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Authors starting with 'E'

  1. Jillian Edelstein (Book Title: Truth and Lies: Stories from the Truth and Reconciliation Committee in South Africa, ID: GB/80836)
  2. William Eggleston (Book Title: William Eggleston: Los Alamos, ID: GB/80895)
  3. William Eggleston (Book Title: William Eggleston's Guide, ID: GB/80896)
  4. Olafur Eliasson (Book Title: Sonne statt Regen, ID: GB/80766)
  5. Arthur Elliott (Book Title: Cape Camera: The Architectural Beauty of the Old Cape. Photographs from the Arthur Elliott Collection in the Cape Archives, ID: GB/80098)
  6. Peter Henry Emerson (Book Title: P.H. Emerson: The Fight for Photography as a Fine Art, ID: GB/80538)
  7. Stan Engelbrecht (Book Title: African Salad: A Portrait of South Africans At Home, ID: GB/80617)
  8. Hans Engels (Book Title: Havana: The Photography of Hans Engels, ID: GB/80296)
  9. Per Englund (Book Title: Beautiful Struggle, ID: GB/80044)
  10. Mitch Epstein (Book Title: American Power, ID: GB/80639)
  11. Elliott Erwitt (Book Title: Elliot Erwitt, ID: GB/31030)
  12. Frederick H. (Henry) Evans (Book Title: Photographs of Frederick H. Evans, ID: GB/80652)
  13. Walker Evans (Book Title: American Photographs, ID: GB/80636)
  14. Walker Evans (Book Title: American Photographs (Books on Books), ID: GB/80637)
  15. Walker Evans (Book Title: Last Years of Walker Evans, ID: GB/80406)
  16. Walker Evans (Book Title: Lost Work, ID: GB/80431)
  17. Walker Evans (Book Title: Many Are Called , ID: GB/80448)
  18. Walker Evans (Book Title: Message from the Interior, ID: GB/80464)
  19. Walker Evans (Book Title: Signs, ID: GB/80754)
  20. Walker Evans (Book Title: Unclassified: A Walker Evans Anthology, ID: GB/80843)
  21. Walker Evans (Book Title: Walker Evans, ID: GB/80868)
  22. Walker Evans (Book Title: Walker Evans & Company, ID: GB/80869)
  23. Walker Evans (Book Title: Walker Evans and Dan Graham, ID: GB/80870)
  24. Walker Evans (Book Title: Walker Evans at Work, ID: GB/80872)
  25. Walker Evans (Book Title: Walker Evans Havana 1933, ID: GB/80873)
  26. Walker Evans (Book Title: Walker Evans: A Biography, ID: GB/80874)
  27. Walker Evans (Book Title: Walker Evans: The Getty Museum Collection, ID: GB/80875)
  28. Walker Evans (Book Title: Walker Evans: The Hungry Eye, ID: GB/80876)
  29. Dunja Evers (Book Title: Constellations, ID: GB/80128)
  30. Wendy Ewald (Book Title: Portraits and Dreams: Photographs and stories by children of the Appalachians, ID: GB/80687)
  31. William A. Ewing (Book Title: Flora Photographica, ID: GB/31639)

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