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Authors starting with 'D'

  1. Raphaël Dallaporta (Book Title: Esclavage domestique, ID: GB/80209)
  2. Ria & Lex Daniels (Book Title: Miniature Museum, ID: GB/80472)
  3. Arthur C. Danto (Book Title: Mapplethorpe, ID: GB/80449)
  4. Hans Danuser (Book Title: In Vivo, ID: GB/80350)
  5. Judy Dater (Book Title: Cycles, ID: GB/80147)
  6. Bruce Davidson (Book Title: East 100th Street, ID: GB/80196)
  7. Bruce Davidson (Book Title: England/Scotland 1960, ID: GB/80204)
  8. Bruce Davidson (Book Title: Outside / Inside Volumes I-III, ID: GB/80536)
  9. Bruce Davidson (Book Title: Subway, ID: GB/80792)
  10. John Davies (Book Title: British Landscape, ID: GB/80086)
  11. Bruce Davison (Book Title: Central Park, ID: GB/80106)
  12. Tamsen de Beer (Book Title: African Salad: A Portrait of South Africans At Home, ID: GB/80618)
  13. Carl de Keyzer (Book Title: Homo Sovieticus, ID: GB/80318)
  14. Jean-Philippe de Tonnac (Book Title: L'Ami intime: Un Musée Imaginaire du pain, ID: GB/80398)
  15. Roy DeCarava (Book Title: Roy DeCarava: A Retrospective, ID: GB/80732)
  16. Roy DeCarava (Book Title: Roy DeCarava: Photographs, ID: GB/80733)
  17. Roy DeCarava (Book Title: Sweet Flypaper of Life, ID: GB/80796)
  18. Raymond Depardon (Book Title: Voyages, ID: GB/80864)
  19. Rineke Dijkstra (Book Title: Rineke Dijkstra: A Retrospective, ID: GB/80720)
  20. Clive Dilnot (Book Title: Pirelli Work, ID: GB/80673)
  21. Disfarmer Disfarmer (Book Title: Disfarmer: The Heber Springs Portraits 1939-1946, ID: GB/80170)
  22. Leo Divendal (Book Title: Journal. Sea Voyage 5-28 December on the MV Brazilian Confidence, ID: GB/80379)
  23. Richard Mark Dobson (Book Title: Karoo Moons: A Photographic Journey , ID: GB/80387)
  24. Robert Doisneau (Book Title: From Craft to Art, ID: GB/80260)
  25. Yuri Dojc (Book Title: Last Folio: A Photographic Memory, ID: GB/80403)
  26. Neville E. Dubow (Book Title: Sequences / Series / Sites, ID: GB/80750)
  27. Charlotte Dumas (Book Title: Retrieved, ID: GB/80716)
  28. Marlene Dumas (Book Title: Mankind, ID: GB/80444)

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