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Authors starting with 'S'

  1. Erich Salamon (Book Title: Erich Salomon: Portrait of an Age, ID: GB/80207)
  2. Sebastião Salgado (Book Title: End of Polio, ID: GB/80203)
  3. Sebastião Salgado (Book Title: Other Americas, ID: GB/80535)
  4. Sebastião Salgado (Book Title: Terra, ID: GB/80803)
  5. Theodore Anton Sande (Book Title: Industrial Archeology: A New Look at the American Heritage, ID: GB/80353)
  6. August Sander (Book Title: August Sander: Köln Wie Es War, ID: GB/80030)
  7. August Sander (Book Title: August Sander: Menschen Ohne Maske, ID: GB/80031)
  8. Michelle Sank (Book Title: Becoming, ID: GB/80047)
  9. Michelle Sank (Book Title: Submerged, ID: GB/80791)
  10. Michelle Sank (Book Title: Water's Edge , ID: GB/80882)
  11. Sergio Santimano (Book Title: Terra Incognita, ID: GB/80927)
  12. Gilles Saussier (Book Title: Studio Shakhari Bazar, ID: GB/80790)
  13. Henrik Saxgren (Book Title: Point of View, ID: GB/80307)
  14. Alain Sayag (Book Title: David Hockney Photographs, ID: GB/2973)
  15. Irme Schaber (Book Title: Gerda Taro, ID: GB/80275)
  16. Jurgen Schadeberg (Book Title: Black and White Fifties, ID: GB/80067)
  17. Jurgen Schadeberg (Book Title: Images from the black '50s. Sof'town Blues, ID: GB/80324)
  18. Jurgen Schadeberg (Book Title: Kalahari Bushmen Dance, ID: GB/80385)
  19. Jurgen Schadeberg (Book Title: Photographs by Jurgen Schadeberg, ID: GB/80649)
  20. Jurgen Schadeberg (Book Title: San of the Kalahari. Jurgen Schadeberg 1959, ID: GB/80738)
  21. Peter Maria Schäfer (Book Title: War in Europe (Bosnia), ID: GB/80879)
  22. Joseph Scheer (Book Title: Night Visions: The Secret Designs of Moths, ID: GB/80512)
  23. Marcus Schneck (Book Title: Patterns in Nature, ID: GB/5681)
  24. Gary Schneider (Book Title: Genetic Self-Portrait, ID: GB/80267)
  25. Gary Schneider (Book Title: Skin, ID: GB/80759)
  26. Kris Scholz (Book Title: Silent View, ID: GB/80755)
  27. Gunther Schwarberg (Book Title: In The Ghetto of Warsaw: Heinrich Jöst's Photographs, ID: GB/80346)
  28. Thabiso Sekgala (Book Title: Paradise, ID: GB/80938)
  29. Allan Sekula (Book Title: Dismal Science: Photo Works 1972-1996, ID: GB/80171)
  30. Allan Sekula (Book Title: Fish Story, ID: GB/80241)
  31. Allan Sekula (Book Title: Geography Lesson: Canadian Notes, ID: GB/80269)
  32. Allan Sekula (Book Title: Photography Against the Grain: Essays and Photo Works 1973-1983, ID: GB/80656)
  33. Andres Serrano (Book Title: Body and Soul, ID: GB/80074)
  34. David Seymour (Book Title: Paragraphic, ID: GB/80539)
  35. Ben Shahn (Book Title: Ben Shahn, Photographer, ID: GB/80051)
  36. Ben Shahn (Book Title: Photographic Eye of Ben Shahn, ID: GB/80559)
  37. Paul Shambroom (Book Title: Meetings, ID: GB/80460)
  38. Bob Shamis (Book Title: Moment of Exposure, ID: GB/80475)
  39. Charles Sheeler (Book Title: Photography of Charles Sheeler, American Modernist, ID: GB/80662)
  40. Fazal Sheikh (Book Title: Circle, ID: GB/80113)
  41. Jack Shenker (Book Title: Platinum / Marikana, ID: GB/80675)
  42. Cindy Sherman (Book Title: Cindy Sherman 1975-1993, ID: GB/3569)
  43. Cindy Sherman (Book Title: Hasselblad Award 1999, ID: GB/80112)
  44. Stephen Shore (Book Title: Uncommon Places, ID: GB/80844)
  45. Joao Silva (Book Title: Bang-Bang Club: Snapshots from a Hidden War, ID: GB/80039)
  46. Joao Silva (Book Title: In the Company of God, ID: GB/80345)
  47. Taryn Simon (Book Title: American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar, ID: GB/80633)
  48. John Sinclair (Book Title: Twilight of the Wild: Story, Camera and Art, ID: GB/80838)
  49. Art Sinsabaugh (Book Title: American Horizons: The Photographs of Art Sinsabaugh, ID: GB/80632)
  50. Aaron Siskind (Book Title: Aaron Siskind: Photographs, ID: GB/80604)
  51. Alon Skuy (Book Title: Marikana, ID: GB/31051)
  52. Francois Smit (Book Title: 10 Years of Sunday Independent Illustrations, ID: GB/80600)
  53. J. Frederick Smith (Book Title: J. Frederick Smith, ID: GB/31033)
  54. Joshua P. Smith (Book Title: Photography of Invention, ID: GB/31637)
  55. Trevor Smith (Book Title: Home, ID: GB/80922)
  56. W. Eugene Smith (Book Title: His Photographs and His Notes, ID: GB/80314)
  57. W. Eugene Smith (Book Title: Photographs 1934-1975, ID: GB/80646)
  58. Snowdon (Book Title: Private View, ID: GB/31085)
  59. Snowdon (Book Title: Sittings: 1979-1983, ID: GB/80758)
  60. Snowdon (Book Title: Snowdon. Public Appearances, ID: GB/31043)
  61. Rosalind Solomon (Book Title: Earth Rites: Photographs from Inside the Third World, ID: GB/80194)
  62. Rosalind Solomon (Book Title: Portraits in the Time of AIDS, ID: GB/80688)
  63. Rosalind Solomon (Book Title: Rosalind Solomon: Photographs 1976-1987, ID: GB/80731)
  64. Frederick Sommer (Book Title: Frederick Sommer at Seventy Five: A Retrospective, ID: GB/80258)
  65. Frederick Sommer (Book Title: Venus, Jupiter and Mars: The Photographs of Frederick Sommer, ID: GB/80857)
  66. Alec Soth (Book Title: Sleeping by the Mississippi, ID: GB/80762)
  67. David Southwood (Book Title: Bill of Rights, ID: GB/80065)
  68. David Southwood (Book Title: Milnerton Market 1999-2009, ID: GB/80471)
  69. Joe Spence (Book Title: Beyond the Perfect Image: Photography, Subjectivity, Antagonism , ID: GB/80060)
  70. Lotte Sprengers (Book Title: Kleiland, ID: GB/80393)
  71. June Sprigg (Book Title: Inner Light: The Shaker Legacy, ID: GB/80356)
  72. Guillermo Srodek-Hart (Book Title: Stories, ID: GB/80788)
  73. Urs Stahel (Book Title: Constellations, ID: GB/80128)
  74. Urs Stahel (Book Title: Pendulum, ID: GB/81005)
  75. Chris Steele-Perkins (Book Title: Afghanistan, ID: GB/80609)
  76. Chris Steele-Perkins (Book Title: Pleasure Principle, ID: GB/80678)
  77. Chris Steele-Perkins (Book Title: Survival Programmes in Britain's Inner Cities, ID: GB/80946)
  78. Saly Stein (Book Title: FSA Photographs, ID: GB/80264)
  79. John Steinbeck (Book Title: Images of War, ID: GB/80327)
  80. Joe Steinmetz (Book Title: Killing Time, ID: GB/80391)
  81. Joel Sternfeld (Book Title: American Prospects, ID: GB/80640)
  82. Jocelyn Stevens (Book Title: Snowdon. Public Appearances, ID: GB/31043)
  83. Alfred Stieglitz (Book Title: Alfried Stieglitz, ID: GB/80622)
  84. Alfred Stieglitz (Book Title: America and Alfred Stieglitz: A Collective Portrait, ID: GB/80628)
  85. Alfred Stieglitz (Book Title: At Lake George, ID: GB/80021)
  86. Alfred Stieglitz (Book Title: Camera Work: The Complete Illustrations 1903-1917, ID: GB/80096)
  87. Alfred Stieglitz (Book Title: Collection of Alfred Stieglitz, ID: GB/80121)
  88. Alfred Stieglitz (Book Title: Georgia O'Keefe and Alfred Stieglitz. Two Lives: A Conversation in Paintings and Photographs, ID: GB/80270)
  89. Alfred Stieglitz (Book Title: Georgia O'Keefe: A Portrait by Alfred Stieglitz, ID: GB/80272)
  90. Dennis Stock (Book Title: Time is On Your Side, ID: GB/80812)
  91. Ezra Stoller (Book Title: Building Blocks Series - Chapel at Ronchamp, ID: GB/80987)
  92. Ezra Stoller (Book Title: Building Blocks Series - Fallingwater, ID: GB/80985)
  93. Ezra Stoller (Book Title: Building Blocks Series - John Hancock Center, ID: GB/80989)
  94. Ezra Stoller (Book Title: Building Blocks Series - Museum of American Art, ID: GB/80986)
  95. Ezra Stoller (Book Title: Building Blocks Series - Salk Institute, ID: GB/80984)
  96. Ezra Stoller (Book Title: Building Blocks Series - Seagram Building, ID: GB/80988)
  97. Ezra Stoller (Book Title: Building Blocks Series - Taliesin West, ID: GB/80983)
  98. Ezra Stoller (Book Title: Building Blocks Series - TWA Terminal, ID: GB/80982)
  99. Ezra Stoller (Book Title: Building Blocks Series - United Nations, ID: GB/80981)
  100. Ezra Stoller (Book Title: Building Blocks Series - Yale Art, ID: GB/80980)
  101. Ezra Stoller (Book Title: Modern Architecture, ID: GB/80474)
  102. Paul Stopforth (Book Title: Being Here and Not There: Fragments and Reliquaries from Robben Island, ID: GB/80049)
  103. Lou Stoumen (Book Title: Ordinary Miracles, ID: GB/80533)
  104. Paul Strand (Book Title: Ghana: An African Portrait, ID: GB/80277)
  105. Paul Strand (Book Title: Living Egypt, ID: GB/80423)
  106. Paul Strand (Book Title: Paul Strand. An American Vision, ID: GB/80954)
  107. Paul Strand (Book Title: Paul Strand: A Retrospective Monograph The Years 1915-1946, ID: GB/80547)
  108. Paul Strand (Book Title: Paul Strand: A Retrospective Monograph The Years 1950-1968, ID: GB/80548)
  109. Paul Strand (Book Title: Rebecca, ID: GB/80706)
  110. Paul Strand (Book Title: Time in New England, ID: GB/80811)
  111. Scott Straus (Book Title: Intimate Enemy: Images and Voices of the Rwandan Genocide, ID: GB/80361)
  112. Christer Strömholm (Book Title: Hasselblad Award 1997, ID: GB/80333)
  113. Christer Strömholm (Book Title: In Memory of Himself, ID: GB/80341)
  114. Roy Strong (Book Title: Early Victorian Album: The Photographic Masterpieces (1843-1847) of David Octavius Hill and Robert Adamson, ID: GB/80193)
  115. Thomas Struth (Book Title: Making Time, ID: GB/80440)
  116. Thomas Struth (Book Title: Thomas Struth 1977-2002, ID: GB/80808)
  117. Jock Sturges (Book Title: Last Day of Summer, ID: GB/6280)
  118. Mikhael Subotzky (Book Title: Beaufort West, ID: GB/80042)
  119. Mikhael Subotzky (Book Title: Retinal Shif , ID: GB/80715)
  120. Josef Sudek (Book Title: Josef Sudek, ID: GB/80377)
  121. Josef Sudek (Book Title: Josef Sudek: Poet of Prague, ID: GB/80378)
  122. Josef Sudek (Book Title: Praha Panoramatická, ID: GB/80694)
  123. Hiroshi Sugimoto (Book Title: Hasselblad Award 2001, ID: GB/80312)
  124. Larry Sultan (Book Title: Valley, ID: GB/80853)
  125. John Szarkowski (Book Title: Face of Minnesota, ID: GB/80225)
  126. John Szarkowski (Book Title: Irving Penn, ID: GB/80364)
  127. John Szarkowski (Book Title: Looking at Photographs: 100 Pictures from the Collection of the Museum of Modern Art, ID: GB/80430)
  128. John Szarkowski (Book Title: Origin of a Species, ID: GB/80534)
  129. John Szarkowski (Book Title: Photographer's Eye, ID: GB/80558)
  130. John Szarkowski (Book Title: Photographs, ID: GB/80563)
  131. John Szarkowski (Book Title: Work of Atget. Volume 1: Old France, ID: GB/80902)
  132. John Szarkowski (Book Title: Work of Atget. Volume 3: The Ancien Régime, ID: GB/80904)
  133. John Szarkowski (Book Title: Work of Atget. Volume 4: Modern Times, ID: GB/80905)

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