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Authors starting with 'G'

  1. Werner Gadliger (Book Title: Flugwetter, ID: GB/80248)
  2. Peter Galassi (Book Title: Before Photography: Painting and the Invention of Photography, ID: GB/80048)
  3. Charles Gallenkamp (Book Title: Markings, ID: GB/31638)
  4. Carlos Garaicoa (Book Title: Photography as Intervention, ID: GB/80659)
  5. Cristina García Rodero (Book Title: Espagne Occulte, ID: GB/80211)
  6. Sally Ann Gaule (Book Title: Comparison of Approaches to Documentary Photography of 1930s America and Contemporary South Africa, ID: GB/80935)
  7. Gustavo Germano (Book Title: ausencias / absences , ID: GB/80032)
  8. Mario Giacomelli (Book Title: Mario Giacomelli, ID: GB/80450)
  9. Viva Jillian Gibb (Book Title: Long and Lonely Road: Township Photos from South Africa 1987, 1988, 1989, ID: GB/80429)
  10. Ralph Gibson (Book Title: Deja-Vu, ID: GB/80158)
  11. Ralph Gibson (Book Title: Deus Ex Machina, ID: GB/80164)
  12. Ralph Gibson (Book Title: Somnambulist, ID: GB/80765)
  13. Gideon Gideon (Book Title: Dzhangal, ID: GB/80188)
  14. Linda Givon (Book Title: Off the Wall: An 80th Birthday Celebration with Linda Givon, ID: GB/80521)
  15. David Gleason (Book Title: Floor, ID: GB/80247)
  16. Frank Gohlke (Book Title: Mount St. Helens, ID: GB/80481)
  17. Jim Goldberg (Book Title: Last Son, ID: GB/80405)
  18. Viki Goldberg (Book Title: Light Matters: Writings on Photography, ID: GB/80417)
  19. David Goldblatt (Book Title: 55, ID: GB/80566)
  20. David Goldblatt (Book Title: ape Dutch Homesteads, ID: GB/80574)
  21. David Goldblatt (Book Title: Conversations with Photographers, ID: GB/80567)
  22. David Goldblatt (Book Title: Ex Offenders at the Scene of the Crime, ID: GB/80568)
  23. David Goldblatt (Book Title: fifty-one years, ID: GB/80569)
  24. David Goldblatt (Book Title: fifty-one years, ID: GB/80570)
  25. David Goldblatt (Book Title: Hasselblad Award 2006, ID: GB/80571)
  26. David Goldblatt (Book Title: In Boksburg, ID: GB/80572)
  27. David Goldblatt (Book Title: In Boksburg, ID: GB/80573)
  28. David Goldblatt (Book Title: Intersections [South African Intersect..], ID: GB/80578)
  29. David Goldblatt (Book Title: Intersections Intersected, ID: GB/80577)
  30. David Goldblatt (Book Title: Intersections Intersected, ID: GB/80576)
  31. David Goldblatt (Book Title: kith, kin & kaya: South African Photographs, ID: GB/80579)
  32. David Goldblatt (Book Title: Last Interview, ID: GB/80580)
  33. David Goldblatt (Book Title: On Common Ground, ID: GB/80581)
  34. David Goldblatt (Book Title: On The Mines, ID: GB/80583)
  35. David Goldblatt (Book Title: On the Mines, ID: GB/80582)
  36. David Goldblatt (Book Title: Particulars, ID: GB/80584)
  37. David Goldblatt (Book Title: Photographers, ID: GB/80585)
  38. David Goldblatt (Book Title: Photographs, ID: GB/80586)
  39. David Goldblatt (Book Title: Photographs 1948-2018, ID: GB/80587)
  40. David Goldblatt (Book Title: Pursuit of Values, ID: GB/80588)
  41. David Goldblatt (Book Title: Regarding Intersections, ID: GB/80589)
  42. David Goldblatt (Book Title: Some Afrikaners Photographed, ID: GB/80590)
  43. David Goldblatt (Book Title: Some Afrikaners Revisited, ID: GB/80591)
  44. David Goldblatt (Book Title: South Africa, ID: GB/80592)
  45. David Goldblatt (Book Title: South Africa: The Structure of Things Then, ID: GB/80575)
  46. David Goldblatt (Book Title: Structures of Dominion and Democracy, ID: GB/80593)
  47. David Goldblatt (Book Title: Thirty-five years of photographs, ID: GB/80594)
  48. David Goldblatt (Book Title: TJ: Johannesburg Photography 1948-2010, ID: GB/80595)
  49. David Goldblatt (Book Title: TJ: Johannesburg Photography 1948-2010 / Double Negative: A Novel, ID: GB/80596)
  50. David Goldblatt (Book Title: Transported of Kwandebele, ID: GB/80598)
  51. David Goldblatt (Book Title: Transported of Kwandebele, ID: GB/80597)
  52. Nan Goldin (Book Title: Nan Goldin / David Armstrong: A Double Life, ID: GB/80489)
  53. Arthur Goldsmith (Book Title: The Eye of Eisenstaedt, ID: GB/81003)
  54. Thembinkosi Goniwe (Book Title: Footprints, ID: GB/31642)
  55. Luis Gonzalez Palma (Book Title: Conversations with Photographers, ID: GB/80966)
  56. Steve Gordon (Book Title: Beyond the Blues: Township Jazz in the '60s and '70s , ID: GB/80059)
  57. Bob Gosani (Book Title: Trouza: Bob Gosani's People, ID: GB/80832)
  58. Marc Gouby (Book Title: Commuters / Sleepers, ID: GB/80125)
  59. Heather Gourlay-Conyngham (Book Title: Unfoldings , ID: GB/80847)
  60. Emmet Gowin (Book Title: Changing the Earth, ID: GB/80108)
  61. Emmet Gowin (Book Title: Emmet Gowin, ID: GB/80202)
  62. Emmet Gowin (Book Title: Mariposas Nocturnas - Edith in Panama, ID: GB/80451)
  63. Emmet Gowin (Book Title: Petra: In The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan , ID: GB/80554)
  64. Dan Graham (Book Title: Walker Evans and Dan Graham, ID: GB/80871)
  65. Paul Graham (Book Title: American Night, ID: GB/80635)
  66. Paul Graham (Book Title: New Europe, ID: GB/80495)
  67. Paul Graham (Book Title: Present, ID: GB/80698)
  68. Paul Graham (Book Title: shimmer of possibility (12 hardback volumes), ID: GB/80752)
  69. Paul Graham (Book Title: Troubled Land, ID: GB/80831)
  70. Michael Graham-Stewart (Book Title: Bitter Fruit, ID: GB/80925)
  71. Eberhard Grames (Book Title: Indian Portraits, ID: GB/80352)
  72. Ken Grant (Book Title: Close Season, ID: GB/80117)
  73. Edward Grazda (Book Title: Afghanistan 1980-1989, ID: GB/80610)
  74. Edward Grazda (Book Title: New York Masjid: The Mosques of New York City, ID: GB/80505)
  75. Harry Gruyaert (Book Title: East / West. 1989 Moscow, ID: GB/80195)
  76. Harry Gruyaert (Book Title: Harry Gruyaert, ID: GB/80991)
  77. Andreas Gursky (Book Title: Architecture, ID: GB/80012)
  78. Andreas Gursky (Book Title: Photographs from 1984 to the Present, ID: GB/80650)

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