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Authors starting with 'D'

  1. Rodger D. N. (Book Title: My Darling / My Reason, ID: GB/10770)
  2. Thomas Dahmen (Book Title: Jeder wusste, um was es ging (Everyone knew what it was about), ID: GB/13854)
  3. Pierre Daix (Book Title: Cubists and Cubism, ID: GB/1543)
  4. Michael Dal Cerro (Book Title: Small World Alphabet, ID: GB/1545)
  5. Salvadore Dali (Book Title: Dali's Mustache, ID: GB/2670)
  6. Joe D'Ambrosio (Book Title: Christus Apollo, ID: GB/13082)
  7. Natalie Danford (Book Title: Architecture of Trees, ID: GB/30527)
  8. Mark Z. Danielewski (Book Title: House of Leaves, ID: GB/10951)
  9. Mark Z. Danielewski (Book Title: Only Revolutions, ID: GB/13081)
  10. Massimo Danielis (Book Title: Römische Notizen, ID: GB/10974)
  11. Arthur C. Danto (Book Title: On Certainty, ID: GB/12014)
  12. Arthur C. Danto (Book Title: Weavings as Metaphor, ID: GB/12341)
  13. N. C. Danvers (Book Title: Around the World in Eighty Days, ID: GB/6809)
  14. Natalie d'Arbeloff (Book Title: Fungus and Curmudgeonly, ID: GB/1562)
  15. Natalie d'Arbeloff (Book Title: Philosophy, ID: GB/1533)
  16. Natalie d'Arbeloff (Book Title: Trans Siberian Prosody and Little Jeanne from France, ID: GB/14691)
  17. Joseph Darracott (Book Title: England's Constable, ID: GB/1564)
  18. Charles Darwin (Book Title: Narrative of the Voyage of H.M.S. Beagle, ID: GB/1566)
  19. Framz Dasbourg (Book Title: Corps & Entre-Corps, ID: GB/12307)
  20. Chris Daunt (Book Title: Wilde Sargasso Sea, ID: GB/5325)
  21. Jean-Luc Daval (Book Title: Avant-Garde Art 1914-1939, ID: GB/1572)
  22. Roger David (Book Title: Pagan Babies, ID: GB/11946)
  23. Betsy Davids (Book Title: Dreaming Aloud, ID: GB/1578)
  24. Betsy Davids (Book Title: Dreaming Aloud, ID: GB/14718)
  25. Alan Davidson (Book Title: Dumas on Food, ID: GB/1855)
  26. Alan and Jane Davidson (Book Title: Dumas on Food, ID: GB/1855)
  27. Laura Davidson (Book Title: Artifacts, ID: GB/1580)
  28. Laura Davidson (Book Title: Florence, ID: GB/8786)
  29. Laura Davidson (Book Title: Mapping my World, ID: GB/10151)
  30. Laura Davidson (Book Title: Open Book, ID: GB/1581)
  31. Laura Davidson (Book Title: Paris, ID: GB/11237)
  32. Laura Davidson (Book Title: Tunnel Vision, ID: GB/1582)
  33. Ed Davin (Book Title: Rhapsody in Blue, ID: GB/1592)
  34. Dale T. Davis (Book Title: Drawn from Reality, ID: GB/11108)
  35. Dale T. Davis (Book Title: Solitary Source, ID: GB/11106)
  36. Jan Davis (Book Title: Solomon, ID: GB/1595)
  37. Lisa Corinne Davis (Book Title: Birth Mark, ID: GB/1596)
  38. Paul Davis (Book Title: Christmas Carol, ID: GB/12452)
  39. Paul Davis (Book Title: Us & Them, ID: GB/8748)
  40. R. Clarke Davis (Book Title: Towards an Ofay Aesthetic, ID: GB/10753)
  41. Kwame Dawes (Book Title: Punta del Burro, ID: GB/15918)
  42. Wally Dawes (Book Title: Papers of River Muds, ID: GB/10316)
  43. Gabby Dawnay (Book Title: Bauhaus Ballet, ID: GB/30424)
  44. Cyrano de Bergerac (Book Title: Voyages to the Moon and the Sun, ID: GB/1606)
  45. Álvaro de Campos (Book Title: Wahrheit und Aspirin, ID: GB/11422)
  46. Emanuele De Donno (Book Title: Sol Lewitt, ID: 2014)
  47. Bernard de Fontenelle (Book Title: Plurality of Worlds, ID: GB/1613)
  48. Leo de Freitas (Book Title: Sir John Tenniel's illustrations to Lewis Carrol's.., ID: GB/1047)
  49. Jean de Gonet (Book Title: Jour, ID: GB/10289)
  50. de Jong (Book Title: Back/2, ID: GB/1618)
  51. de Jong (Book Title: Portret, ID: GB/1619)
  52. Elaine de Kooning (Book Title: Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror, ID: GB/13225)
  53. Willem de Kooning (Book Title: Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror, ID: GB/13225)
  54. Jean de la Fontaine (Book Title: Chat et le Renard, ID: GB/12433)
  55. Mrs Henry de la Pasture (Book Title: Unlucky Family, ID: GB/1621)
  56. León de la Rosa (Book Title: Ojalà, ID: GB/13372)
  57. Villiers de L'Isle-Adam (Book Title: Erring Sister, ID: GB/1623)
  58. Eric de Lyon (Book Title: Seven Vleermuizen, ID: GB/11531)
  59. Xavier de Maistre (Book Title: nächtliche Reise um mein Zimmer, ID: GB/12622)
  60. Xavier de Maistre (Book Title: Reise um mein Zimmer, ID: GB/12715)
  61. Guy de Maupassant (Book Title: Bed 29 and Other Stories, ID: GB/1627)
  62. Guy de Maupassant (Book Title: Three Tales, ID: GB/2142)
  63. Guy de Maupassant (Book Title: Une Vie, ID: GB/1629)
  64. Alberto De Michele (Book Title: Pasquale Demichele, ID: GB/14152)
  65. Monica de Miguel Rubio (Book Title: In the palm of my hand, ID: GB/14411)
  66. Adrian de Monluc (Book Title: Courtisan Grotesque, ID: GB/14146)
  67. Tomie de Paola (Book Title: Giorgio's Village, ID: GB/1633)
  68. Valerie de Ravet (Book Title: Untitled, ID: GB/10232)
  69. Victoria de Rijke (Book Title: This Paper is Intentionally Blank, ID: GB/10335)
  70. Lorenzo De Rita (Book Title: Hotel Oracle, ID: GB/14460)
  71. Lorenzo De Rita (Book Title: Pasquale Demichele, ID: GB/14152)
  72. de Saint-Exupery (Book Title: Wind, Sand and Stars, ID: GB/1636)
  73. Theodore Low de Vinne (Book Title: First Editor: Aldus Pius Manutius, ID: GB/1643)
  74. Herman de Vries (Book Title: 16 dm2, ID: GB/11990)
  75. Herman de Vries (Book Title: Die Wiese. The Meadow, ID: GB/14757)
  76. Herman de Vries (Book Title: Eschenau Sutra, ID: GB/14464)
  77. Herman de Vries (Book Title: In Memory of Scottish Forests, ID: GB/14151)
  78. Herman de Vries (Book Title: Infinity in finity, ID: GB/14543)
  79. Herman de Vries (Book Title: Juniperus Communis, ID: GB/14756)
  80. Herman de Vries (Book Title: Random Sample of the Seeings of my Beings, ID: GB/14082)
  81. Herman de Vries (Book Title: Rosa Damascena, ID: GB/14458)
  82. Herman de Vries (Book Title: Statements, ID: GB/14357)
  83. Herman de Vries (Book Title: Wiese . The Meadow, ID: GB/14408)
  84. Herman de Vries (Book Title: Wit-White, ID: GB/14079)
  85. Susanne de Vries (Book Title: Wiese . The Meadow, ID: GB/14408)
  86. Tacita Dean (Book Title: Teignmouth Electron, ID: GB/1651)
  87. Jasper Deane (Book Title: Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon, ID: GB/15864)
  88. Julie Decker (Book Title: Mystery of the Magic Box, ID: GB/12360)
  89. Miles DeCoster (Book Title: Iconomics: Money, ID: GB/1653)
  90. Miles DeCoster (Book Title: Television, ID: GB/1654)
  91. Brian Dedora (Book Title: Paper Poems, ID: GB/30510)
  92. William Deedes (Book Title: Black Mischief, ID: GB/6954)
  93. Heather Deedman (Book Title: Cowboy Story, ID: GB/11075)
  94. Daniela Deeg (Book Title: Enten / Eller, ID: GB/12431)
  95. Daniela Deeg (Book Title: Relinquo, ID: GB/11476)
  96. Daniela Deeg (Book Title: Risk. Risiko, ID: GB/12734)
  97. Daniela Deeg (Book Title: Throw of the Dice will Never Abolish Chance, ID: GB/14085)
  98. Daniela Deeg (Book Title: Viel Glück, ID: GB/11477)
  99. Daniel Defoe (Book Title: Moll Flanders, ID: GB/1655)
  100. Daniel Defoe (Book Title: Robinson Crusoe, ID: GB/1657)
  101. Daniel Defoe (Book Title: Roxana - The Fortunate Mistress, ID: GB/1658)
  102. Amanda Degener (Book Title: From Arctic Dreams, ID: GB/10793)
  103. Nicolo Degiorgis (Book Title: Floating Worlds, ID: GB/15635)
  104. Nicolo Degiorgis (Book Title: Hidden Islam, ID: GB/15219)
  105. Michel Deguy (Book Title: Cartes Indiennes, ID: GB/12712)
  106. Jeffrey Deitch (Book Title: Artificial Nature, ID: GB/1660)
  107. Estanislao del Campo (Book Title: Fausto, ID: GB/11332)
  108. E. M. Delafield (Book Title: Diary of a Provincial Lady, ID: GB/1661)
  109. Frank Delaney (Book Title: Catriona, ID: GB/6203)
  110. Frank Delaney (Book Title: Crime Stories from the Strand, ID: GB/16829)
  111. Frank Delaney (Book Title: Diary of a Young Lady of Fashion in 1764-5, ID: GB/3483)
  112. Frank Delaney (Book Title: Kidnapped, ID: GB/6207)
  113. Jack and Irene Delano (Book Title: Conquest and Settlement of the Island Boriquen or Puerto Rico, ID: GB/6719)
  114. Sonia Delaunay (Book Title: La Prose du Transsibérien et de la petite Jehanne de France, ID: GB/16875)
  115. Sonia Delaunay (Book Title: Prose du Transsibérien et de la Petite Jehanne de France, ID: GB/14561)
  116. Sonia Delaunay (Book Title: Prose Transsibérien Re-Creation, ID: GB/15948)
  117. Fernado Garcia Delgado (Book Title: Blast, ID: GB/16368)
  118. Fernado Garcia Delgado (Book Title: Paideuma, ID: GB/13024)
  119. Clementine Deliss (Book Title: Metronome, ID: GB/30506)
  120. David Dellafiora (Book Title: Hermetically Unsealed, ID: GB/12827)
  121. Jeremy Deller (Book Title: Folk Archive, ID: GB/11613)
  122. Jeremy Deller (Book Title: Uses of Literacy, ID: GB/1667)
  123. Carmen Delprat (Book Title: Sydney Morning, ID: GB/13477)
  124. Paul C. Delrue (Book Title: Art of Binding Books, ID: GB/3227)
  125. Paul C. Delrue (Book Title: Un Nos Ola Leuad, ID: GB/8703)
  126. Paul C. Delrue (Book Title: Waternymph and the Boy, ID: GB/4763)
  127. Jean Delvaux (Book Title: Au fond du couloir la porte à gauche, ID: GB/15115)
  128. Jean Delvaux (Book Title: Description du Ciel, ID: GB/12817)
  129. Jean Delvaux (Book Title: Eloge d'Océana, ID: GB/12801)
  130. Jean Delvaux (Book Title: Typographie Amoureuse, ID: GB/13780)
  131. Thomas Demand (Book Title: Model Studies, ID: GB/14337)
  132. John DeMerrit (Book Title: Falter, ID: GB/14141)
  133. John DeMerrit (Book Title: Panikisi Prayer Rug, ID: GB/15308)
  134. John DeMerrit (Book Title: Rekening, ID: GB/13813)
  135. John DeMerrit (Book Title: Thousand Several, ID: GB/12708)
  136. John DeMerritt (Book Title: Scaffolding, ID: GB/30574)
  137. Yiota Demetriou (Book Title: To You, ID: GB/16647)
  138. Demi (Book Title: Three Little Elephants, ID: GB/15975)
  139. Demi (Book Title: Where is Willie Worm?, ID: GB/15831)
  140. Klaus-Peter Dencker (Book Title: ABCDARUM, ID: GB/14596)
  141. Klaus-Peter Dencker (Book Title: Ambiguity & More, ID: GB/12820)
  142. Klaus-Peter Dencker (Book Title: From A to Z, ID: GB/15673)
  143. Klaus-Peter Dencker (Book Title: Ladislav Novák's Poetry-Work, ID: GB/14764)
  144. Klaus-Peter Dencker (Book Title: LW - Tract, ID: GB/30002)
  145. Klaus-Peter Dencker (Book Title: No A <-> No Z, ID: GB/16892)
  146. Klaus-Peter Dencker (Book Title: Vers t ehen, ID: GB/11488)
  147. Jen Denike (Book Title: Seven Suns, ID: GB/13072)
  148. Maurice Denis (Book Title: Vie de Frère Genièvre, ID: GB/15025)
  149. Egil Dennerline (Book Title: Lover Loser, ID: GB/10147)
  150. Thorsten Dennerline (Book Title: 13 Tattoos, ID: GB/13820)
  151. Thorsten Dennerline (Book Title: Emergent Forms: Visual Improvisation, ID: GB/15617)
  152. Thorsten Dennerline (Book Title: Intranquilo: On Edge, ID: GB/12714)
  153. Thorsten Dennerline (Book Title: Lover Loser, ID: GB/10147)
  154. Thorsten Dennerline (Book Title: Ny Dansk Poesi - NDP, ID: GB/30535)
  155. Thorsten Dennerline (Book Title: Real Things People Said I Didn't Know What to Say, ID: GB/12664)
  156. Thorsten Dennerline (Book Title: Trudge of Insects, ID: GB/12713)
  157. Thorsten Dennerline (Book Title: Wind, ID: GB/15218)
  158. Simon Denton (Book Title: Saddam Hussein Watches, ID: GB/10914)
  159. Michel Déon (Book Title: Barbare au Paradis, ID: GB/11766)
  160. Fortunato Depero (Book Title: Depero Futurista, ID: GB/14729)
  161. John DePol (Book Title: California Flora, ID: GB/15953)
  162. Suzanne Deputy (Book Title: Recycled Road Journal for the Recycling Roadster, ID: GB/1674)
  163. August Derleth (Book Title: Last Light, ID: GB/1676)
  164. Jacques Derrida (Book Title: Right of Inspection, ID: GB/1677)
  165. Isabelle Dervaux (Book Title: Dress Eclectique, ID: GB/1678)
  166. Maryline Desbiolles (Book Title: Chambres, ID: GB/11782)
  167. F. Deschamps (Book Title: Particle Theory, ID: GB/1679)
  168. Robert Desnos (Book Title: Pénalités de l'Enfer ou Les Nouvelles-Hébries, ID: GB/15645)
  169. Francoise Despalles (Book Title: Alphabet est une bouche tordue, ID: GB/11549)
  170. Francoise Despalles (Book Title: Son d'une Ville: Berlin, ID: GB/15000)
  171. Anne Deuter (Book Title: Hinlieben Weglieben, ID: GB/30573)
  172. Anne Deuter (Book Title: Weise von Wetter, ID: GB/16644)
  173. Theo Deutinger (Book Title: Ultimate Atlas, ID: GB/30439)
  174. Peter Devereaux (Book Title: Card Catalogue, ID: GB/15432)
  175. Giuseppe di Lampedusa (Book Title: Leopard, ID: GB/1687)
  176. Giuseppe di Lampedusa (Book Title: Leopard, ID: GB/1688)
  177. Hervé Di Rosa (Book Title: Coup de Dés Jamais N'abolira le Hasard, ID: GB/30540)
  178. Jessica Diamond (Book Title: Instructions: Moi + Toi, ID: GB/14163)
  179. Rita Dibert (Book Title: Tightrope, ID: GB/15403)
  180. Charles Dickens (Book Title: American Notes, ID: GB/1693)
  181. Charles Dickens (Book Title: Bound for the Goldfields, ID: GB/15352)
  182. Charles Dickens (Book Title: Christmas Carol, ID: GB/12452)
  183. Charles Dickens (Book Title: Dickens' London, ID: GB/6724)
  184. Charles Dickens (Book Title: My Early Times, ID: GB/1712)
  185. Charles Dickens (Book Title: Virginia Creeper, ID: GB/12642)
  186. Wilfried Dickhoff (Book Title: Tinaia 9 Box, ID: GB/12442)
  187. Emily Dickinson (Book Title: Emily Dickenson, ID: GB/15404)
  188. Emily Dickinson (Book Title: Five Poems, ID: GB/1727)
  189. Emily Dickinson (Book Title: Five Poems, ID: GB/1728)
  190. Emily Dickinson (Book Title: Selected Poems, ID: GB/8790)
  191. Emily Dickinson (Book Title: Selection of Poems, ID: GB/1726)
  192. Emily Dickinson (Book Title: Seven Poems (Compound Frame), ID: GB/1729)
  193. Denis Diderot (Book Title: Doctor Diderot's & Misterd'Alembert's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass, ID: GB/16187)
  194. Dennis Diderot (Book Title: Nun, ID: GB/1737)
  195. Richard Diebenkorn (Book Title: Poems of W. B. Yeats, ID: GB/12454)
  196. Katrin Dieckmann (Book Title: Guest Book 1998, ID: GB/15304)
  197. John Digby (Book Title: Sound of Feathers, ID: GB/1742)
  198. Carla Dijs (Book Title: Brooklyn Pops Up, ID: GB/6441)
  199. Carla Dijs (Book Title: When the Wild Pirates Go Sailing, ID: GB/4496)
  200. Mike Dikau (Book Title: We'll Chop His Suey When He's Gone, ID: GB/12806)
  201. Lesley Dill (Book Title: I Had a Blueprint of History, ID: GB/13498)
  202. Lesley Dill (Book Title: Thrill Came Slowly, ID: GB/14185)
  203. Mark Dimunation (Book Title: CODEX MMXIII, ID: GB/15579)
  204. Mark Dimunation (Book Title: Pressed for Time, ID: GB/14779)
  205. Jim Dine (Book Title: Adventures of Mr and Mrs Jim and Ron, ID: GB/16629)
  206. Jim Dine (Book Title: Kali, ID: GB/12443)
  207. Jim Dine (Book Title: Kali, ID: GB/12443)
  208. Jim Dine (Book Title: Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror, ID: GB/13225)
  209. Jim Dine (Book Title: Temple of Flora, ID: GB/12249)
  210. Lucy Dines (Book Title: Four Kings of the Forest, ID: GB/7166)
  211. Mark Dion (Book Title: Bureau of the Centre for the Study of Surrealism and its Legacy, ID: GB/10325)
  212. Mark Dion (Book Title: High Line, ID: GB/14597)
  213. Mark Dion (Book Title: Polar Bear, ID: GB/13490)
  214. Walt Disney (Book Title: Fun and Games Pop-up, ID: GB/1749)
  215. Benjamin Disraeli (Book Title: Sybil or the Two Nations, ID: GB/1750)
  216. Johannes Divjak (Book Title: Metamorphoses, ID: GB/15630)
  217. Christine Dixie (Book Title: Guest Book 1998, ID: GB/15304)
  218. Dankjela Djokic (Book Title: Evertime, ID: GB/16221)
  219. Villiers d'Lisle-Adam (Book Title: Olympe and Henriette, ID: GB/1754)
  220. Alfred Döblin (Book Title: Stiftsfräulein und der Tod, ID: GB/14971)
  221. Kurt Dobrow (Book Title: Auf der Galerie, ID: GB/12010)
  222. Andrew Dodds (Book Title: Lost in Space, ID: GB/10636)
  223. Eric Doeringer (Book Title: 60 Years Later, ID: GB/13434)
  224. Eric Doeringer (Book Title: Arcs, circles & grids, ID: GB/13087)
  225. Eric Doeringer (Book Title: Autobiography, ID: GB/14819)
  226. Eric Doeringer (Book Title: Catalog / Exhibition, ID: GB/15462)
  227. Eric Doeringer (Book Title: Christy's, ID: GB/16509)
  228. Eric Doeringer (Book Title: Collected Works, ID: GB/14847)
  229. Eric Doeringer (Book Title: Location of Lines, ID: GB/13486)
  230. Eric Doeringer (Book Title: Real Estate Opportunities, ID: GB/12639)
  231. Eric Doeringer (Book Title: Records, ID: GB/13071)
  232. Eric Doeringer (Book Title: Some Los Angeles Apartments, ID: GB/12638)
  233. Eric Doeringer (Book Title: Square with Sides and Corners Torn Off, ID: GB/13487)
  234. Eric Doeringer (Book Title: Squares With Sides and Corners Torn Off, ID: GB/13376)
  235. Eric Doeringer (Book Title: Throwing Three Balls in the Air to Get a Straight Line, ID: GB/12641)
  236. Eric Doeringer (Book Title: Xeroxed Book, ID: GB/12640)
  237. Reinhold Döhl (Book Title: Typoaktionen, ID: GB/4230)
  238. Hildeg Domin (Book Title: Worte sind Vogel, ID: GB/10923)
  239. Michael Donaghy (Book Title: Black Ice and Rain, ID: GB/11725)
  240. Bonnie Donohue (Book Title: Control Zone, ID: GB/30505)
  241. Lenore Doolan (Book Title: Important Artifacts and Personal Property from the Collection of Lenore Doolan and Harold Morris, including Books, Street Fashion, and Jewellery, ID: GB/15850)
  242. Bertrand Dorny (Book Title: Cartes Indiennes, ID: GB/12712)
  243. Bertrand Dorny (Book Title: Narcissus Reformed, ID: GB/12101)
  244. Bertrand Dorny (Book Title: To Be or Not Too Much, ID: GB/12087)
  245. Gerald Dorset (Book Title: Surprise Party, ID: GB/1779)
  246. Doug Dorst (Book Title: S., ID: GB/14174)
  247. Henry Dorure (Book Title: Diaries of Adam & Eve, ID: GB/10156)
  248. John Dos Passos (Book Title: All Meadows, ID: GB/12637)
  249. Fyodor Dostoevsky (Book Title: House of the Dead, ID: GB/1783)
  250. Fyodor Dostoevsky (Book Title: Idiot, ID: GB/1786)
  251. Fyodor Dostoevsky (Book Title: Raw Youth, ID: GB/1785)
  252. Andrea Dotti (Book Title: Gradiva, ID: GB/10964)
  253. Mark Doty (Book Title: Swarm, A Flock, A Host, ID: GB/14183)
  254. Julie Doucet (Book Title: Elle-Humour, ID: GB/11350)
  255. Helen Douglas (Book Title: Between the Two, ID: GB/1789)
  256. Helen Douglas (Book Title: Field Book, ID: GB/1790)
  257. Helen Douglas (Book Title: Illiers Combray, ID: GB/10420)
  258. Helen Douglas (Book Title: In Mexico, ID: GB/15425)
  259. Helen Douglas (Book Title: Queene & Belle, ID: GB/11918)
  260. Helen Douglas (Book Title: Swan Songs with Damselflies, ID: GB/10975)
  261. Helen Douglas (Book Title: Threads, ID: GB/1791)
  262. Helen Douglas (Book Title: Threshold, ID: GB/11981)
  263. Helen Douglas (Book Title: Unravelling the Ripple, ID: GB/8756)
  264. Helen Douglas (Book Title: Venetian Brocade, ID: GB/12752)
  265. Helen Douglas (Book Title: Water on the Border, ID: GB/1792)
  266. Helen Douglas (Book Title: Wild Wood, ID: GB/1793)
  267. Stan Douglas (Book Title: Journey into Fear, ID: GB/30027)
  268. Pascal Doury (Book Title: Mollusk #4 / Doury, ID: GB/12116)
  269. Rita Dove (Book Title: Lady Freedom Among Us, ID: GB/1798)
  270. Toni Dove (Book Title: Mesmer, ID: GB/1799)
  271. John Dowland (Book Title: Semper Dowlant, Semper Dolens, ID: GB/1800)
  272. Peter Downsbrough (Book Title: AS), ID: GB/14447)
  273. Peter Downsbrough (Book Title: Notes on Location, ID: GB/14080)
  274. Peter Downsbrough (Book Title: Within (Time), ID: GB/1802)
  275. Ernest Dowson (Book Title: Bouquet, ID: GB/1803)
  276. Arthur Conan Doyle (Book Title: Hound of the Baskervilles, ID: GB/1804)
  277. Arthur Conan Doyle (Book Title: Lost World, ID: GB/1805)
  278. William Drendel (Book Title: Bale of Straw, ID: GB/1815)
  279. Henrik Drescher (Book Title: Comeundone, ID: GB/12213)
  280. Henrik Drescher (Book Title: Reflections on a Cardboard Box, ID: GB/9461)
  281. John Dreyfus (Book Title: Dearest Joana, ID: GB/2795)
  282. John Dreyfus (Book Title: Sermon on the Mount, ID: GB/16007)
  283. Amelia Drinkwater (Book Title: Appeal of Pornography, ID: GB/11225)
  284. Kelly Driscoll (Book Title: Fragments of Light 2, ID: GB/11955)
  285. Johanna Drucker (Book Title: As No Storm or The Any Port Party, ID: GB/1823)
  286. Johanna Drucker (Book Title: Cuba, ID: GB/11692)
  287. Johanna Drucker (Book Title: Damaged Spring, ID: GB/15028)
  288. Johanna Drucker (Book Title: Dark Decade, ID: GB/1821)
  289. Johanna Drucker (Book Title: Fabulas Feminae, ID: GB/16531)
  290. Johanna Drucker (Book Title: Girl's Life, ID: GB/10695)
  291. Johanna Drucker (Book Title: History of the / my World, ID: GB/1825)
  292. Johanna Drucker (Book Title: Narratology, ID: GB/1826)
  293. Johanna Drucker (Book Title: Night Crawlers on the Web, ID: GB/1827)
  294. Johanna Drucker (Book Title: Nova Reperta: New Discoveries and Inventions, ID: GB/1828)
  295. Johanna Drucker (Book Title: Otherspace Martian Typography, ID: GB/1822)
  296. Johanna Drucker (Book Title: Prove before Laying, ID: GB/1829)
  297. Johanna Drucker (Book Title: Simulant Portrait, ID: GB/1830)
  298. Johanna Drucker (Book Title: Word Made Flesh, ID: GB/1831)
  299. Chris Drury (Book Title: Medicine Wheel, ID: GB/12283)
  300. John Drury (Book Title: Fire in the Wax Museum, ID: GB/1836)
  301. Guy du Toit (Book Title: Book of Play II, ID: GB/16033)
  302. Lise Dubois (Book Title: Six Voies, ID: GB/11768)
  303. Marcel Duchamp (Book Title: Transition, ID: GB/13039)
  304. Dick Dudley (Book Title: Looking into the Middle Ages, ID: GB/5662)
  305. Dick Dudley (Book Title: What's New?" asked the Gnu, ID: GB/5869)
  306. Michael Dudley (Book Title: On a Ledge of Light, ID: GB/1844)
  307. J. D. Duff (Book Title: Childhood, Youth and Exile, ID: GB/2910)
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