Book Title: Lo Que Se Ve / What Can Be Seen, ID: GB/80425)
  35. Michael Lesy (Book Title: Bearing Witness: A Photographic Chronicle of American Life, 1860-1945, ID: GB/80041)
  36. Leon Levinstein (Book Title: Leon Levinstein, ID: GB/80409)
  37. Leon Levinstein (Book Title: Moment of Exposure, ID: GB/80475)
  38. Helen Levitt (Book Title: Helen Levitt, ID: GB/80298)
  39. Helen Levitt (Book Title: In The Street, ID: GB/80348)
  40. Helen Levitt (Book Title: Mexico City, ID: GB/80468)
  41. John Liebenberg (Book Title: Namibia, ID: GB/81001)
  42. Jerome Liebling (Book Title: People, Yes, ID: GB/80550)
  43. Ken Light (Book Title: Coal Hollow: Photographs and Oral Histories, ID: GB/80118)
  44. Ken Light (Book Title: To the Promised Land, ID: GB/80820)
  45. Melanie Light (Book Title: Coal Hollow: Photographs and Oral Histories, ID: GB/80119)
  46. Baptiste Lignel (Book Title: Ce Qui Demeure: Vol I / 1999-2008, ID: GB/80104)
  47. Baptiste Lignel (Book Title: Face à la vie: 1 an à garches, ID: GB/80224)
  48. Baptiste Lignel (Book Title: Pop Pills: The Usage of Behaviour Medication by Kids in the USA, ID: GB/80681)
  49. O. Winston Link (Book Title: America's Last Steam Railroad: Steam Steel & Stars, ID: GB/80000)
  50. Lucy R. Lippard (Book Title: Markings, ID: GB/31638)
  51. John Loengard (Book Title: Age of Silver: Encounters with Great Photographers, ID: GB/80619)
  52. John Loengard (Book Title: Pictures Under Discussion, ID: GB/80669)
  53. Publio López Mondéjar (Book Title: Photography in Franco's Spain, ID: GB/80661)
  54. Edward Lucie-Smith (Book Title: Invented Eye, ID: GB/4019)
  55. Bart Luirink (Book Title: Toekomst van Nelson Mandela, ID: GB/00000)
  56. Jan Lukas (Book Title: Pražsky denik 1938-1965, ID: GB/80697)
  57. Markéta Luskačová (Book Title: Photographs of Spitalfields , ID: GB/80653)
  58. Markéta Luskačová (Book Title: Pilgrims, ID: GB/80670)
  59. Danny Lyon (Book Title: Conversations with the Dead, ID: GB/80135)
  60. Danny Lyon (Book Title: Destruction of Lower Manhattan, ID: GB/80163)
  61. Danny Lyon (Book Title: Message to the Future, ID: GB/80465)
  62. Nathan Lyons (Book Title: Notations in Passing, ID: GB/80513)
  63. Nathan Lyons (Book Title: Vision and Expression, ID: GB/80860)
  64. Robert Lyons (Book Title: Another Africa, ID: GB/80003)
  65. Robert Lyons (Book Title: Intimate Enemy: Images and Voices of the Rwandan Genocide, ID: GB/80360)

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