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Authors starting with 'G'

  1. Dominique Gaessler (Book Title: Beautiful Faces, ID: GB/12123)
  2. Brigid Gaffikin (Book Title: Bishops' Brothels, ID: GB/2282)
  3. Joseph Gage (Book Title: Book of Hours, ID: GB/30406)
  4. Rainer Gahahl (Book Title: Reading Karl Marx, ID: GB/10324)
  5. Ellen Gallagher (Book Title: Exelento, ID: GB/14595)
  6. Tess Gallagher (Book Title: Death of the Horses by Fire, ID: GB/10803)
  7. Thomas Galler (Book Title: Various Fires, ID: GB/12745)
  8. Philip Gallo (Book Title: Black Hole, ID: GB/13255)
  9. Philip Gallo (Book Title: Electric Tulips 5.1, ID: GB/15065)
  10. John Galsworthy (Book Title: Forsyte Saga, ID: GB/2291)
  11. Stephen Gan (Book Title: Visionaire 39 Play, ID: GB/8759)
  12. Ian Ganassi (Book Title: Same and Yet, ID: GB/11376)
  13. Ariel Gangi (Book Title: Zeit-geist, ID: GB/16893)
  14. Roland Gant (Book Title: Mountains in the Mind, ID: GB/2302)
  15. Roland Gant (Book Title: Steps to the River, ID: GB/2303)
  16. Roland Gant (Book Title: Stubble Burning, ID: GB/2304)
  17. Benjamin Ganz (Book Title: Neubau Forst Catalogue, ID: GB/15961)
  18. Olivier Garby (Book Title: Mug, ID: GB/12294)
  19. Bob Gardner (Book Title: Math Doctor, ID: GB/6747)
  20. Casey Gardner (Book Title: Avalanche Safety, ID: GB/30421)
  21. Casey Gardner (Book Title: Body of Inquiry, ID: GB/14747)
  22. Casey Gardner (Book Title: Cartographical Incantations, ID: GB/15231)
  23. Casey Gardner (Book Title: Gravity Series, ID: GB/15235)
  24. Casey Gardner (Book Title: Heresay, ID: GB/30422)
  25. Casey Gardner (Book Title: Matter, Antimatter, and So Forth, ID: GB/14746)
  26. Casey Gardner (Book Title: Threshold, ID: GB/15197)
  27. Martin Gardner (Book Title: Hunting of the Snark, ID: GB/1053)
  28. S. S. Gardons (Book Title: Remains, ID: GB/2306)
  29. Patrick Garland (Book Title: Grand Meaulnes, ID: GB/47)
  30. David Garnett (Book Title: Plurality of Worlds, ID: GB/1613)
  31. Pierre Garnier (Book Title: Chrétiens, ID: GB/11504)
  32. Pierre Garnier (Book Title: Nanopoemes, ID: GB/13023)
  33. Clarke Garry (Book Title: Mayflies of the Driftless Region, ID: GB/10608)
  34. Brian Garvey (Book Title: Folio 94, ID: GB/12379)
  35. Brian Garvey (Book Title: Folio 94, ID: GB/12378)
  36. Brian Garvey (Book Title: Folio 94, ID: GB/12380)
  37. Mrs Gaskell (Book Title: Cranford, ID: GB/2319)
  38. Christian Gastaldi (Book Title: Poems for Dreaming Eyes, ID: GB/14759)
  39. Christian Gastaldi (Book Title: Poems from Inaudible Voices, ID: GB/13025)
  40. Pierre Gaudibert (Book Title: Adami "Dimostrationi", ID: GB/14138)
  41. Theophile Gautier (Book Title: Mademoiselle de Maupin, ID: GB/2324)
  42. Sayre Gaydon (Book Title: I Had a Blueprint of History, ID: GB/13498)
  43. Paul F. Gehl (Book Title: Pressed for Time, ID: GB/14779)
  44. Janie Geiser (Book Title: Tornado Treaty, ID: GB/2330)
  45. Carla Williams Gelbaum (Book Title: Journey, ID: GB/2333)
  46. Matthew Geller (Book Title: 1983 Engagements, ID: GB/2335)
  47. Stefan Gendl (Book Title: Neubau Forst Catalogue, ID: GB/15961)
  48. Louise Genest (Book Title: Barbare au Paradis, ID: GB/11766)
  49. Louise Genest (Book Title: Match in a Bottle, ID: GB/3523)
  50. Louise Genest (Book Title: Nautilus Book, ID: GB/2338)
  51. Louise Genest (Book Title: Six Voies, ID: GB/11768)
  52. Louise Genest (Book Title: Two Centuries of Bookbinding, ID: GB/3926)
  53. Isa Genzken (Book Title: I Love New York, Crazy City, ID: GB/11518)
  54. Peter George (Book Title: Trial and Execution of Socrates, ID: GB/16830)
  55. John Gerard (Book Title: Alpha Beta, ID: GB/10956)
  56. John Gerard (Book Title: Bi, ID: GB/8752)
  57. John Gerard (Book Title: Häuser meiner Strasse, ID: GB/11398)
  58. John Gerard (Book Title: Im Nebel, ID: GB/8791)
  59. John Gerard (Book Title: Kunst der Gesellschaft, ID: GB/11362)
  60. John Gerard (Book Title: Last Judgements, ID: GB/13084)
  61. John Gerard (Book Title: Lied von der Belebenden Wirkung des Geldes, ID: GB/14653)
  62. John Gerard (Book Title: Noch bist du da, ID: GB/12646)
  63. John Gerard (Book Title: Worte sind Vogel, ID: GB/10923)
  64. Robert Gernhardt (Book Title: Ach, ID: GB/11393)
  65. Ralph Geroni (Book Title: S., ID: GB/14174)
  66. Leslie Gerry (Book Title: Portmeirion, ID: GB/12480)
  67. George Gershwin (Book Title: Rhapsody in Blue, ID: GB/1592)
  68. Karl Gerstner (Book Title: Color Sound 15, ID: GB/14114)
  69. Jochen Gerz (Book Title: French Schmuck, ID: GB/13221)
  70. Frank Giampietro (Book Title: Spandrel, ID: GB/13846)
  71. Victor Giannini (Book Title: Input Output, ID: GB/13592)
  72. Robert Gibbings (Book Title: True Historie of Lucian the Samosatenian, ID: GB/2923)
  73. Robert Gibbings (Book Title: Typee, ID: GB/4333)
  74. Stella Gibbons (Book Title: Cold Comfort Farm, ID: GB/2357)
  75. Barbara Gibson (Book Title: Creatures of the Desert World, ID: GB/2359)
  76. Barbara Gibson (Book Title: Explore a Tropical Forest, ID: GB/2360)
  77. Barbara Gibson (Book Title: Hide and Seek, ID: GB/2361)
  78. James J. Gibson (Book Title: Table of Contents, ID: GB/30419)
  79. Malcolm Gibson (Book Title: Real Art, ID: GB/9892)
  80. Malcolm Gibson (Book Title: Real Art Box, ID: GB/15366)
  81. Ingo Giezendanner (Book Title: Urban Recordings, ID: GB/12018)
  82. Barry Gifford (Book Title: Bordertown , ID: GB/2366)
  83. Guillermo Gil (Book Title: Life's a Dream, ID: GB/10453)
  84. Stuart Gilbert (Book Title: Plague, ID: GB/1005)
  85. Gilbert and George (Book Title: George and Gilbert the living sculptors, London, ID: GB/15360)
  86. Gilbert and George (Book Title: Lost Day, ID: GB/2370)
  87. Gilbert and George (Book Title: Message From the Sculptors, ID: GB/2371)
  88. Gilbert and George (Book Title: Naked Shit Pictures, ID: GB/12706)
  89. John Gilgun (Book Title: Dooley Poems, ID: GB/2373)
  90. John Gilgun (Book Title: Everything That Has Been Shall be Again, ID: GB/2374)
  91. Brendan Gill (Book Title: Wooings, ID: GB/2377)
  92. Eric Gill (Book Title: Eclogues of Vergil, ID: GB/13701)
  93. Eric Gill (Book Title: Four Gospels of the Lord Jesus Christ, ID: GB/2379)
  94. Liam Gillick (Book Title: Erasmus is Late, ID: GB/2382)
  95. Liam Gillick (Book Title: Literally No Place, ID: GB/10631)
  96. William Gillis (Book Title: Ship of Fools, ID: GB/2383)
  97. Allen Ginsberg (Book Title: Ginsberg's Farm, ID: GB/11339)
  98. Allen Ginsberg (Book Title: Kaddish for Naomi Ginsberg, 1894-1956, ID: GB/12456)
  99. Dana Gioia (Book Title: Printed Poem / The Poem as Print, ID: GB/12426)
  100. Anselmo Giovanni (Book Title: 116 Particulari visibili e misurabili di infinito, ID: GB/14389)
  101. Marco Giovenale (Book Title: Asemic Sibyls, ID: GB/14109)
  102. Donald Glaister (Book Title: 3 in Search of the Universe, ID: GB/16436)
  103. Donald Glaister (Book Title: Angelique and the Pearl Necklace, ID: GB/11208)
  104. Donald Glaister (Book Title: Brooklyn Bridge: A Love Song, ID: GB/2405)
  105. Donald Glaister (Book Title: Few Questions, ID: GB/12289)
  106. Donald Glaister (Book Title: Raven, ID: GB/12743)
  107. Jesse Glass (Book Title: Sleeper, ID: GB/2407)
  108. Kathy Glass (Book Title: Chronic Freedom, ID: GB/13149)
  109. Peter Glassgold (Book Title: Hwaet!, ID: GB/2408)
  110. Constance W. Glenn (Book Title: House the Poet Built, ID: GB/12220)
  111. Cat Glennon (Book Title: Scream at the Librarian, ID: GB/11456)
  112. Crispin Hellion Glover (Book Title: What it is, and How it is Done, ID: GB/2411)
  113. Kathy Glowen (Book Title: Mystery of the Magic Box, ID: GB/12360)
  114. Christoph Willibald Gluck (Book Title: Orfeo ed Euridice, ID: GB/2414)
  115. Louise Gluck (Book Title: Poems / Drawings, ID: GB/16116)
  116. Keith Godard (Book Title: Little Night Book, ID: GB/14768)
  117. Keith Godard (Book Title: Sounds, ID: GB/14767)
  118. Kyle Goen (Book Title: Black Panther Party Stamp Book, ID: GB/30410)
  119. Johann Wolfgang Goethe (Book Title: Zauberlehrling, ID: GB/12054)
  120. Nikolai Gogol (Book Title: Diary of a Madman, ID: GB/2425)
  121. Nikolai Gogol (Book Title: Overcoat, ID: GB/2426)
  122. Kurt Gohde (Book Title: Match in a Bottle, ID: GB/3523)
  123. Kurt Gohde (Book Title: Match in a Bottle, ID: GB/3513)
  124. Jo Going (Book Title: Wild Cranes, ID: GB/12967)
  125. Ami Goldberg (Book Title: Chronic Freedom, ID: GB/13149)
  126. Glenn Goldberg (Book Title: In Spite of Everything, the Stars, ID: GB/14143)
  127. Olivia Golde (Book Title: Gedicht, ID: GB/30462)
  128. Sabine Golde (Book Title: 45' fur einen Sprecher, ID: GB/13970)
  129. Sabine Golde (Book Title: ABC Symbole, ID: GB/15203)
  130. Sabine Golde (Book Title: Empty Mind, ID: GB/13968)
  131. Sabine Golde (Book Title: Ende von etwas, ID: GB/15211)
  132. Sabine Golde (Book Title: Exkurs, ID: GB/13969)
  133. Sabine Golde (Book Title: Forelle, ID: GB/14795)
  134. Sabine Golde (Book Title: Fragmente aus James Joyce, Ulysses, Penelope, ID: GB/13939)
  135. Sabine Golde (Book Title: Frucht I, ID: GB/15151)
  136. Sabine Golde (Book Title: Gedicht, ID: GB/30462)
  137. Sabine Golde (Book Title: Logical Combinations, ID: GB/15307)
  138. Sabine Golde (Book Title: Pferdebeine, ID: GB/15150)
  139. Sabine Golde (Book Title: Sports & Divertissements, ID: GB/16297)
  140. Sabine Golde (Book Title: Tea-room, ID: GB/15236)
  141. Sabine Golde (Book Title: Yes, Ja, ID: GB/15356)
  142. Alisa Golden (Book Title: Gateway, ID: GB/2431)
  143. Alisa Golden (Book Title: Mrs. White has Tea, ID: GB/30083)
  144. Tijs Goldschmidt (Book Title: Twintig jaar, ID: GB/16645)
  145. Kenneth Goldsmith (Book Title: Day, ID: GB/2439)
  146. Kenneth Goldsmith (Book Title: Getting Inside Jack Kerouac´s head, ID: GB/14404)
  147. Kenneth Goldsmith (Book Title: Kaysays: Essays, ID: GB/13371)
  148. Kenneth Goldsmith (Book Title: Soliloquy, ID: GB/10704)
  149. Oliver Goldsmith (Book Title: Vicar of Wakefield, ID: GB/2441)
  150. Gary Goldstein (Book Title: Be True, ID: GB/2443)
  151. Andy Goldsworthy (Book Title: Touching North, ID: GB/12352)
  152. Joseph Goldyne (Book Title: Invisible Collection, ID: GB/11683)
  153. Adam Golfer (Book Title: House Without a Roof, ID: GB/15301)
  154. Antonio Gomez (Book Title: Escrito a Mano, ID: GB/15668)
  155. Antonio Gomez (Book Title: Papel Y Tijeras, ID: GB/30090)
  156. Marta Gomez (Book Title: After So Many Words, ID: GB/6726)
  157. Guillermo Gómez-Peña (Book Title: Doc / Undoc, ID: GB/14528)
  158. Guillermo Gómez-Peña (Book Title: Doc / Undoc, ID: GB/14528)
  159. Guillermo Gómez-Peñya (Book Title: Codex Espangliensis, ID: GB/13729)
  160. Eugen Gomringer (Book Title: Grow, ID: GB/16152)
  161. Edmond and Jules de Goncourt (Book Title: Pages from the Goncourt Journal, ID: GB/2461)
  162. Jennifer Gonzales (Book Title: Codex Espangliensis, ID: GB/13729)
  163. Jennifer Gonzales (Book Title: Doc / Undoc, ID: GB/14528)
  164. Selwyn H. Goodacre (Book Title: Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There, ID: GB/15954)
  165. James Goodall (Book Title: James & Other Apes, ID: GB/11181)
  166. John S. Goodall (Book Title: Paddy Finds a Job, ID: GB/2464)
  167. John S. Goodall (Book Title: Shrewbettina Goes to Work, ID: GB/2465)
  168. Mel Gooding (Book Title: Apropos the Jug, ID: GB/2466)
  169. Mitchell Goodman (Book Title: Light from Under a Bushel, ID: GB/2469)
  170. Richard Goodman (Book Title: Bicycle Diaries, ID: GB/13831)
  171. Bonnie Gordon (Book Title: Thus may be figured in numberless ways, ID: GB/2476)
  172. Douglas Gordon (Book Title: Black Spot, ID: GB/2477)
  173. Douglas Gordon (Book Title: Feature Film, ID: GB/2478)
  174. Gwen Gordon (Book Title: Alice in Wonderland, ID: GB/1042)
  175. Joe Gordon (Book Title: Selection of Poems, ID: GB/1726)
  176. Edward Gorey (Book Title: Dwindling Party, ID: GB/2489)
  177. Edward Gorey (Book Title: Tunnel Calamity, ID: GB/2493)
  178. A. B. Gorham (Book Title: Arranging Chaos, ID: GB/15216)
  179. A. B. Gorham (Book Title: End, ID: GB/30534)
  180. A. B. Gorham (Book Title: Memory Life Manual Index, ID: GB/30405)
  181. Susan Gosin (Book Title: Emily Dickenson, ID: GB/15404)
  182. Susan Gosin (Book Title: I Had a Blueprint of History, ID: GB/13498)
  183. Susan Gosin (Book Title: Method, ID: GB/14145)
  184. Susan Gosin (Book Title: Selected Poems, ID: GB/8790)
  185. Susan Gosin (Book Title: Selected Signs, ID: GB/16147)
  186. Joan Iversen Goswell (Book Title: Another George Book, ID: GB/10146)
  187. Joan Iversen Goswell (Book Title: AT, ID: GB/11665)
  188. Joan Iversen Goswell (Book Title: Book of Ricky, ID: GB/11352)
  189. Joan Iversen Goswell (Book Title: Green Gulch Farm, ID: GB/12616)
  190. Joan Iversen Goswell (Book Title: Saving Daddy's War, ID: GB/11397)
  191. Joan Iversen Goswell (Book Title: Third George Book, ID: GB/11667)
  192. Joan Iversen Goswell (Book Title: Thoughts on Life, ID: GB/11663)
  193. Joan Iversen Goswell (Book Title: Trisket, ID: GB/11666)
  194. Joan Iversen Goswell (Book Title: W, ID: GB/11668)
  195. Joan Iversen Goswell (Book Title: What's Wrong with America?, ID: GB/14654)
  196. Joan Iversen Goswell (Book Title: Wild Thing, ID: GB/11664)
  197. Peggy Gotthold (Book Title: Extracts from The Blog of Samuel Pepys, ID: GB/15159)
  198. Peggy Gotthold (Book Title: For Sale, Baby Shoes, Never Worn, ID: GB/13828)
  199. Peggy Gotthold (Book Title: Herakles, ID: GB/13797)
  200. Peggy Gotthold (Book Title: Letter to My Daughter, ID: GB/30076)
  201. Peggy Gotthold (Book Title: Letters From Bittenberg, ID: GB/30077)
  202. Peggy Gotthold (Book Title: My Private Library:, ID: GB/30100)
  203. Peggy Gotthold (Book Title: Spring Haiku of Tobu Sho, ID: GB/30448)
  204. Peggy Gotthold (Book Title: Travels of Sir John Mandeville, ID: GB/30407)
  205. Peggy Gotthold (Book Title: Truer History of Doctor Dolittle, ID: GB/30145)
  206. Götting (Book Title: Chemins de la Nature Humaine, ID: GB/2524)
  207. Dennis Gouey (Book Title: Secret Sharer, ID: GB/15866)
  208. Alan Govenar (Book Title: Blues and Jives of Dr. Hepcat, ID: GB/2530)
  209. Alan Govenar (Book Title: Human Volcano, ID: GB/14042)
  210. Alan Govenor (Book Title: For Boys Who Dream of War, ID: GB/10954)
  211. Dieter M. Gräf (Book Title: Beine Hoch Erika, ID: GB/12090)
  212. Dieter M. Gräf (Book Title: Mein vaterland, ID: GB/12094)
  213. Jace Graff (Book Title: Five Poems, ID: GB/13373)
  214. Brandon Graham (Book Title: Room, ID: GB/14286)
  215. Dylan Graham (Book Title: Dylan Graham's Library in a Book, ID: GB/10370)
  216. Dylan Graham (Book Title: Tag, ID: GB/10179)
  217. Jorie Graham (Book Title: Poems / Drawings, ID: GB/16116)
  218. Rigby Graham (Book Title: Cogs in Transition, ID: GB/2542)
  219. Rigby Graham (Book Title: Holt Mill Papers, ID: GB/2543)
  220. Rigby Graham (Book Title: Lifetime of Drawing, ID: GB/9408)
  221. Olle Granath (Book Title: Stockholm Museum, ID: GB/1319)
  222. Naum Granovskii (Book Title: Lidantiu faram, ID: GB/11772)
  223. Susan Kae Grant (Book Title: Radio-Active Substances, ID: GB/2550)
  224. Susan Kae Grant (Book Title: Shadowed Memory, ID: GB/11590)
  225. Susan Kae Grant (Book Title: Wink, The Kiss, The Slap, ID: GB/2551)
  226. Gunter Grass (Book Title: Flounder, ID: GB/2553)
  227. Dennis Grastorf (Book Title: Wood Type, ID: GB/2554)
  228. Stefanie Grätz (Book Title: After Mandela, ID: GB/14842)
  229. Stephan Grätzel (Book Title: Flussmythos, ID: GB/11475)
  230. Robert Graves (Book Title: Poems, ID: GB/2558)
  231. Thomas Gray (Book Title: Gray's Elegy, ID: GB/2569)
  232. Benny Green (Book Title: Leave it to Psmith, ID: GB/7188)
  233. Martin Green (Book Title: Night With Fiona Pitt-Kethley, ID: GB/2574)
  234. Maureen Green (Book Title: Papermaking at Hayle Mill, ID: GB/11755)
  235. Samuel Adams Green (Book Title: Andy Warhol, ID: GB/14062)
  236. Marty Greenbaum (Book Title: Blue Flames, ID: GB/10269)
  237. Elizabeth Greenhill (Book Title: Utopia, ID: GB/8751)
  238. Rowan A. Greer (Book Title: Sermon on the Mount, ID: GB/16007)
  239. Debora Greger (Book Title: Normal Street, ID: GB/2585)
  240. Jon Gregg (Book Title: Punta del Burro, ID: GB/15918)
  241. Marie Grégoire (Book Title: Heures Dispersees, ID: GB/14702)
  242. Anne E. Gregory (Book Title: All on the Same Page, ID: GB/12367)
  243. Gea Grevink (Book Title: Moskow, ID: GB/2590)
  244. Jenni Grey (Book Title: At the Water's Edge, ID: GB/2592)
  245. Jenni Grey (Book Title: Blackness, ID: GB/2593)
  246. Jenni Grey (Book Title: Fall & Rise and Fall, ID: GB/11399)
  247. Jenni Grey (Book Title: I Remember. . ., ID: GB/10918)
  248. Jenni Grey (Book Title: Rune Poem, ID: GB/2594)
  249. Dominic Greyer (Book Title: Far from Dull, ID: GB/11182)
  250. Bill Griffiths (Book Title: Land Ceremonies Charm, ID: GB/2599)
  251. Bill Griffiths (Book Title: Rune Poem, ID: GB/2594)
  252. Bill Griffiths (Book Title: Winter, ID: GB/2600)
  253. Julia Griffiths (Book Title: Derby Cathedral, ID: GB/2601)
  254. Joseph Grigely (Book Title: Blueberry Surprise, ID: GB/11957)
  255. Brothers Grimm (Book Title: Grimm's Folk Tales, ID: GB/2603)
  256. Dieter Grinke (Book Title: Buch, ein Fenster zur Welt, ID: GB/14407)
  257. Kathryn Gritt (Book Title: Tag, ID: GB/10179)
  258. Ximena Pérez Grobet (Book Title: Around the Corner, ID: GB/30572)
  259. Ximena Pérez Grobet (Book Title: Reading Finnegans Wake, ID: GB/30541)
  260. Ximena Pérez Grobet (Book Title: Reading Finnegans Wake, ID: GB/14770)
  261. Klaus Groh (Book Title: Bon-ap-Arte, ID: GB/12792)
  262. Klaus Groh (Book Title: Frutas y Terra, ID: GB/12833)
  263. Red Grooms (Book Title: Ruckus Rodeo, ID: GB/2608)
  264. Walter Gropius (Book Title: Photographs published from negatives not returned to Mrs Moholy, ID: GB/16652)
  265. Chaim Gross (Book Title: Book of the Prophet Isaiah, ID: GB/2609)
  266. Roni Gross (Book Title: Same and Yet, ID: GB/11376)
  267. Edith Grossman (Book Title: Don Quixote, ID: GB/13075)
  268. George and Weedon Grossmith (Book Title: Diary of a Nobody, ID: GB/2613)
  269. George Grosz (Book Title: Ecce Homo, ID: GB/14726)
  270. George Grosz (Book Title: Goodbye to Berlin, ID: GB/3198)
  271. Martin Grothmaak (Book Title: Evertime, ID: GB/16221)
  272. A. Grover (Book Title: Quality of Your Diamond, ID: GB/2615)
  273. Sherwood Grover (Book Title: Another Commonplace Book, ID: GB/2616)
  274. Sherwood Grover (Book Title: Commonplace Book, ID: GB/2617)
  275. Sophia Gruber (Book Title: Guest Book 1998, ID: GB/15304)
  276. Thomas Gruber (Book Title: Ende der Kaleidoskope, ID: GB/12096)
  277. Thomas Gruber (Book Title: Motivwagen Nr. 24, ID: GB/12093)
  278. Durs Grünbein (Book Title: 26°57,3'N, 142°16,8'E, ID: GB/11542)
  279. Durs Grünbein (Book Title: Bleiben, ID: GB/13100)
  280. Durs Grünbein (Book Title: Bleiben, ID: GB/13574)
  281. Durs Grünbein (Book Title: In Praise of Typhoons, ID: GB/11011)
  282. Durs Grünbein (Book Title: Kunst der Gesellschaft, ID: GB/11362)
  283. Durs Grünbein (Book Title: Weisse Verben, ID: GB/15701)
  284. Christoph Grunberger (Book Title: Neubau Forst Catalogue, ID: GB/15961)
  285. Piero Guccione (Book Title: Leopard, ID: GB/1687)
  286. Juli Gudehus (Book Title: Genesis, ID: GB/2625)
  287. Kristjan Gudmundsson (Book Title: 200 Pages on Barnett Newman, ID: GB/13681)
  288. Kristjan Gudmundsson (Book Title: Once around the sun, ID: GB/14361)
  289. Guerrilla Girls (Book Title: Guerrilla Girls Updated Art Museum Activity Book, ID: GB/14816)
  290. Amanda Guest (Book Title: Selection of Poems, ID: GB/4455)
  291. Lady Charlotte Guest (Book Title: Mabinogion, ID: GB/4780)
  292. M. G. Guez-Ricord (Book Title: La Nuit des Preuves, ID: GB/2631)
  293. Céline Guichard (Book Title: Sublime Maladie, ID: GB/16499)
  294. George Guidall (Book Title: Don Quixote, ID: GB/13075)
  295. Thom Gunn (Book Title: Missed Beat, ID: GB/2635)
  296. Stefan Gunnesch (Book Title: ABC Symbole, ID: GB/15203)
  297. Stefan Gunnesch (Book Title: About a Year, ID: GB/15265)
  298. Stefan Gunnesch (Book Title: Descent into the Maelstrom, ID: GB/30409)
  299. Stefan Gunnesch (Book Title: Ende von etwas, ID: GB/15211)
  300. Stefan Gunnesch (Book Title: Fall Anna O, ID: GB/16654)
  301. Stefan Gunnesch (Book Title: Forelle, ID: GB/14795)
  302. Stefan Gunnesch (Book Title: Frucht I, ID: GB/15151)
  303. Stefan Gunnesch (Book Title: Hysteria, ID: GB/16173)
  304. Stefan Gunnesch (Book Title: Letters of Lord Chandos, ID: GB/30081)
  305. Stefan Gunnesch (Book Title: Living with Ghosts, ID: GB/15240)
  306. Stefan Gunnesch (Book Title: Pferdebeine, ID: GB/15150)
  307. Stefan Gunnesch (Book Title: Tea-room, ID: GB/15236)
  308. Stefan Gunnesch (Book Title: Uncanny, ID: GB/15590)
  309. Stefan Gunnesch (Book Title: Water Sculpture, ID: GB/16498)
  310. Cai Guo-Qiang (Book Title: Visionaire 55 Surprise, ID: GB/12152)
  311. Andreas Gursky (Book Title: Visionaire 55 Surprise, ID: GB/12152)
  312. Herbert Gutsch (Book Title: Verwandlung, ID: GB/14657)
  313. Wade Guyton (Book Title: Zeichnungen für ein kleines Zimmer Grafisches Kabinett-Secession, Wein 27/5/11-21/8/11., ID: GB/13412)

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