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Authors starting with 'E'

  1. Charles Eames (Book Title: House of Cards, ID: GB/16809)
  2. Charles and Ray Eames (Book Title: Powers of Ten, ID: GB/1879)
  3. Debra Magpie Earling (Book Title: Lost Journals of Sacajewea, ID: GB/15362)
  4. Bert and Molly Eastman (Book Title: Their Book of Toys from India, ID: GB/1882)
  5. Madalyn Eastus (Book Title: Woof, ID: GB/15829)
  6. Gerhild Ebel (Book Title: Neue Versleere, ID: GB/1888)
  7. Gerhild Ebel (Book Title: Portraits, ID: GB/14349)
  8. Gerhild Ebel (Book Title: Three Persons, ID: GB/11642)
  9. David Eccles (Book Title: Adventure Stories from the Strand, ID: GB/451)
  10. David Eccles (Book Title: Augustus Carp, Esq, ID: GB/1027)
  11. David Eccles (Book Title: Crime Stories from the Strand, ID: GB/16829)
  12. David Eccles (Book Title: Crime Stories from the Strand, ID: GB/452)
  13. David Eccles (Book Title: Dream Street, ID: GB/5543)
  14. George Economou (Book Title: Philodemos, ID: GB/1894)
  15. George Economou (Book Title: Poems for Self Therapy, ID: GB/1895)
  16. David Edlefsen (Book Title: Mystery of the Magic Box, ID: GB/12360)
  17. Rosemary Edmonds (Book Title: Anna Karenina, ID: GB/6501)
  18. Rosemary Edmonds (Book Title: Fathers and Sons, ID: GB/6593)
  19. Rosemary Edmonds (Book Title: War and Peace, ID: GB/6504)
  20. Bob Edwards (Book Title: Homage to Catalonia, ID: GB/4877)
  21. Francis Edwards (Book Title: Gunpowder Plot, ID: GB/1915)
  22. Lois Ehlert (Book Title: Color Farm, ID: GB/1920)
  23. Günter Eich (Book Title: Nothings blown away, ID: GB/15594)
  24. Günter Eich (Book Title: Unter Wasser, ID: GB/1925)
  25. Fritz Eichenberg (Book Title: Adventures of Simplicissimus, ID: GB/30059)
  26. Fritz Eichenberg (Book Title: Diary of a Country Priest, ID: GB/528)
  27. Frank Einhard (Book Title: Life of Charlemagne, ID: GB/1929)
  28. Erwin Einzinger (Book Title: Skizzen auf Tränenpapier, ID: GB/12356)
  29. Astrid Eisenherz (Book Title: Polar Porn, ID: GB/15029)
  30. Dietmar Elger (Book Title: Comic Strip, ID: GB/14316)
  31. M. & E. Elia (Book Title: We go out, ID: GB/15210)
  32. M. & E. Elia (Book Title: We learn at home, ID: GB/15430)
  33. Olafur Eliasson (Book Title: Sonne stratt Regen, ID: GB/11937)
  34. Olafur Eliasson (Book Title: Your House, ID: GB/11487)
  35. Olafur Eliasson (Book Title: Your Only Real Thing is Time, ID: GB/1947)
  36. George Eliot (Book Title: Middlemarch, ID: GB/1950)
  37. George Eliot (Book Title: Mill on the Floss, ID: GB/1948)
  38. T. S. Eliot (Book Title: Waste Land, ID: GB/1957)
  39. Evelyn Eller (Book Title: Conversations, ID: GB/10928)
  40. Evelyn Eller (Book Title: Reliquary for the Book, ID: GB/1960)
  41. Jonathan Ellery (Book Title: Five Books, ID: GB/15069)
  42. Jonathan Ellery (Book Title: Populism, ID: GB/15459)
  43. Francis Elliot (Book Title: Republican Dreamer, ID: GB/10333)
  44. Elsi Vassdal Ellis (Book Title: ABC, ID: GB/13770)
  45. Richard Ellmann (Book Title: Giacomo Joyce, ID: GB/3340)
  46. Kenward Elmslie (Book Title: Nite Soil, ID: GB/1968)
  47. Yara El-Sherbini (Book Title: Sheikh 'n' Vac, ID: GB/10632)
  48. G. R. Elton (Book Title: Story of the Renaissance, ID: GB/15865)
  49. Paul Eluard (Book Title: Facile, ID: GB/14796)
  50. Paul Eluard (Book Title: Toute Épreuve, ID: GB/14977)
  51. Paul Eluard (Book Title: Toute Épreuve, ID: GB/1973)
  52. Timothy C. Ely (Book Title: Black Maps, ID: GB/14137)
  53. Timothy C. Ely (Book Title: Charts 6, ID: GB/14261)
  54. Timothy C. Ely (Book Title: Flight into Egypt, ID: GB/1974)
  55. Timothy C. Ely (Book Title: Innerland, ID: GB/12953)
  56. Timothy C. Ely (Book Title: On Telepathy, ID: GB/1975)
  57. Timothy C. Ely (Book Title: Scighte, ID: GB/4676)
  58. Edward R. Emberley (Book Title: Butterfly and The Dandelion, ID: GB/15834)
  59. Edward R. Emberley (Book Title: Cameleon and The Chicken, ID: GB/15833)
  60. Anna Embree (Book Title: Address, ID: GB/15348)
  61. Paul Emmanuel (Book Title: Uhanga Dihangara (Coat Hanger Print Portfolio), ID: GB/10174)
  62. Eduard Engel (Book Title: Puns, ID: GB/16649)
  63. Martin Engler (Book Title: Dieter Roth, Ur-Tränenmeer, ID: GB/12736)
  64. Brian Eno (Book Title: Oblique Strategies, ID: GB/13287)
  65. Credo Enriquez (Book Title: If You Fall Asleep, ID: GB/1983)
  66. Riemke Ensing (Book Title: Watermarks, ID: GB/16533)
  67. Hans Magnus Enzensberger (Book Title: System, ID: GB/14187)
  68. Agnés Eperjési (Book Title: Guest Book 1998, ID: GB/15304)
  69. Ed Epping (Book Title: Abstract Refuse, ID: GB/1985)
  70. Ed Epping (Book Title: Mettle, ID: GB/4045)
  71. Ed Epping (Book Title: Secreted Contract, ID: GB/1986)
  72. Timothy Epps (Book Title: Line Up, ID: GB/30080)
  73. Erasmus of Rotterdam (Book Title: Praise of Folly, ID: GB/1996)
  74. Max Ernst (Book Title: Maximiliana, ID: GB/14655)
  75. Max Ernst (Book Title: Maximiliana ou L'Exercice Illégal de L'Astronomie., ID: GB/15612)
  76. Max Ernst (Book Title: Semaine de Bonté, ID: GB/10612)
  77. David Esslemont (Book Title: Ink on the Elbow, ID: GB/11234)
  78. David Esslemont (Book Title: On the Folly and Wickedness of War, ID: GB/11900)
  79. David Esslemont (Book Title: To Autumn, ID: GB/12004)
  80. Toni Eugene (Book Title: Animal Acrobats, ID: GB/1417)
  81. Andrea Evangelista (Book Title: Backwords, ID: GB/13847)
  82. Christopher Evans (Book Title: Line Up, ID: GB/30080)
  83. Raymond B. Evans (Book Title: Mona Lisa, ID: GB/31092)
  84. Steven Evans (Book Title: Kiss is But a Kiss, ID: GB/2018)
  85. Gavin Everall (Book Title: Make Everything New, ID: GB/11616)
  86. William Everson (Book Title: Alder, ID: GB/13836)
  87. William Everson (Book Title: Granite and Cypress, ID: GB/3247)
  88. William Everson (Book Title: In Medias Res, ID: GB/11361)
  89. William Everson (Book Title: Poet is Dead, ID: GB/2020)
  90. Tony Evora (Book Title: Anne Hughes: Her Boke, ID: GB/3103)
  91. Gavin Ewart (Book Title: Specimen Days in America, ID: GB/7083)
  92. Doris and Mary Ewen (Book Title: ABC of Children's Names, ID: GB/2021)
  93. H. Exley (Book Title: Where the Egg Wins, ID: GB/30596)
  94. Thomas Eyck (Book Title: Colour - Based on Nature, ID: GB/15418)
  95. Thomas Eykemans (Book Title: Coup de Dés Jamais N'abolira le Hasard, ID: GB/30526)

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