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Authors starting with 'U'

  1. Shoji Ueda (Book Title: Una Línia Subtil: Shoji Ueda 1913-2000, ID: GB/80842)
  2. Doris Ulmann (Book Title: Appalachian Photographs, ID: GB/80009)
  3. Unknown (Book Title: 9 Weeks, ID: GB/80603)
  4. Unknown (Book Title: Between Walls and Windows: Architecture and Ideology, ID: GB/80057)
  5. Unknown (Book Title: Bigger Picture: A Manuel of Photojournalism in southern Africa, ID: GB/80061)
  6. Unknown (Book Title: Creative Camera and Internatoinal Year Book 1977, ID: GB/80141)
  7. Unknown (Book Title: Creative Photography: Aesthetic Trends 1839-1960, ID: GB/80142)
  8. Unknown (Book Title: Dark Room: Photography and New Media in South Africa Since 1950, ID: GB/80152)
  9. Unknown (Book Title: Early Johannesburg: Its Buildings and its People, ID: GB/80191)
  10. Unknown (Book Title: Herzog & De Meuron + Ai Weiwei, ID: GB/80310)
  11. Unknown (Book Title: Heteronymous Reader, ID: GB/80311)
  12. Unknown (Book Title: Imaginary Photo Museum, ID: GB/80328)
  13. Unknown (Book Title: Important Photographs from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, ID: GB/80916)
  14. Unknown (Book Title: Johannesburg: Images and Continuities.A History of Working Class Life through Pictures 1885-1935, ID: GB/80373)
  15. Unknown (Book Title: New Urban Landscape, ID: GB/80500)
  16. Unknown (Book Title: rhizomes of memory: tre sorafrikanska fotografer (Goldblatt; Mofokeng; Hallett), ID: GB/80719)
  17. Unknown (Book Title: Warsaw Ghetto in Photographs, ID: GB/80880)
  18. Philip Ursprung (Book Title: Die Junst der Gegenwart: 1960 bis heute, ID: GB/80166)

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