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Authors starting with 'P'

  1. Roger Palmer (Book Title: Overseas, ID: GB/80537)
  2. Richard Pare (Book Title: Court House, ID: GB/80140)
  3. Martin Parr (Book Title: Common Sense, ID: GB/80124)
  4. Martin Parr (Book Title: Cost of Living, ID: GB/80137)
  5. Martin Parr (Book Title: Fashion Magazine, ID: GB/80233)
  6. Martin Parr (Book Title: Fashion Newspaper, ID: GB/80914)
  7. Martin Parr (Book Title: Martin Parr, ID: GB/80454)
  8. Martin Parr (Book Title: Mexico, ID: GB/80467)
  9. Martin Parr (Book Title: Parking Spaces, ID: GB/80543)
  10. Martin Parr (Book Title: Parrworld: Postcards / Objects, ID: GB/80544)
  11. Martin Parr (Book Title: Resort : Photographs of New Brighton, ID: GB/80714)
  12. Martin Parr (Book Title: Small World, ID: GB/80763)
  13. Martin Parr (Book Title: Witness Number Three, ID: GB/80899)
  14. Otavio Paz (Book Title: Instante y Revelacion, ID: GB/80357)
  15. Irving Penn (Book Title: Augenblicke, ID: GB/80029)
  16. Irving Penn (Book Title: Passage: A Work Record, ID: GB/80545)
  17. Irving Penn (Book Title: Worlds in a Small Room, ID: GB/80908)
  18. Luis Perez Infante (Book Title: Gerda Taro, ID: GB/80275)
  19. Jane Anne Phillips (Book Title: Last Day of Summer, ID: GB/6280)
  20. Sandra S Phillips (Book Title: Origin of a Species, ID: GB/80534)
  21. Giulia Pirelli (Book Title: Milano, ID: GB/80469)
  22. Bernard Plossu (Book Title: African Desert, ID: GB/80614)
  23. David Plowden (Book Title: Hand of Man on America, ID: GB/80291)
  24. David Plowden (Book Title: Vanishing Point: Fifty Years of Photography, ID: GB/80855)
  25. Marion Post Wolcott (Book Title: FSA Photographs, ID: GB/80264)
  26. Henriet Potgieter (Book Title: Herinneringe Van Pietersburg, ID: GB/80309)
  27. Deborah Poynton (Book Title: Pictures, ID: GB/80665)
  28. Ramon Prat (Book Title: Atlanta, ID: GB/80028)
  29. Ramon Prat (Book Title: Berlin: Photographs, ID: GB/80053)
  30. Charles Pratt (Book Title: Garden and the Wilderness, ID: GB/80265)
  31. Elizabeth Price (Book Title: In A Dream You Saw A Way To Survive And You Were Full Of Joy, ID: GB/80334)
  32. VS (Victor Sawdon) Pritchett (Book Title: New York Proclaimed, ID: GB/80507)
  33. Gonzalo Puch (Book Title: Conversations with Photographers, ID: GB/80964)
  34. Martin Pudenz (Book Title: Wakonda, ID: GB/80867)

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