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Authors starting with 'M'

  1. Filippo Maggia (Book Title: Breaking News, ID: GB/80918)
  2. Koos Malgas (Book Title: Koos Malgas sculptor of the Owl House , ID: GB/80394)
  3. Sally Mann (Book Title: Immediate Family, ID: GB/80928)
  4. Robert Mapplethorpe (Book Title: Autoportrait, ID: GB/80033)
  5. Robert Mapplethorpe (Book Title: Mapplethorpe, ID: GB/80449)
  6. Robert Mapplethorpe (Book Title: Polaroids, ID: GB/80680)
  7. Yves Marchand (Book Title: Ruins of Detroit, ID: GB/80734)
  8. Adrianne Marcus (Book Title: Mark & Leibovitz, ID: GB/31032)
  9. Greg Marinovich (Book Title: Bang-Bang Club: Snapshots from a Hidden War, ID: GB/80038)
  10. Mary Ellen Mark (Book Title: Mark & Leibovitz, ID: GB/31032)
  11. Mary Ellen Mark (Book Title: Mary Ellen Mark: Twenty Five Years, ID: GB/80456)
  12. Mary Ellen Mark (Book Title: Passport, ID: GB/80546)
  13. Michael Martone (Book Title: Dark Light, ID: GB/80150)
  14. Jerry Mason (Book Title: Family of Children, ID: GB/4193)
  15. Barbara Maude-Stone (Book Title: Durban: Once Upon A Time, ID: GB/80186)
  16. Giuliano Mauri (Book Title: Art in Tiere, ID: GB/80016)
  17. Judith Mavunganidze (Book Title: Johannesburg Gas Works, ID: GB/31643)
  18. Hannah Maynard (Book Title: Magic Box: The Eccentric Genius of Hannah Maynard, ID: GB/80439)
  19. Will McBride (Book Title: Fusco & McBride, ID: GB/31029)
  20. Donald McCullin (Book Title: Beirut: A City in Crisis, ID: GB/80050)
  21. Donald McCullin (Book Title: Destruction Business, ID: GB/80162)
  22. Donald McCullin (Book Title: Great Photographers: Donald McCullin, ID: GB/80286)
  23. Lesley McIntyre (Book Title: Time of Her Life, ID: GB/80813)
  24. Terence McNally (Book Title: Camera in My Kitbag, ID: GB/80095)
  25. Steven McQueen (Book Title: Steve McQueen , ID: GB/80787)
  26. John McWilliams (Book Title: Land of Deepest Shade: Photographs of the South , ID: GB/80399)
  27. Ralph Eugene Meatyard (Book Title: Caught Moments / New Viewpoints , ID: GB/80103)
  28. Ralph Eugene Meatyard (Book Title: Ralph Eugene Meatyard: An Aperture Monograph, ID: GB/80705)
  29. Romain Meffre (Book Title: Ruins of Detroit, ID: GB/80735)
  30. Julie Mehretu (Book Title: Last Day in Lagos, ID: GB/31644)
  31. Susan Meiselas (Book Title: Carnival Strippers, ID: GB/80100)
  32. Susan Meiselas (Book Title: In History, ID: GB/80340)
  33. Susan Meiselas (with women in refuge) (Book Title: Room of Their Own, ID: GB/80730)
  34. Gideon Mendel (Book Title: Broken Landscape: HIV & AIDS in Africa, ID: GB/80088)
  35. Ray K. Metzker (Book Title: Landscapes, ID: GB/80401)
  36. Ray K. Metzker (Book Title: Light Lines, ID: GB/80416)
  37. Ray K. Metzker (Book Title: Photographs: Sand Creatures, ID: GB/80655)
  38. Joel Meyerovitz (Book Title: 55 Series, ID: GB/80976)
  39. Joel Meyerovitz (Book Title: Momento Anticipato, ID: GB/80476)
  40. Gcina Mhlope (Book Title: Durban: Impressions of an African City, ID: GB/80184)
  41. Duane Michals (Book Title: Duane Michals, ID: GB/80181)
  42. Duane Michals (Book Title: Duane Michals, ID: GB/31031)
  43. Duane Michals (Book Title: Sequences, ID: GB/80749)
  44. Boris Mikhailov (Book Title: 55 Series, ID: GB/80975)
  45. Boris Mikhailov (Book Title: Case History , ID: GB/80101)
  46. Boris Mikhailov (Book Title: Hasselblad Award 2000, ID: GB/80080)
  47. Boris Mikhailov (Book Title: Unfinished Dissertation , ID: GB/80846)
  48. Ondine Millot (Book Title: Esclavage domestique, ID: GB/80210)
  49. Richard Misrach (Book Title: Momento Anticipato, ID: GB/80477)
  50. Margaretta K. Mitchell (Book Title: To A Cabin, ID: GB/80818)
  51. Tatsuo Miyajima (Book Title: Connect with Everything, ID: GB/80127)
  52. Ishiuichi Miyako (Book Title: Hasselblad Award 2014, ID: GB/80365)
  53. Lisette Model (Book Title: 55 Series, ID: GB/80970)
  54. Tina Modotti (Book Title: Tina Modotti: A Fragile Life, ID: GB/80815)
  55. Tina Modotti (Book Title: Tina Modotti: Photographs, ID: GB/80816)
  56. Santu Mofekeng (Book Title: Graves, ID: GB/80285)
  57. Santu Mofekeng (Book Title: Santu Mofekeng, ID: GB/80739)
  58. Santu Mofekeng (Book Title: Santu Mofekeng: Stories. 1 - Train Church, ID: GB/80740)
  59. Santu Mofekeng (Book Title: Santu Mofekeng: Stories. 2 - Concert at Sewefontein, ID: GB/80741)
  60. Santu Mofekeng (Book Title: Santu Mofekeng: Stories. 3 - Funeral, ID: GB/80742)
  61. Santu Mofekeng (Book Title: Santu Mofekeng: Stories. 4 - 27 April 1994, ID: GB/80743)
  62. Jean Mohr (Book Title: Another Way of Telling , ID: GB/80006)
  63. Steve Kwena Mokwena (Book Title: Chances Are . . ., ID: GB/80959)
  64. Billy Monk (Book Title: Billy Monk, ID: GB/80066)
  65. Charles Moore (Book Title: Powerful Days: The Civil Rights Photograph of Charles Moore, ID: GB/80691)
  66. Tom Moran (Book Title: Fusco & McBride, ID: GB/31029)
  67. Hal Morgan (Book Title: Prairie Fires and Paper Moons: The American Photographic Postcard 1900-1920, ID: GB/80695)
  68. Daido Moriyama (Book Title: 55 Series, ID: GB/80973)
  69. Daido Moriyama (Book Title: Daido Moriyama: Stray Dog, ID: GB/80148)
  70. Daido Moriyama (Book Title: Remix, ID: GB/80711)
  71. Wright Morris (Book Title: Origin of a Species, ID: GB/80534)
  72. Wright Morris (Book Title: Photographs and Words, ID: GB/80647)
  73. William Mortensen (Book Title: Monsters & Madonnas: A Book of Methods, ID: GB/80479)
  74. Ruben Mowszowski (Book Title: Karoo Moons: A Photographic Journey , ID: GB/80388)
  75. Brian Moynahan (Book Title: Russian Century, ID: GB/80736)
  76. Daniela Mrazkova (Book Title: Jan Saudek, ID: GB/2238)
  77. Zwelethu Mthethwa (Book Title: Photographs by Zwelethu Mthethwa, ID: GB/80648)
  78. Marianne Mueller (Book Title: Flock, ID: GB/80245)
  79. Zanele Muholi (Book Title: Faces and Phases, ID: GB/80226)
  80. Zanele Muholi (Book Title: Hail the Dark Lioness, ID: GB/80290)
  81. Zanele Muholi (Book Title: Zanele Muholi (Fótografas Africanas/African Women Photographers), ID: GB/80910)
  82. Eadweard Muybridge (Book Title: Motion and Document Sequence and Time: Eadweard Muybridge and Contemporary American Photography, ID: GB/80480)
  83. Eadweard Muybridge (Book Title: Muybridge: Man in Motion, ID: GB/2645)

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