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Authors starting with 'T'

  1. Philip Taaffe (Book Title: Magic Magic Book, ID: GB/12449)
  2. Richard Tacey (Book Title: Chronic Freedom, ID: GB/13149)
  3. Christine Tacq (Book Title: As I Wandered, ID: GB/6325)
  4. Christine Tacq (Book Title: Corpus Christi Carol, ID: GB/6326)
  5. Christine Tacq (Book Title: Everything Changes, ID: GB/6327)
  6. Christine Tacq (Book Title: Talk with a Wood, ID: GB/6328)
  7. Carol Tadaro (Book Title: Sudden Flutter, ID: GB/6329)
  8. Naoko Takahashi (Book Title: Not So Too Much of Much of Everything, ID: GB/11611)
  9. Yumi Takahashi (Book Title: Designer's Guide to Color, ID: GB/11300)
  10. Triin Tamm (Book Title: Stack of Books, ID: GB/13741)
  11. Fiona Tan (Book Title: Vox Populi, ID: GB/11624)
  12. Fiona Tan (Book Title: Vox Populi, ID: GB/11623)
  13. Fiona Tan (Book Title: Vox Populi, ID: GB/11622)
  14. Peggy Tan (Book Title: Fear, War, and the Bomb, ID: GB/12068)
  15. Leonard Tancock (Book Title: Nun, ID: GB/1737)
  16. T'ang (Book Title: Folding Screen, ID: GB/6355)
  17. Jill Oriane Tarlau (Book Title: All Manner of Things, ID: GB/1426)
  18. Nathaniel Tarn (Book Title: Architextures, ID: GB/10190)
  19. Nathaniel Tarn (Book Title: Persephones, ID: GB/12547)
  20. Nahum Tate (Book Title: Dido and Aeneas, ID: GB/6359)
  21. Yoko Tawada (Book Title: 13, ID: GB/10915)
  22. Yoko Tawada (Book Title: Jin-shin Jiko, ID: GB/15868)
  23. Yoko Tawada (Book Title: Okonomiyaki, ID: GB/12740)
  24. Catherine Taylor (Book Title: Black Banal, ID: GB/15460)
  25. Mary Taylor (Book Title: Virginia Creeper, ID: GB/12642)
  26. Michael Taylor (Book Title: Saint Dominic's Press: a Bibliography, ID: GB/6369)
  27. Mike Taylor (Book Title: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dude, ID: GB/14208)
  28. Philip Meadows Taylor (Book Title: Confessions of a Thug, ID: GB/6370)
  29. Sam Taylor-Wood (Book Title: Unhinged, ID: GB/6373)
  30. Tjeu Teeuwen (Book Title: In Search of Blue, ID: GB/14446)
  31. Guillaume Tempel (Book Title: Maximiliana ou L'Exercice Illégal de L'Astronomie., ID: GB/15612)
  32. Ray Tempus (Book Title: 15 Point Guide to Peeing in the City, ID: GB/14282)
  33. Ray Tempus (Book Title: 15 Point Guide to Peeing in the City, ID: GB/14282)
  34. Pauline Tennant (Book Title: Love in a Cold Climate, ID: GB/4471)
  35. Sir John Tenniel (Book Title: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There, ID: GB/15078)
  36. Alfred (Lord) Tennyson (Book Title: Day Dream, ID: GB/15091)
  37. Alfred (Lord) Tennyson (Book Title: Lady of Shalott, ID: GB/6377)
  38. Alfred (Lord) Tennyson (Book Title: Poems of Alfred, Lord Tennyson, ID: GB/30101)
  39. Alfred (Lord) Tennyson (Book Title: Poems of Alfred, Lord Tennyson, ID: GB/6378)
  40. Scott Teplin (Book Title: Alphabet City, ID: GB/13052)
  41. Scott Teplin (Book Title: Fortune, ID: GB/10284)
  42. Yoko Terauchi (Book Title: Ebb and Flow, ID: GB/6380)
  43. Jeffrey Terreson (Book Title: Animal Homes, ID: GB/6382)
  44. Mario Testino (Book Title: Visionaire 55 Surprise, ID: GB/12152)
  45. Barbara Tetenbaum (Book Title: Black Ice and Rain, ID: GB/11725)
  46. Barbara Tetenbaum (Book Title: Close Read, ID: GB/13787)
  47. Barbara Tetenbaum (Book Title: Collage Book #6, ID: GB/30457)
  48. Barbara Tetenbaum (Book Title: Fishtales, ID: GB/30442)
  49. Barbara Tetenbaum (Book Title: Fragmente aus James Joyce, Ulysses, Penelope, ID: GB/13939)
  50. Barbara Tetenbaum (Book Title: Glimpse, ID: GB/15474)
  51. Barbara Tetenbaum (Book Title: Gymnopaedia No. 4, ID: GB/11726)
  52. Barbara Tetenbaum (Book Title: Gymnopaedia No. 4, ID: GB/11727)
  53. Barbara Tetenbaum (Book Title: Mining My Antonia, ID: GB/13789)
  54. Barbara Tetenbaum (Book Title: Ode to a Grand Staircase (For Four Hands), ID: GB/1163)
  55. Barbara Tetenbaum (Book Title: Old-Time Film, ID: GB/16758)
  56. Barbara Tetenbaum (Book Title: Powerfully Exciting Short Story, ID: GB/13779)
  57. Barbara Tetenbaum (Book Title: Printer's Exquisite Corpse, ID: GB/6384)
  58. Barbara Tetenbaum (Book Title: Self-Portrait at Age 46, ID: GB/11723)
  59. Barbara Tetenbaum (Book Title: Sequence of Events, ID: GB/11724)
  60. Barbara Tetenbaum (Book Title: Specimen Book, ID: GB/13768)
  61. Barbara Tetenbaum (Book Title: Yes, Ja, ID: GB/15356)
  62. Francis Thackeray (Book Title: Invention, ID: GB/15487)
  63. William Makepeace Thackeray (Book Title: Drawn from Life, ID: GB/6388)
  64. William Makepeace Thackeray (Book Title: Rose and the Ring or the History of Prince Giglio and Prince Bulbo, ID: GB/6390)
  65. William Makepeace Thackeray (Book Title: Thackeray's Alphabet, ID: GB/6391)
  66. Carl Thayler (Book Title: Drivers, ID: GB/6394)
  67. Robert The (Book Title: Book Gun, ID: GB/6395)
  68. Robert The (Book Title: Book Gun. Holy Bible , ID: GB/6396)
  69. The Society of Private Printers (Book Title: Chap-Books, ID: GB/6398)
  70. John Theobald (Book Title: Midi - Noon, ID: GB/6400)
  71. John Theobald (Book Title: Oxford Odyssey, ID: GB/6399)
  72. John Theobald (Book Title: Second Light, ID: GB/6401)
  73. Jürgen Theobaldy (Book Title: Herzkirsi, ID: GB/12009)
  74. Paul Theroux (Book Title: Shortest Day of the Year, ID: GB/6405)
  75. Wayne Thiebaud (Book Title: Invisible Cities, ID: GB/12015)
  76. Wayne Thiebaud (Book Title: Physiology of Taste, ID: GB/14044)
  77. Beth Thielen (Book Title: About My Mother, ID: GB/6407)
  78. Beth Thielen (Book Title: California Correctional Industrial Complex, ID: GB/6408)
  79. Beth Thielen (Book Title: Dream, ID: GB/6409)
  80. Beth Thielen (Book Title: If A Universe Formed In Your Living Room, Could You Ever Tell?, ID: GB/6410)
  81. Beth Thielen (Book Title: Prodigal Sisters, ID: GB/6412)
  82. Beth Thielen (Book Title: Tower, ID: GB/11686)
  83. Donna Thomas (Book Title: Alder, ID: GB/13836)
  84. Donna Thomas (Book Title: Collection of Paper, ID: GB/15249)
  85. Donna Thomas (Book Title: Jack be Nimble, ID: GB/15718)
  86. Dylan Thomas (Book Title: In the Mustardseed Sun, ID: GB/6417)
  87. Dylan Thomas (Book Title: Mouse and the Woman, ID: GB/6418)
  88. Dylan Thomas (Book Title: Under Milk Wood, ID: GB/6421)
  89. Edward Thomas (Book Title: Chessplayer and Other Essays, ID: GB/6422)
  90. Edward Thomas (Book Title: Diary of Edward Thomas, ID: GB/6423)
  91. Edward Thomas (Book Title: Personal Letters, ID: GB/6424)
  92. George Thomas (Book Title: Personal Letters, ID: GB/6424)
  93. Helen Thomas (Book Title: Personal Letters, ID: GB/6424)
  94. Larry Thomas (Book Title: ABC: An Academic Beastly Collection., ID: GB/6426)
  95. Larry Thomas (Book Title: Book to Read At Your Own Wrist, ID: GB/6427)
  96. Larry Thomas (Book Title: Book: Out of Print, ID: GB/6428)
  97. Larry Thomas (Book Title: Brain Drain, ID: GB/6429)
  98. Larry Thomas (Book Title: Curious Forms of Forgetfulness, ID: GB/11351)
  99. Larry Thomas (Book Title: Ewe See, ID: GB/11372)
  100. Larry Thomas (Book Title: Funny Book, ID: GB/14648)
  101. Larry Thomas (Book Title: Gatherers and Rememberers, ID: GB/6430)
  102. Larry Thomas (Book Title: Guerre du Jour, ID: GB/10927)
  103. Larry Thomas (Book Title: I See a Rat, ID: GB/8780)
  104. Larry Thomas (Book Title: I struck at the creature again with my stick", ID: GB/11961)
  105. Larry Thomas (Book Title: Lifelike: Baby's Dreams, ID: GB/10280)
  106. Larry Thomas (Book Title: Light Reading, ID: GB/6431)
  107. Larry Thomas (Book Title: Male Gaze/Corrected Vision, ID: GB/6432)
  108. Larry Thomas (Book Title: Reincarnation: What if you Don’t Get to Choose?, ID: GB/6433)
  109. Larry Thomas (Book Title: Remembering the Long Ago Days of Yore, Before There was TV and There was No Violence in the Land, ID: GB/6434)
  110. Larry Thomas (Book Title: Rosy Outlook, ID: GB/10926)
  111. Larry Thomas (Book Title: School Days 1948-49. Grand Avenue., ID: GB/10282)
  112. Larry Thomas (Book Title: Simpleton, ID: GB/10281)
  113. Larry Thomas (Book Title: Son and Hair, ID: GB/10279)
  114. Larry Thomas (Book Title: Study Guide, ID: GB/6435)
  115. Larry Thomas (Book Title: Time Was, ID: GB/8797)
  116. Larry Thomas (Book Title: What You Need to Know About Sexual Harassment, ID: GB/14733)
  117. Larry Thomas (Book Title: Whoppers: The Stories We Tell, ID: GB/6436)
  118. Larry Thomas (Book Title: World's Progress, ID: GB/6437)
  119. Larry Thomas (Book Title: Worm Tunnel, ID: GB/11562)
  120. Myfanwy Thomas (Book Title: Personal Letters, ID: GB/6424)
  121. Pamela Thomas (Book Title: Brooklyn Pops Up, ID: GB/6441)
  122. Peter Thomas (Book Title: Collection of Paper, ID: GB/15249)
  123. Peter and Donna Thomas (Book Title: 1000 Mile Walk to the Gulf, ID: GB/4620)
  124. Peter and Donna Thomas (Book Title: Aesop's Frog Fables, ID: GB/6442)
  125. Peter and Donna Thomas (Book Title: Alder, ID: GB/13836)
  126. Peter and Donna Thomas (Book Title: Almost Paper, ID: GB/6443)
  127. Peter and Donna Thomas (Book Title: Book Earrings, ID: GB/15713)
  128. Peter and Donna Thomas (Book Title: Brief History of the Ukulele, ID: GB/6444)
  129. Peter and Donna Thomas (Book Title: Forty, ID: GB/6445)
  130. Peter and Donna Thomas (Book Title: Four Views of Kealakekua Bay, ID: GB/6446)
  131. Peter and Donna Thomas (Book Title: History and Danger of Flight, ID: GB/15775)
  132. Peter and Donna Thomas (Book Title: Pandora's Box, ID: GB/6450)
  133. Peter and Donna Thomas (Book Title: Paper from Plants, ID: GB/6447)
  134. Peter and Donna Thomas (Book Title: Papermaking Safari to Africa, ID: GB/6448)
  135. Peter and Donna Thomas (Book Title: Song of Creation, ID: GB/4621)
  136. Peter and Donna Thomas (Book Title: Ulysses, ID: GB/10310)
  137. Peter and Donna Thomas (Book Title: Wandering Book Artists' Collaborative Broadsides, ID: GB/13837)
  138. Suzanne Thomas (Book Title: Pretty Rocks, ID: GB/6449)
  139. Iain Thompson (Book Title: Frank Lloyd Wright in Pop-Up, ID: GB/8869)
  140. Jim Thompson (Book Title: South of Heaven, ID: GB/15562)
  141. Roger Thompson (Book Title: Witches of Salem, ID: GB/6460)
  142. Henry David Thoreau (Book Title: October, or Autumnal Tints, ID: GB/13829)
  143. Henry David Thoreau (Book Title: Solitude, ID: GB/30136)
  144. Henry David Thoreau (Book Title: Walden, ID: GB/6463)
  145. Henry David Thoreau (Book Title: Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers, ID: GB/6464)
  146. Rúna Thorkelsdóttir (Book Title: Paper Flowers, ID: GB/6467)
  147. Rúna Thorkelsdóttir (Book Title: Sun Set, ID: GB/14799)
  148. Matt Thorne (Book Title: Journey into Fear, ID: GB/30027)
  149. Sabina Thorne (Book Title: Of Gravity and Grace, ID: GB/6469)
  150. Alejandro Thornton (Book Title: Aquiahoraotravoz, ID: GB/30126)
  151. Alejandro Thornton (Book Title: Poemas Libres, ID: GB/31619)
  152. Robert Thornton (Book Title: Temple of Flora, ID: GB/6471)
  153. Lewis Thorpe (Book Title: Bayeux Tapestry and the Norman Invasion, ID: GB/6473)
  154. James Thurber (Book Title: Genius of James Thurbar, ID: GB/6482)
  155. James Thurber (Book Title: My Life and Hard Time and Other Observances., ID: GB/6480)
  156. Nick Thurston (Book Title: Getting Inside Jack Kerouac´s head, ID: GB/14404)
  157. Thomas Thwaites (Book Title: Toaster Project, ID: GB/13425)
  158. M. Jordan Tierney (Book Title: By-and-by, ID: GB/13129)
  159. Thierry Tillier (Book Title: Mauvaise etoile, ID: GB/12816)
  160. Walasse Ting (Book Title: 1c Life, ID: GB/10299)
  161. Walasse Ting (Book Title: Hot & Sour Soup, ID: GB/10129)
  162. Michael Tingle (Book Title: Night With Fiona Pitt-Kethley, ID: GB/2574)
  163. Richard Tipping Kelly (Book Title: Multiple Pleasures, ID: GB/6488)
  164. Richard Tipping Kelly (Book Title: Subvert I sing, ID: GB/12798)
  165. Richard Tipping Kelly (Book Title: Sydney Morning, ID: GB/13477)
  166. Walter Tisdale (Book Title: Fishtales, ID: GB/30442)
  167. Mark Titchner (Book Title: Why and Why Not?, ID: GB/10634)
  168. Glenn Todd (Book Title: Shaped Poetry, ID: GB/6496)
  169. Leo Tolstoy (Book Title: Anna Karenina, ID: GB/6501)
  170. Leo Tolstoy (Book Title: War and Peace, ID: GB/6504)
  171. Robin Tomens (Book Title: Between You and Me, ID: GB/30088)
  172. Mark Tomlinson (Book Title: Enveloppe-Moi, ID: GB/14258)
  173. Mark Tomlinson (Book Title: Five New York Bridges, ID: GB/16073)
  174. Mark Tomlinson (Book Title: In Spite of Everything, the Stars, ID: GB/14143)
  175. Mark Tomlinson (Book Title: Language of her Body, ID: GB/13130)
  176. Mark Tomlinson (Book Title: Led Almost By My Tie, ID: GB/15434)
  177. Mark Tomlinson (Book Title: Ny Dansk Poesi - NDP, ID: GB/30535)
  178. Vittorio Osvaldo (Farfa) Tommasini (Book Title: Miliardario di Munari, ID: GB/15149)
  179. Wako Tomomi (Book Title: Ragan, ID: GB/13451)
  180. Wako Tomomi (Book Title: Ragan, ID: GB/13449)
  181. Elisabeth Tonnard (Book Title: Contemplation, ID: GB/11972)
  182. Elisabeth Tonnard (Book Title: Highlights in the history of The Invisible Book, ID: GB/14413)
  183. Elisabeth Tonnard (Book Title: In this Dark Wood, ID: GB/12332)
  184. Elisabeth Tonnard (Book Title: Interior Monologue, ID: GB/12334)
  185. Elisabeth Tonnard (Book Title: Kingdom, ID: GB/14355)
  186. Elisabeth Tonnard (Book Title: Less Américains, ID: GB/13430)
  187. Elisabeth Tonnard (Book Title: Mood: Potential, ID: GB/12757)
  188. Elisabeth Tonnard (Book Title: Oceanus, ID: GB/12338)
  189. Elisabeth Tonnard (Book Title: Speak! Eyes - En zie!, ID: GB/12756)
  190. Elisabeth Tonnard (Book Title: Story of a Young Gentleman, ID: GB/13222)
  191. Elisabeth Tonnard (Book Title: Two of Us, ID: GB/12333)
  192. Elisabeth Tonnard (Book Title: Where is God, ID: GB/12336)
  193. Andrew Topel (Book Title: Abstracts, ID: GB/16365)
  194. Andrew Topel (Book Title: Colours of Poetry, ID: GB/15670)
  195. Andrew Topel (Book Title: Constructs, ID: GB/30523)
  196. Andrew Topel (Book Title: NNCCOORRNN, ID: GB/14599)
  197. Andrew Topel (Book Title: Vviissiioonnss, ID: GB/13026)
  198. Feliks Topolski (Book Title: War and Peace, ID: GB/6504)
  199. Roland Topor (Book Title: Anecdoted Topography of Chance, ID: GB/10758)
  200. Roland Topor (Book Title: Anecdoted Topography of Chance, ID: GB/10754)
  201. Augusta Toppins (Book Title: Various Basalt Columns, ID: GB/14811)
  202. Vincent Torre (Book Title: Forty Four Woodcuts of the Nude, ID: GB/6515)
  203. Vincent Torre (Book Title: Rhymes and Fables, ID: GB/6516)
  204. Vincent Torre (Book Title: Sixty-two Limericks, ID: GB/6517)
  205. Vincent Torre (Book Title: Songs & Fables, ID: GB/6514)
  206. Vincent Torre (Book Title: Tales & Fables, ID: GB/6518)
  207. Vincent Torre (Book Title: Verse and Fables, ID: GB/6519)
  208. Jean-Philippe Toussaint (Book Title: Enveloppe-Moi, ID: GB/14258)
  209. G. M. Towle (Book Title: Around the World in Eighty Days, ID: GB/6809)
  210. Georg Trakl (Book Title: Grodek, ID: GB/14785)
  211. Georg Trakl (Book Title: Nachts' Stueck, ID: GB/14132)
  212. Georg Trakl (Book Title: Sonne stratt Regen, ID: GB/14786)
  213. Emmanuel Traunecker (Book Title: Flipbook No. 4, ID: GB/6537)
  214. Paul Trautwein (Book Title: Wonders of the World, ID: GB/6539)
  215. Donald Traver (Book Title: Vessels & Voids, ID: GB/6540)
  216. Tricia Treacy (Book Title: Falter, ID: GB/14141)
  217. Tricia Treacy (Book Title: Memory Life Manual Index, ID: GB/30405)
  218. Tricia Treacy (Book Title: MisMatch, ID: GB/14180)
  219. Tricia Treacy (Book Title: REF, ID: GB/16486)
  220. Tricia Treacy (Book Title: Scaffolding, ID: GB/30574)
  221. Tricia Treacy (Book Title: Shift, ID: GB/14851)
  222. Tricia Treacy (Book Title: Trace, ID: GB/15332)
  223. Scott Treleaven (Book Title: Salivation Army Black Book, ID: GB/11071)
  224. David Tremlett (Book Title: Some Places to Visit, ID: GB/6541)
  225. Serge Tretiakov (Book Title: Animaux à mimer. a Construire, ID: GB/14713)
  226. Sergay Tretyakov (Book Title: Gas Masks, ID: GB/13302)
  227. Raleigh Trevelyan (Book Title: Leopard, ID: GB/1688)
  228. Raleigh Trevelyan (Book Title: Shades of the Alhambra, ID: GB/6545)
  229. Raleigh Trevelyan (Book Title: Shadow of Vesuvius. Pompeii AD 79., ID: GB/6546)
  230. Jose Maria Martin Triana (Book Title: Suite Lirica, ID: GB/6548)
  231. Muzo Triere (Book Title: Muzau-Triere, ID: GB/6550)
  232. Elisa Trimby (Book Title: Love and Death, ID: GB/6594)
  233. Wallace Trip (Book Title: Bad Child's Pop-up Book of Beasts, ID: GB/482)
  234. James Trissel (Book Title: Cycle of the Day, ID: GB/6554)
  235. James Trissel (Book Title: Daedalus, ID: GB/6555)
  236. James Trissel (Book Title: Fire in the Wax Museum, ID: GB/1836)
  237. James Trissel (Book Title: First Celestial Adventure of Mister Benzedrine, ID: GB/6640)
  238. James Trissel (Book Title: Inversnaid, ID: GB/3041)
  239. James Trissel (Book Title: Letter Presswork Book, ID: GB/6556)
  240. James Trissel (Book Title: Printed Poem / The Poem as Print, ID: GB/12426)
  241. James Trissel (Book Title: Selection of Poems, ID: GB/1726)
  242. James Trissel (Book Title: Silence, ID: GB/6557)
  243. Anthony Trollope (Book Title: Barchester Towers, ID: GB/6560)
  244. Anthony Trollope (Book Title: Doctor Thorne, ID: GB/15863)
  245. Anthony Trollope (Book Title: Framley Parsonage, ID: GB/6562)
  246. Anthony Trollope (Book Title: Last Chronicle of Barset, ID: GB/6563)
  247. Anthony Trollope (Book Title: Small House at Allington, ID: GB/6565)
  248. Anthony Trollope (Book Title: Two Heronines of Plumplington, ID: GB/6566)
  249. Anthony Trollope (Book Title: Warden, ID: GB/6567)
  250. Francis Trollope (Book Title: Domestic Manners of the Americans, ID: GB/6568)
  251. Johnny Truant (Book Title: House of Leaves, ID: GB/10951)
  252. Dalton Trumbo (Book Title: Komma, ID: GB/13049)
  253. Donald Trump (Book Title: Address, ID: GB/15348)
  254. Yukio Tsuchiya (Book Title: Works in Progress, ID: GB/14443)
  255. Nicolas Tucker (Book Title: Free Map, ID: GB/12030)
  256. Lu T'ung (Book Title: Eclipse of the Moon, ID: GB/6591)
  257. Peter T. Tunney (Book Title: Fifty years of Portraits, ID: GB/442)
  258. Ivan Turgenev (Book Title: Fathers and Sons, ID: GB/6593)
  259. Ivan Turgenev (Book Title: Love and Death, ID: GB/6594)
  260. Ivan Turgenev (Book Title: Torrents of Spring, ID: GB/6595)
  261. Sandra Turley (Book Title: This Original Self, ID: GB/10236)
  262. Alison Turnbull (Book Title: Spring Snow, ID: GB/10633)
  263. Gael Turnbull (Book Title: Circus, ID: GB/6596)
  264. David Turner (Book Title: Space-Time Geometry, ID: GB/1166)
  265. Daymond Turner (Book Title: Conquest and Settlement of the Island Boriquen or Puerto Rico, ID: GB/6719)
  266. Jim Turner (Book Title: Lost days, ID: GB/6599)
  267. Margaret Turner (Book Title: Joshua Sofaer, ID: GB/6600)
  268. Michael Turner (Book Title: Journey into Fear, ID: GB/30027)
  269. Paul Turner (Book Title: Utopia, ID: GB/4544)
  270. John Regis Tuska (Book Title: On the Cliffs, ID: GB/6314)
  271. Thomas Tusser (Book Title: Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandry, ID: GB/6607)
  272. George Tute (Book Title: Monk, ID: GB/3835)
  273. George Tute (Book Title: Raven, ID: GB/15088)
  274. George Tute (Book Title: Sonnets & A Lover's Complaint, ID: GB/5861)
  275. Richard Tuttle (Book Title: Community, ID: GB/6609)
  276. Richard Tuttle (Book Title: Cowboy Story, ID: GB/11075)
  277. Richard Tuttle (Book Title: Early Auden, ID: GB/10966)
  278. Richard Tuttle (Book Title: Gyres-Source of Imagery, ID: GB/11328)
  279. Richard Tuttle (Book Title: Hiddenness, ID: GB/13054)
  280. Richard Tuttle (Book Title: I Thought I Was Going on a Trip But I Was Only Going Down Stairs, ID: GB/11081)
  281. Richard Tuttle (Book Title: One Voice in Four Parts, ID: GB/13383)
  282. Richard Tuttle (Book Title: Palpa, ID: GB/11084)
  283. Richard Tuttle (Book Title: Poems, ID: GB/10334)
  284. Richard Tuttle (Book Title: Portland Works, ID: GB/12709)
  285. Richard Tuttle (Book Title: Reading Red, ID: GB/6611)
  286. Richard Tuttle (Book Title: Richard Tuttle, ID: GB/11070)
  287. Richard Tuttle (Book Title: Richard Tuttle, ID: GB/11565)
  288. Richard Tuttle (Book Title: Triangles/Two Pinwheels, ID: GB/6613)
  289. Richard Tuttle (Book Title: Two Books, ID: GB/10967)
  290. Mark Twain (Book Title: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, ID: GB/6617)
  291. Mark Twain (Book Title: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, ID: GB/6619)
  292. Mark Twain (Book Title: Book, ID: GB/30546)
  293. Mark Twain (Book Title: Diaries of Adam & Eve, ID: GB/10156)
  294. Mark Twain (Book Title: Eve's Diary, ID: GB/6622)
  295. Mark Twain (Book Title: Huckleberry Finn, ID: GB/6623)
  296. Mark Twain (Book Title: Jumping Frog, ID: GB/6624)
  297. Mark Twain (Book Title: Puns, ID: GB/16649)
  298. Lauri Twitchell (Book Title: Conversation, ID: GB/11973)
  299. Ann Tyler (Book Title: It's no different than, ID: GB/6635)
  300. Ann Tyler (Book Title: Lubb Dup, ID: GB/6636)
  301. Ann Tyler (Book Title: Unmaking and the Making of the World, ID: GB/13773)
  302. Royall Tyler (Book Title: Nõ Sotoba Komachi, ID: GB/15448)
  303. Patty Tyrol (Book Title: Night, ID: GB/6639)
  304. Ian Tyson (Book Title: Sightings I-IX, ID: GB/11763)
  305. Mellon Tytell (Book Title: Ginsberg's Farm, ID: GB/11339)
  306. Tristan Tzara (Book Title: First Celestial Adventure of Mister Benzedrine, ID: GB/6640)

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