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Authors starting with 'H'

  1. Ernst Haas (Book Title: Ernst Haas, ID: GB/80998)
  2. Robert Bartlett Haas (Book Title: Muybridge: Man in Motion, ID: GB/2645)
  3. Tore Hagman (Book Title: True North: The Grand Landscapes of Sweden, ID: GB/80833)
  4. George Hallett (Book Title: Images , ID: GB/80323)
  5. Tommy Hammarström (Book Title: True North: The Grand Landscapes of Sweden, ID: GB/80834)
  6. Michael Hammond (Book Title: Orania, ID: GB/80530)
  7. Robin Hammond (Book Title: My Lagos, ID: GB/80486)
  8. Erin Haney (Book Title: Photography and Africa, ID: GB/80657)
  9. David T. Hanson (Book Title: Waste Land: Meditations on a Ravaged Landscape, ID: GB/80881)
  10. Jitka Hanzlovâ (Book Title: Female , ID: GB/80235)
  11. Charles Harbutt (Book Title: Progreso, ID: GB/80700)
  12. Alex Harris (Book Title: Islas En El Tiempo, ID: GB/80367)
  13. Alex Harris (Book Title: Old Ones of New Mexico, ID: GB/80527)
  14. Alex Harris (Book Title: Red White Blue and God Bless You: A Portrait of New Mexico, ID: GB/80708)
  15. Alex Harris (Book Title: Robert Coles: The Last and First Eskimos, ID: GB/80724)
  16. Erich Hartmann (Book Title: In The Camps, ID: GB/80344)
  17. Sam Haskins (Book Title: African Image, ID: GB/80615)
  18. Jacqueline Hassink (Book Title: Black Walls, South Africa, ID: GB/80949)
  19. Jacqueline Hassink (Book Title: Power Book, ID: GB/80690)
  20. Jacqueline Hassink (Book Title: Quarry Walls, ID: GB/80704)
  21. Mark Haworth-Booth (Book Title: Camille Silvy: River Scene, France, ID: GB/80097)
  22. Mark Haworth-Booth (Book Title: Photography: An Independent Art: Photographs from the Victoria and Albert Museum 1839-1996, ID: GB/80556)
  23. Maria E. Haya (Book Title: Cuba La Fotografia de Los Anos 60, ID: GB/80924)
  24. Robert Heinecken (Book Title: Robert Heinecken: Object Matter, ID: GB/80727)
  25. Robert Heinecken (Book Title: Robert Heineken, ID: GB/80728)
  26. Joshua Heller (Book Title: 1050K Street Washington DC, ID: GB/80944)
  27. Joel Herschman (Book Title: Architecture Transformed: A History of the Photography of Buildings from 1839 to the Present, ID: GB/80014)
  28. Bryan Heseltine (Book Title: People Apart: 1950s Cape Town Revisited, ID: GB/80919)
  29. Joe J. Heydecker (Book Title: Un Soldat Allemand dans le Ghetto de Varsovie 1941, ID: GB/80841)
  30. Abigail Heyman (Book Title: Dreams & Schemes: Love and Marriage in Modern Times, ID: GB/80180)
  31. Todd Hido (Book Title: Between the Two, ID: GB/80056)
  32. David Octavius Hill (Book Title: Early Victorian Album: The Photographic Masterpieces (1843-1847) of David Octavius Hill and Robert Adamson, ID: GB/80192)
  33. Lewis Hine (Book Title: In Europe: The Lost Photographs, ID: GB/80337)
  34. David Hockney (Book Title: David Hockney Photographs, ID: GB/2973)
  35. David Hockney (Book Title: David Hockney: Cameraworks, ID: GB/80154)
  36. David Hockney (Book Title: Hockney On Photography: Conversations with Paul Joyce, ID: GB/80315)
  37. Evelyn Hofer (Book Title: Evelyn Hofer, ID: GB/80216)
  38. Evelyn Hofer (Book Title: New York Proclaimed, ID: GB/80506)
  39. Evelyn Hofer (Book Title: Photographs, ID: GB/80564)
  40. Jacob Holdt (Book Title: American Pictures, ID: GB/80638)
  41. Jacob Holdt (Book Title: United States 1970-1975, ID: GB/80848)
  42. Ann H. Hoy (Book Title: Fabrications, ID: GB/3072)
  43. Langston Hughes (Book Title: Sweet Flypaper of Life, ID: GB/80797)
  44. Pieter Hugo (Book Title: Cucaracha, ID: GB/81009)
  45. Pieter Hugo (Book Title: Hyena and Other Men, ID: GB/80320)
  46. Pieter Hugo (Book Title: Messina / Musina, ID: GB/80466)
  47. Pieter Hugo (Book Title: Permanent Error, ID: GB/80551)
  48. Pieter Hugo (Book Title: Peter Hujar: Eine Retrospektive, ID: GB/80553)
  49. Pieter Hugo (Book Title: Solus. Vol 1. Concerning Atypical. . ., ID: GB/81010)
  50. Pieter Hugo (Book Title: This Must Be The Place, ID: GB/80807)
  51. Alel Hutte (Book Title: Conversations with Photographers, ID: GB/80963)
  52. Dean Hutton (Book Title: transitions. in search of an authentic queer , ID: GB/80828)

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