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Authors starting with 'N'

  1. Vladimar Nabokov (Book Title: Pas de Deux, ID: GB/30532)
  2. Sarojini Naidu (Book Title: Bazaar, ID: GB/15001)
  3. Sina Najafi (Book Title: Book of Stamps, ID: GB/11934)
  4. Keiichi Nakamura (Book Title: Z (on cover) [But title listed as 'K' in the bibliography at the back of the book], ID: GB/12803)
  5. Billy Name (Book Title: Andy Warhol's Index (Book), ID: GB/10968)
  6. Maurizio Nannucci (Book Title: Lives Here, ID: GB/4672)
  7. Maurizio Nannucci (Book Title: M40/1967, ID: GB/4673)
  8. Maurizio Nannucci (Book Title: Star/scrivendo camminando, ID: GB/4674)
  9. Maurizio Nannucci (Book Title: Universum 1969, ID: GB/4675)
  10. Joe Napora (Book Title: Scighte, ID: GB/4676)
  11. Tomo Narashima (Book Title: Spider, ID: GB/7202)
  12. Rosalind Nashashibi (Book Title: Proximity Machine, ID: GB/11617)
  13. Publius Ovidius Naso (Book Title: Ars Amatoria, ID: GB/4897)
  14. Publius Ovidius Naso (Book Title: Metamorphoses, ID: GB/15630)
  15. Publius Ovidius Naso (Book Title: Relinquo, ID: GB/11476)
  16. Reinhold Nasshan (Book Title: America, ID: GB/15336)
  17. Reinhold Nasshan (Book Title: Denkbild, ID: GB/13800)
  18. Reinhold Nasshan (Book Title: Impressum, ID: GB/13830)
  19. Reinhold Nasshan (Book Title: One Moment, ID: GB/13824)
  20. Reinhold Nasshan (Book Title: Unreadable Usylessly Blue Book, ID: GB/15324)
  21. Reinhold Nasshan (Book Title: Wort oder Rückkehr zur freiwilligen Gefangenschaft, ID: GB/11486)
  22. Bruce Nauman (Book Title: Clear Sky, ID: GB/13095)
  23. Bruce Nauman (Book Title: L A Air, ID: GB/13036)
  24. Yuji Nawata (Book Title: 26°57,3'N, 142°16,8'E, ID: GB/11542)
  25. Yuji Nawata (Book Title: In Praise of Typhoons, ID: GB/11011)
  26. Penelope Naylor (Book Title: Uaso Nyiro, ID: GB/15026)
  27. Louise Odes Neaderland (Book Title: Alphagami 2, ID: GB/4691)
  28. Louise Odes Neaderland (Book Title: Hazardous Waste, ID: GB/4692)
  29. Louise Odes Neaderland (Book Title: Labyrinth, ID: GB/4693)
  30. Louise Odes Neaderland (Book Title: Nuclear Fan, ID: GB/4694)
  31. May Neama (Book Title: Three Tales, ID: GB/2142)
  32. Alice Neel (Book Title: Fall of the House of Usher, ID: GB/5111)
  33. Heidi Neilson (Book Title: Atlas Dream Sequence, ID: GB/13914)
  34. Heidi Neilson (Book Title: Atlas of Punctuation, ID: GB/11172)
  35. Heidi Neilson (Book Title: Orbital Debris Simulator, ID: GB/13105)
  36. Heidi Neilson (Book Title: Typography of the Period, ID: GB/11173)
  37. Heidi Neilson (Book Title: Uniform Paper, ID: GB/11171)
  38. Mike Nelson (Book Title: Magazine, ID: GB/10640)
  39. Stephen Nelson (Book Title: Toys for Telepaths, ID: GB/31617)
  40. Victoria Nelson (Book Title: Jacob's Ladder, ID: GB/4702)
  41. Gilles and Xavier-Gilles Neret (Book Title: Jazz, ID: GB/12786)
  42. Sabine Nerlinger (Book Title: Bi, ID: GB/8752)
  43. Sabine Nerlinger (Book Title: Portraits, ID: GB/14349)
  44. Bea Nettles (Book Title: Dream Pages, ID: GB/16134)
  45. Julius Neubronner (Book Title: Pigeon Photographer, ID: GB/16219)
  46. Henry Neville (Book Title: Isle of Pines, ID: GB/9818)
  47. Melvyn New (Book Title: Tristram Shandy, ID: GB/12214)
  48. W. Sloan New (Book Title: Night In Which All Cats Are Gray, ID: GB/4714)
  49. Laurie Britton Newell (Book Title: Memory Palace, ID: GB/14045)
  50. Peter Newell (Book Title: Slant Book, ID: GB/4718)
  51. John Henry Newman (Book Title: Dream of Gerontius, ID: GB/4721)
  52. Annie Newnham (Book Title: Catriona, ID: GB/6203)
  53. Annie Newnham (Book Title: Kidnapped, ID: GB/6207)
  54. Katherine Ng (Book Title: Hypothetical Analysis of the Twinkle in Stars, ID: GB/4731)
  55. Tammy Nguyen (Book Title: Atomic Sublime, ID: GB/30021)
  56. Susanne Nichol (Book Title: Bruno and Mathilde, ID: GB/14329)
  57. Susanne Nichol (Book Title: Superman, ID: GB/14703)
  58. Sarah Nicholls (Book Title: Flyway, ID: GB/15490)
  59. Sarah Nicholls (Book Title: Still Life with Bottles, Oysters and Hooves, ID: GB/15649)
  60. John Nicholson (Book Title: Drama of Marinetti [ДРАМА МАРИНЕТТИ], ID: GB/12035)
  61. John Nicholson (Book Title: Gas Masks, ID: GB/13302)
  62. William Nicholson (Book Title: Alphabet, ID: GB/4744)
  63. William Nicholson (Book Title: London Types & An Almanac of Twelve Sports, ID: GB/4746)
  64. William Nicholson (Book Title: Square Book of Animals, ID: GB/4748)
  65. Susanne Nickel (Book Title: Ich Reiste Entfernen, ID: GB/15405)
  66. Carsten Nicolai (Book Title: 13, ID: GB/10915)
  67. Wolfgang Nieblich (Book Title: Makulatur, ID: GB/12098)
  68. Anders Brekhus Nilsen (Book Title: God and the Devil at War in the Garden, ID: GB/16518)
  69. Ernest Nister (Book Title: Land of Sweet Surprises, ID: GB/4753)
  70. Ernest Nister (Book Title: Magic Windows, ID: GB/4754)
  71. Ernest Nister (Book Title: Merry Magic-Go-Round, ID: GB/4755)
  72. Ernest Nister (Book Title: Playtime Surprises, ID: GB/4756)
  73. Ernest Nister (Book Title: Revolving Pictures, ID: GB/4757)
  74. Wim Nival (Book Title: Reflections, ID: GB/31049)
  75. Nelleke Nix (Book Title: 1940-1945 Remembered, ID: GB/4758)
  76. Nelleke Nix (Book Title: Papua New Guinea, ID: GB/11232)
  77. Nelleke Nix (Book Title: Zones of Time, Sand and Rain, ID: GB/12974)
  78. Paul Noble (Book Title: Broken Town, ID: GB/4762)
  79. Christian Nold (Book Title: Mobile Vulgus, ID: GB/10630)
  80. None stated (Book Title: Single leaf from a Book of Hours, ID: GB/16882)
  81. None stated (Book Title: Songs of the Press, ID: GB/15764)
  82. None stated (Book Title: To Commemorate the Silver Jubilee, ID: GB/15720)
  83. None stated (Book Title: Twenty Six New York Delis, ID: GB/15067)
  84. Cees Nooteboom (Book Title: Fuji, ID: GB/15392)
  85. Beth B. Norden (Book Title: Bee, ID: GB/4768)
  86. Lawrence Norfolk (Book Title: Ott's Sneeze, ID: GB/10638)
  87. Bonnie Thompson Norman (Book Title: Alphabet!, ID: GB/8781)
  88. Bonnie Thompson Norman (Book Title: Jack and Jill, ID: GB/8783)
  89. Bonnie Thompson Norman (Book Title: On War and Peace, ID: GB/8785)
  90. Bonnie Thompson Norman (Book Title: Prayers Written at Vailima, ID: GB/6209)
  91. Bonnie Thompson Norman (Book Title: Remember, ID: GB/14615)
  92. Bonnie Thompson Norman (Book Title: Seasons, ID: GB/8784)
  93. Bonnie Thompson Norman (Book Title: Turn, Turn, Turn, ID: GB/8782)
  94. Bonnie Thompson Norman (Book Title: Vital Signs, ID: GB/14652)
  95. Derek Norman (Book Title: Fungus and Curmudgeonly, ID: GB/1562)
  96. Nils Norman (Book Title: Contemporary Picturesque, ID: GB/4774)
  97. Norman Conquest (Book Title: Norman Conquest, ID: GB/4776)
  98. Leslie Norris (Book Title: Mabinogion, ID: GB/4780)
  99. Oliver North (Book Title: Found Poetry of Lt. Col. Oliver L. North, ID: GB/15436)
  100. Lucy Norton (Book Title: Sun King and His loves, ID: GB/4781)
  101. Lydia Nsiah (Book Title: To Forget, ID: GB/30447)
  102. Otto Nückel (Book Title: Destiny, ID: GB/4785)
  103. Sal Nunkachov (Book Title: Word Play, ID: GB/31099)
  104. Mary Lyn Nutting (Book Title: From Arctic Dreams, ID: GB/10793)
  105. Naomi Shihab Nye (Book Title: Boy & Egg, ID: GB/14230)
  106. Janet Nyholm (Book Title: From a Housewife's Diary, ID: GB/4787)

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