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Authors starting with 'F'

  1. Clifton Fadiman (Book Title: Outcast of the Islands, ID: GB/1331)
  2. Larry Fagin (Book Title: Dig & Delve, ID: GB/2027)
  3. Larry Fagin (Book Title: Poems, ID: GB/10334)
  4. Bob Fagles (Book Title: Odyssey, ID: GB/8793)
  5. Barbara Fahrner (Book Title: Four Poems, ID: GB/1105)
  6. Simon Faithfull (Book Title: Ice Blink, ID: GB/11618)
  7. Jan Faktor (Book Title: Factor über jandl, ID: GB/13352)
  8. Christopher Falkus (Book Title: Private Lives of the Tudor Monarchs, ID: GB/2035)
  9. Christopher Falkus (Book Title: Short Stories, ID: GB/7192)
  10. Anne-Catherine Fallen (Book Title: Lively Dance, ID: GB/2036)
  11. Leora Farber (Book Title: Guest Book 1998, ID: GB/15304)
  12. Sam Farfsing (Book Title: Microsoft Sans-serif, ID: GB/13180)
  13. Cinzia Farina (Book Title: Source, ID: GB/31618)
  14. Andy Farkas (Book Title: Four Stories, ID: GB/8801)
  15. Michael Farley (Book Title: At the Year's Root, ID: GB/2038)
  16. John Farman (Book Title: Guinness Pop-up Book of Records, ID: GB/2039)
  17. Eva Faulkes (Book Title: Of Wildflowers, ID: GB/2044)
  18. William Faulkner (Book Title: Hunting Stories, ID: GB/2045)
  19. Dikko Faust (Book Title: Towards an Ofay Aesthetic, ID: GB/10753)
  20. John Feather (Book Title: English Book Prospectuses, ID: GB/2048)
  21. Fred Feddes (Book Title: Hundred Dutch households 2002-2009, ID: GB/30140)
  22. Michael Feingold (Book Title: Seven Deadly Sins of the Lower Middle Class, ID: GB/10673)
  23. Walter Feldman (Book Title: Alphabet Book. WWII, ID: GB/2060)
  24. Walter Feldman (Book Title: Auguries of Innocence, ID: GB/2061)
  25. Walter Feldman (Book Title: Packet of Letters, ID: GB/2062)
  26. Hans-Peter Feldmann (Book Title: Album, ID: GB/12310)
  27. Hans-Peter Feldmann (Book Title: Birgit, ID: GB/11072)
  28. Hans-Peter Feldmann (Book Title: Voyeur, ID: GB/2063)
  29. Elisaveta Fen (Book Title: Short Stories, ID: GB/1157)
  30. Terence Fenn (Book Title: Uhanga Dihangara (Coat Hanger Print Portfolio), ID: GB/10174)
  31. Steven Ferlauto (Book Title: Sacred Abecedarium, ID: GB/9975)
  32. Les Ferriss (Book Title: Papers of River Muds, ID: GB/10316)
  33. David Ferry (Book Title: Britain in Colour, ID: GB/13377)
  34. David Ferry (Book Title: Cakewalking in Wales, ID: GB/15206)
  35. David Ferry (Book Title: Cakewalking in Wales with Colourmaster & Photomontage Instrusions, ID: GB/15061)
  36. David Ferry (Book Title: In Lorna Doone Country, ID: GB/13379)
  37. ffolkes (Book Title: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, ID: GB/3962)
  38. Jochen Fiedler (Book Title: Lied von der Belebenden Wirkung des Geldes, ID: GB/14653)
  39. Henry Fielding (Book Title: Tom Jones, ID: GB/2086)
  40. Laura Fields (Book Title: Front Pages, ID: GB/30460)
  41. Luc Fierens (Book Title: Black Poems, ID: GB/12989)
  42. Luc Fierens (Book Title: Collateral Realities, ID: GB/30001)
  43. Luc Fierens (Book Title: Gunpowpoems, ID: GB/11492)
  44. Luc Fierens (Book Title: Rebelle, ID: GB/30509)
  45. Luc Fierens (Book Title: Re-poesia Visiva, ID: GB/14762)
  46. Robert Filliou (Book Title: Anecdoted Topography of Chance, ID: GB/10758)
  47. Robert Filliou (Book Title: Anecdoted Topography of Chance, ID: GB/10754)
  48. Robert Filliou (Book Title: Mister Blue from Day to Day, ID: GB/14451)
  49. Robert Filliou (Book Title: Standard-Book, ID: GB/30412)
  50. Keith Finch (Book Title: Brooklyn Pops Up, ID: GB/6441)
  51. Keith Finch (Book Title: Frank Lloyd Wright in Pop-Up, ID: GB/8869)
  52. Peter Finch (Book Title: Typewriter Poems, ID: GB/11404)
  53. Ruth E. Fine (Lehrer) (Book Title: Bone Songs, ID: GB/926)
  54. Ruth E. Fine (Lehrer) (Book Title: Four Months / Four Seasons, ID: GB/12557)
  55. Ruth E. Fine (Lehrer) (Book Title: Janus Press 1955-1975 and 1975-1980, ID: GB/2101)
  56. Ruth E. Fine (Lehrer) (Book Title: Paperwork, ID: GB/2097)
  57. Ruth E. Fine (Lehrer) (Book Title: Summer Day/Winter Night, ID: GB/2098)
  58. Nat Finkelstein (Book Title: Andy Warhol's Index (Book), ID: GB/10968)
  59. Alec Finlay (Book Title: Bynames, ID: GB/10415)
  60. Alec Finlay (Book Title: Cowboy Story, ID: GB/11075)
  61. Alec Finlay (Book Title: Libraries of Thought & Imagination, ID: GB/2104)
  62. Alec Finlay (Book Title: Mesostic Herbarium, ID: GB/10413)
  63. Alec Finlay (Book Title: Perches, ID: GB/11970)
  64. Alec Finlay (Book Title: Turning Toward Living, ID: GB/10414)
  65. Alec Finlay (Book Title: What Changes Change, ID: GB/12796)
  66. Alec Finlay (Book Title: Wind Blown Clouds, ID: GB/11190)
  67. Ian Hamilton Finlay (Book Title: Earthship, ID: GB/12608)
  68. Ian Hamilton Finlay (Book Title: Hulls (1) & (2), ID: GB/2102)
  69. Charles G. Finney (Book Title: Circus of Doctor Lao, ID: GB/14810)
  70. Charles G. Finney (Book Title: Circus of Doctor Lao, ID: GB/2108)
  71. Charles G. Finney (Book Title: Circus of Dr. Lao, ID: GB/2109)
  72. Musta Fior (Book Title: Aprékaf, ID: GB/14600)
  73. Musta Fior (Book Title: Lock Done, ID: GB/30151)
  74. Aaron Fischer (Book Title: Ted Berrigan, ID: GB/10697)
  75. Marc Fischer (Book Title: Prisoners' Inventions, ID: GB/30452)
  76. Peter Fischli (Book Title: Fotografías, ID: GB/12434)
  77. Peter Fischli (Book Title: Peter Fischli, David Weiss, ID: GB/11144)
  78. Peter Fischli (Book Title: Sichtbare Welt, ID: GB/2116)
  79. Peter Fischli (Book Title: Will Happiness Find Me?, ID: GB/11089)
  80. Roy Fisher (Book Title: Anansi Company, ID: GB/2121)
  81. Roy Fisher (Book Title: Bluebeard`s Castle, ID: GB/3470)
  82. Roy Fisher (Book Title: Half-Year Letters, ID: GB/2122)
  83. Roy Fisher (Book Title: Left-handed Punch, ID: GB/2123)
  84. Roy Fisher (Book Title: Scenes from the Alphabet, ID: GB/2124)
  85. Douglas Fit (Book Title: Chronic Freedom, ID: GB/13149)
  86. Robert Fitterman (Book Title: Catalog / Exhibition, ID: GB/15462)
  87. Frieda Fitzenmeyer (Book Title: Once Upon a Time. Book Six, ID: GB/2126)
  88. Edward Fitzgerald (Book Title: Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, ID: GB/11710)
  89. Edward Fitzgerald (Book Title: Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyan, ID: GB/2128)
  90. Edward Fitzgerald (Book Title: Rubaiyat of Omar Khyyam, ID: GB/2129)
  91. F. Scott Fitzgerald (Book Title: Great Gatsby, ID: GB/2132)
  92. F. Scott Fitzgerald (Book Title: Great Gatsby, ID: GB/2131)
  93. F. Scott Fitzgerald (Book Title: Tender is the Night, ID: GB/2133)
  94. F. Scott Fitzgerald (Book Title: Tender is the Night, ID: GB/5752)
  95. Andrea D Fitzpatrick (Book Title: 8x10", ID: GB/8762)
  96. Richard FitzRoy (Book Title: Narrative of the Voyage of H.M.S. Beagle, ID: GB/1566)
  97. Cecilia Fitzsimons (Book Title: Birds, ID: GB/2139)
  98. Cecilia Fitzsimons (Book Title: Butterflies, ID: GB/2140)
  99. Audrey Flack (Book Title: Sketchbook, ID: GB/12968)
  100. Robert Flanagan (Book Title: Dubliners, ID: GB/3334)
  101. Harry Paget Flashman (Book Title: Harry Paget Flashman, ID: GB/15517)
  102. Tina Flau (Book Title: BalkoNo, ID: GB/11485)
  103. Tina Flau (Book Title: Sandbuch, ID: GB/11484)
  104. Gustave Flaubert (Book Title: Illustrated Dictionary of Received Ideas, ID: GB/13089)
  105. Gustave Flaubert (Book Title: Three Tales, ID: GB/2142)
  106. Richard Flavin (Book Title: Guest Book - The House was Quiet, ID: GB/16361)
  107. Jessica Fleischmann (Book Title: High Winds, ID: GB/12111)
  108. Elein Fleiss (Book Title: Purple Magazine #3, ID: GB/16598)
  109. Elein Fleiss (Book Title: Purple Magazine #5, ID: GB/16599)
  110. Elein Fleiss (Book Title: Purple Prose, ID: GB/16597)
  111. Donald R. Fleming (Book Title: California Flora, ID: GB/15953)
  112. Julie W. Fleschman (Book Title: No Man's Land, ID: GB/2144)
  113. Flipix (Book Title: Cowboy Joe and his Adventure, ID: GB/15832)
  114. Flipmania (Book Title: C'mon Mona. . . Smile, ID: GB/8777)
  115. Flipmania (Book Title: Leonardo says, ID: GB/8778)
  116. Flipmania (Book Title: Vincent, ID: GB/8776)
  117. Flipomania (Book Title: How to be an Artist!, ID: GB/2150)
  118. Frankie Flood (Book Title: Oyster Boat, ID: GB/30445)
  119. Salvadore Flores (Book Title: Ephemera, ID: GB/13409)
  120. Desmond Flower (Book Title: New Letters from Ernest Dowson, ID: GB/2155)
  121. Sam Flowers (Book Title: Silent Work, ID: GB/14760)
  122. P(amela) Flynn (Book Title: Duel Duty T3, ID: GB/2156)
  123. Phoebe J. Flynn (Book Title: All Good Things, ID: GB/10540)
  124. Maryclare Foa (Book Title: To the Lighthouse, ID: GB/7251)
  125. Peter Foden (Book Title: Fell Imperial Quarto Book of Common Prayer, ID: GB/2158)
  126. Jonathan Safran Foer (Book Title: Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, ID: GB/10945)
  127. Jonathan Safran Foer (Book Title: Tree of Codes, ID: GB/13851)
  128. Anne Fogarty (Book Title: Works of Master Poldy, ID: GB/15165)
  129. Dianne Fogwell (Book Title: Cycle, ID: GB/12073)
  130. Rose Folsom (Book Title: Fulfillment, ID: GB/2161)
  131. Rose Folsom (Book Title: My Century in Your Face, ID: GB/2162)
  132. Giovanni Fontana (Book Title: No A <-> No Z, ID: GB/16892)
  133. Giovanni Fontana (Book Title: Poetic Machine, ID: GB/30591)
  134. Giovanni Fontana (Book Title: Wasted Time, ID: GB/12991)
  135. Texas Fontanella (Book Title: Black Shores, ID: GB/16081)
  136. Peter Foolen (Book Title: Die Wiese. The Meadow, ID: GB/14757)
  137. Peter Foolen (Book Title: In Search of Blue, ID: GB/14446)
  138. Charles Henri Ford (Book Title: Spare Parts, ID: GB/14643)
  139. David Ford (Book Title: Surplus Value Books: Catalogue #13, ID: GB/10210)
  140. Diamond Forde (Book Title: Oyster Boat, ID: GB/30445)
  141. Michael Foreman (Book Title: After Many a Summer, ID: GB/3163)
  142. Michael Foreman (Book Title: Ben's Box, ID: GB/2164)
  143. Michael Foreman (Book Title: Worms Wiggle, ID: GB/5009)
  144. Nicola Formichetti (Book Title: Visionaire 55 Surprise, ID: GB/12152)
  145. Zachary Formwalt (Book Title: Reading the Economist, ID: GB/13391)
  146. E. M. Forster (Book Title: Howards End, ID: GB/2170)
  147. E. M. Forster (Book Title: Passage to India, ID: GB/2171)
  148. Margaret Forster (Book Title: Drawn from Life, ID: GB/6388)
  149. Peter Forster (Book Title: Hole in the Wall, ID: GB/4572)
  150. Peter Forster (Book Title: Nightmare Abbey, ID: GB/4992)
  151. Peter Forster (Book Title: Sonnets & A Lover's Complaint, ID: GB/5861)
  152. Joseph Forte (Book Title: Story of the Statue of Liberty, ID: GB/15811)
  153. Phillip, Jr Foss (Book Title: Somata, ID: GB/2175)
  154. Jon Fosse (Book Title: Ein verdunkeltes Boot, ID: GB/16449)
  155. Bruce Foster (Book Title: Brooklyn Pops Up, ID: GB/6441)
  156. Bruce Foster (Book Title: Visionaire 55 Surprise, ID: GB/12152)
  157. Michael Foucault (Book Title: Order of Things:, ID: GB/13389)
  158. Jacques Fournier (Book Title: Hommage à Etty Hillesum, ID: GB/10182)
  159. Gabe Fowler (Book Title: Smoke Signal, ID: GB/14207)
  160. John Fowles (Book Title: Islands, ID: GB/2186)
  161. Jay Fox (Book Title: Memory Life Manual Index, ID: GB/30405)
  162. Nils Frahm (Book Title: Proposals for Nils Frahm, ID: GB/15184)
  163. David Frampton (Book Title: Scarlet Letter, ID: GB/16837)
  164. Christopher Franceschelli (Book Title: One to Ten and back again, ID: GB/12323)
  165. Ke Francis (Book Title: Celestial Hitchhikers, ID: GB/12086)
  166. Sam Francis (Book Title: Papers of River Muds, ID: GB/10316)
  167. Dimitri F. Frank (Book Title: Pasquale Demichele, ID: GB/14152)
  168. Robert Frank (Book Title: Americans, ID: GB/15843)
  169. Jaime Frankfurt (Book Title: Wild Raspberries, ID: GB/11989)
  170. Suzie Frankfurt (Book Title: Wild Raspberries, ID: GB/11989)
  171. Benjamin Franklin (Book Title: Old Mistresses' Apologue, ID: GB/2211)
  172. Miles Franklin (Book Title: My Brilliant Career, ID: GB/2215)
  173. Franticham (Book Title: 1969, ID: GB/15347)
  174. Franticham (Book Title: Berlin, ID: GB/14982)
  175. Franticham (Book Title: Dada Universe, ID: GB/13050)
  176. Franticham (Book Title: Dada Universe (100 Years Dada), ID: GB/15109)
  177. Franticham (Book Title: Franticham's Assembling Box #44., ID: GB/30155)
  178. Franticham (Book Title: Franticham's Fluxus Island, ID: GB/12818)
  179. Franticham (Book Title: Franticham's Fluxus Island, ID: GB/13788)
  180. Franticham (Book Title: Franticham's Los Angeles Palmtrees, ID: GB/14787)
  181. Franticham (Book Title: Paris Metro Affiches, ID: GB/13500)
  182. Franticham (Book Title: Trilby Farm Dairy Milk, ID: GB/30586)
  183. Franticham (Book Title: XYZ, ID: GB/30522)
  184. Antonia Fraser (Book Title: Framley Parsonage, ID: GB/6562)
  185. Christopher Frayling (Book Title: Art Pack, ID: GB/2219)
  186. J. L. Frazier (Book Title: Devices and Vices, ID: GB/7049)
  187. Richard Freeborn (Book Title: Love and Death, ID: GB/6594)
  188. Arthur Freed (Book Title: Abandoned Star Factory, ID: GB/11779)
  189. Susan K. Freedman (Book Title: Sol Lewitt, ID: GB/13503)
  190. Brad Freeman (Book Title: Cuba, ID: GB/11692)
  191. Brad Freeman (Book Title: Japan Project, ID: GB/14698)
  192. Brad Freeman (Book Title: Joe, ID: GB/2224)
  193. Brad Freeman (Book Title: Little Book of Boekie Woekie, ID: GB/13068)
  194. Brad Freeman (Book Title: Mzlk. The Tours, ID: GB/2225)
  195. Brad Freeman (Book Title: Nova Reperta: New Discoveries and Inventions, ID: GB/1828)
  196. Brad Freeman (Book Title: Overrun, ID: GB/2226)
  197. Brad Freeman (Book Title: Program, ID: GB/2227)
  198. Brad Freeman (Book Title: Room, ID: GB/14286)
  199. Brad Freeman (Book Title: Some Mountains, ID: GB/13107)
  200. Brad Freeman (Book Title: Weird Habits, ID: GB/2229)
  201. Joan Freeman (Book Title: Mabinogion, ID: GB/4780)
  202. Jane Freilicher (Book Title: Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror, ID: GB/13225)
  203. Adelis Freitez (Book Title: El Espanto, ID: GB/16517)
  204. Mary French (Book Title: Backgrounds, ID: GB/15742)
  205. Jonah Freud (Book Title: Rijksmuseum Cook Book, ID: GB/15246)
  206. Sigmund Freud (Book Title: Fall Anna O, ID: GB/16654)
  207. Sigmund Freud (Book Title: Hysteria, ID: GB/16173)
  208. Sigmund Freud (Book Title: Uncanny, ID: GB/15590)
  209. Josh Freydkis (Book Title: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dude, ID: GB/14208)
  210. Céline Fribourg (Book Title: Enveloppe-Moi, ID: GB/14258)
  211. H. R. Fricker (Book Title: Mail-Art Networkingmaterial, ID: GB/15108)
  212. Gavin Friday (Book Title: Peter & The Wolf, ID: GB/30795)
  213. Helmut Friedel (Book Title: Atlas, ID: GB/11938)
  214. Helmut Friedel (Book Title: Atlas, ID: GB/11889)
  215. Barbara Friedman (Book Title: Alice In Ribbons, ID: GB/6709)
  216. Dan Friedman (Book Title: Artificial Nature, ID: GB/1660)
  217. Ken Friedman (Book Title: Thomas Onetwo, ID: GB/10756)
  218. Karli Frigge (Book Title: Marbled Landscapes, ID: GB/2249)
  219. Karli Frigge (Book Title: Marbled Paper, ID: GB/2250)
  220. Karli Frigge (Book Title: Marbled Plants, ID: GB/2251)
  221. Karli Frigge (Book Title: Marbled Streamers, ID: GB/15675)
  222. Elisabeth Frink (Book Title: Iliad, ID: GB/3028)
  223. Elisabeth Frink (Book Title: Odyssey, ID: GB/3030)
  224. Carl Fromme (Book Title: Fromme's Wiener Porte-monnaie Kalender 1907, ID: GB/10172)
  225. Anett Frontzek (Book Title: Ostsee 1, ID: GB/14136)
  226. Robert Frost (Book Title: Acquainted with the Night, ID: GB/2257)
  227. Robert Frost (Book Title: Mending Wall, ID: GB/2258)
  228. Robert Frost (Book Title: Road Not Taken, ID: GB/14272)
  229. Brian Froud (Book Title: Goblins, ID: GB/2260)
  230. Site Fu (Book Title: Three Qattelan, ID: GB/13606)
  231. Hamish Fulton (Book Title: Four Nights Camping in a Wood, ID: GB/13115)
  232. Hamish Fulton (Book Title: Hamish Fulton: Keep Moving, ID: GB/13470)
  233. Hamish Fulton (Book Title: Higurashi, ID: GB/15427)
  234. Hamish Fulton (Book Title: Shoes & Boots walked by Hamish Fulton, ID: GB/13664)
  235. Hamish Fulton (Book Title: Wild Life, ID: GB/2272)
  236. John Furnival (Book Title: Kinnikinnick Brand Kickapoo Joy-Juice, ID: GB/31634)

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