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Authors starting with 'C'

  1. James Branch Cabell (Book Title: Jurgen - A Comedy of Justice, ID: GB/977)
  2. John Cage (Book Title: 45' fur einen Sprecher, ID: GB/13970)
  3. John Cage (Book Title: Diary: How to Improve the World (You Will Only Make Matters Worse), ID: GB/12750)
  4. John Cage (Book Title: Diary: How to Improve the World (You Will Only Make Matters Worse), ID: GB/14999)
  5. John Cage (Book Title: Empty Mind, ID: GB/13968)
  6. John Cage (Book Title: Mud Book, ID: GB/978)
  7. John Cage (Book Title: Mud Book, ID: GB/14730)
  8. Miriam Cahn (Book Title: Wilde Lieben, ID: GB/979)
  9. Alexander Calder (Book Title: Fables of Aesop, ID: GB/13047)
  10. Lovella Calica (Book Title: Not My Enemy, ID: GB/11964)
  11. Martin John Callanan (Book Title: Letters 2004-2006, ID: GB/11621)
  12. Sophie Calle (Book Title: Address Book, ID: GB/13397)
  13. Sophie Calle (Book Title: Appointment, ID: GB/10346)
  14. Sophie Calle (Book Title: Appointment, ID: GB/13388)
  15. Sophie Calle (Book Title: Double Game, ID: GB/986)
  16. Sophie Calle (Book Title: Exquisite Pain, ID: GB/10347)
  17. Sophie Calle (Book Title: M'as-Tu Vu(e)?, ID: GB/11299)
  18. Sophie Calle (Book Title: Suite Vénitienne, ID: GB/13720)
  19. Sophie Calle (Book Title: Take Care of Yourself, ID: GB/12306)
  20. Sophie Calle (Book Title: True Stories, ID: GB/15209)
  21. Sophie Calle (Book Title: Visionaire 55 Surprise, ID: GB/12152)
  22. J. M. Calleja (Book Title: ABCDARUM, ID: GB/14596)
  23. J. M. Calleja (Book Title: Album 013, ID: GB/15116)
  24. J. M. Calleja (Book Title: Aquiahoraotravoz, ID: GB/30126)
  25. J. M. Calleja (Book Title: GHROMYT, ID: GB/30588)
  26. J. M. Calleja (Book Title: Pets, ID: GB/12809)
  27. Italo Calvino (Book Title: Invisible Cities, ID: GB/12015)
  28. Italo Calvino (Book Title: Ovi: Objets volants identifiés dans le ciel d', ID: GB/991)
  29. James Cameron (Book Title: Scoop, ID: GB/6967)
  30. Carolee Campbell (Book Title: Alphabet Juice, ID: GB/12278)
  31. Carolee Campbell (Book Title: Architextures, ID: GB/10190)
  32. Carolee Campbell (Book Title: Bearhug, ID: GB/16504)
  33. Carolee Campbell (Book Title: Boy & Egg, ID: GB/14230)
  34. Carolee Campbell (Book Title: Burn Down the Zendo, ID: GB/10193)
  35. Carolee Campbell (Book Title: Departures, ID: GB/16398)
  36. Carolee Campbell (Book Title: Flight of the Reader, ID: GB/16857)
  37. Carolee Campbell (Book Title: Flying at Night, ID: GB/16570)
  38. Carolee Campbell (Book Title: In Japan, ID: GB/15338)
  39. Carolee Campbell (Book Title: In Japan, ID: GB/15338)
  40. Carolee Campbell (Book Title: In the Shade of a Tree in Africa, ID: GB/10191)
  41. Carolee Campbell (Book Title: Intimate Stranger, ID: GB/10983)
  42. Carolee Campbell (Book Title: Letter Composed During a Lull in the Fighting, ID: GB/14149)
  43. Carolee Campbell (Book Title: Lives of the Artists, ID: GB/14243)
  44. Carolee Campbell (Book Title: Lucretius and Other Sonnets, ID: GB/15728)
  45. Carolee Campbell (Book Title: Mirror, ID: GB/999)
  46. Carolee Campbell (Book Title: New Song, ID: GB/15550)
  47. Carolee Campbell (Book Title: Ninja Press Ephemera, ID: GB/16501)
  48. Carolee Campbell (Book Title: On Rooks, ID: GB/15056)
  49. Carolee Campbell (Book Title: On the Ice Mountain, ID: GB/10192)
  50. Carolee Campbell (Book Title: Perfect, ID: GB/16503)
  51. Carolee Campbell (Book Title: Persephones, ID: GB/12547)
  52. Carolee Campbell (Book Title: Pruned Boughs, ID: GB/11878)
  53. Carolee Campbell (Book Title: Real World of Manuel Cordova, ID: GB/4367)
  54. Carolee Campbell (Book Title: Ryszard Kapuschinski, ID: GB/16571)
  55. Carolee Campbell (Book Title: Singing All Night In the Plum Tree, ID: GB/30066)
  56. Carolee Campbell (Book Title: Sirens, ID: GB/13098)
  57. Carolee Campbell (Book Title: Sophia's Lament, ID: GB/14021)
  58. Carolee Campbell (Book Title: To Paula in Late Spring, ID: GB/16502)
  59. Carolee Campbell (Book Title: Vixen, ID: GB/12600)
  60. Carolee Campbell (Book Title: XXIV Short Love Poems, ID: GB/10189)
  61. Jennifer Campbell (Book Title: Howards End, ID: GB/2170)
  62. Jennifer Campbell (Book Title: La Dame aux Camelias, ID: GB/1857)
  63. Jennifer Campbell (Book Title: Twelve Stories, ID: GB/4115)
  64. Ken Campbell (Book Title: 10 Years of Uzbekistan, ID: GB/15807)
  65. Ken Campbell (Book Title: Abab, ID: GB/14364)
  66. Ken Campbell (Book Title: Father's Garden, ID: GB/1001)
  67. Ken Campbell (Book Title: Father's Hook, ID: GB/1002)
  68. Ken Campbell (Book Title: Fire Dogs, ID: GB/13065)
  69. Ken Campbell (Book Title: Knife Romance, ID: GB/11068)
  70. Ken Campbell (Book Title: Night Feet on Earth, ID: GB/1003)
  71. Ken Campbell (Book Title: 's Wings, ID: GB/11378)
  72. Ken Campbell (Book Title: Terror, Terror, ID: GB/11377)
  73. Ken Campbell (Book Title: Tilt: The black-flagged streets, ID: GB/1004)
  74. Albert Camus (Book Title: Plague, ID: GB/1005)
  75. Sylvie Canonne (Book Title: Conversation et Promenade avec Bernard Villers dans son Atelier et Cans sa Maison le 15 Fevrier 2009, ID: GB/13519)
  76. Demetrios Capetanakis (Book Title: Poetry of Demetrios Capetanakis, ID: GB/1012)
  77. Demetrios Capetanakis (Book Title: Poetry of Demetrios Capetanakis, ID: GB/1011)
  78. Lester Capon (Book Title: Tokyo Umbrella, ID: GB/12672)
  79. Al Capp (Book Title: Bon Mot Aphorisms, ID: GB/16815)
  80. Denise Carbone (Book Title: Fragments, ID: GB/10130)
  81. Gary Card (Book Title: Visionaire 55 Surprise, ID: GB/12152)
  82. D. S. Caren-Ross (Book Title: Antigone, ID: GB/6066)
  83. John Carey (Book Title: Vegetable Gardening, ID: GB/1022)
  84. Eric Carle (Book Title: Honeybee and the Robber, ID: GB/1023)
  85. Corinne Carlson (Book Title: Macintosh Road Test, ID: GB/13491)
  86. Eugenio Carmi (Book Title: Stripsody, ID: GB/1025)
  87. Mark Philip Carol (Book Title: Banging Rocks, ID: GB/1026)
  88. Augustus Carp (Book Title: Augustus Carp, Esq, ID: GB/1027)
  89. Clare Carpenter (Book Title: Black Ice and Rain, ID: GB/11725)
  90. Alejo Carpentier (Book Title: Kingdom of this World, ID: GB/1028)
  91. John M. (Johnny) Carrera (Book Title: Get Me the President, ID: GB/1032)
  92. John M. (Johnny) Carrera (Book Title: Pictorial Webster's, ID: GB/11602)
  93. John M. (Johnny) Carrera (Book Title: Pictorial Webster's, ID: GB/11601)
  94. John M. (Johnny) Carrera (Book Title: Pursuit of Happiness, ID: GB/9383)
  95. John M. (Johnny) Carrera (Book Title: Putrefatti, ID: GB/1031)
  96. Ulises Carrión (Book Title: Arguments, ID: GB/1037)
  97. Ulises Carrión (Book Title: Ephemera, ID: GB/13409)
  98. Ulises Carrión (Book Title: In Alphabetical Order, ID: GB/1038)
  99. Ulises Carrión (Book Title: Mirror Box, ID: GB/1040)
  100. Ulises Carrión (Book Title: Poesias, ID: GB/11774)
  101. Ulises Carrión (Book Title: Tell me what sort of wall paper your room has and I will tell you who you are, ID: GB/1039)
  102. Lewis Carroll (Book Title: Alice in Wonderland, ID: GB/10532)
  103. Lewis Carroll (Book Title: Alice in Wonderland, ID: GB/1042)
  104. Lewis Carroll (Book Title: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, ID: GB/1048)
  105. Lewis Carroll (Book Title: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, ID: GB/1043)
  106. Lewis Carroll (Book Title: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, ID: GB/1052)
  107. Lewis Carroll (Book Title: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There, ID: GB/15078)
  108. Lewis Carroll (Book Title: Down the Rabbit Hole, ID: GB/10658)
  109. Lewis Carroll (Book Title: Hunting of the Snark, ID: GB/11098)
  110. Lewis Carroll (Book Title: Hunting of the Snark, ID: GB/1054)
  111. Lewis Carroll (Book Title: Hunting of the Snark, ID: GB/1055)
  112. Lewis Carroll (Book Title: Hunting of the Snark, ID: GB/1053)
  113. Lewis Carroll (Book Title: Jabberwocky, ID: GB/1056)
  114. Lewis Carroll (Book Title: Peep-show Alice, ID: GB/1057)
  115. Lewis Carroll (Book Title: Sir John Tenniel's illustrations to Lewis Carrol's.., ID: GB/1047)
  116. Lewis Carroll (Book Title: Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There, ID: GB/15954)
  117. Lewis Carroll (Book Title: Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There, ID: GB/1058)
  118. Hayden Carruth (Book Title: Aura, ID: GB/1060)
  119. Rachel L. Carson (Book Title: Sea Around Us, ID: GB/1063)
  120. Anne Carter (Book Title: Dinner Time, ID: GB/5075)
  121. David A. Carter (Book Title: 600 Black Spots, ID: GB/11598)
  122. David A. Carter (Book Title: Brooklyn Pops Up, ID: GB/6441)
  123. David A. Carter (Book Title: Elements of Pop-up, ID: GB/1065)
  124. David A. Carter (Book Title: How Many Bugs in a Box, ID: GB/1066)
  125. David A. Carter (Book Title: If Pigs Could Fly, ID: GB/5831)
  126. David A. Carter (Book Title: Little Monsters, ID: GB/5079)
  127. David A. Carter (Book Title: One Red Dot, ID: GB/15633)
  128. David A. Carter (Book Title: Playful Pandas, ID: GB/1067)
  129. David A. Carter (Book Title: What's in the Cave?, ID: GB/5833)
  130. David A. Carter (Book Title: What's in the Jungle, ID: GB/5834)
  131. David A. Carter (Book Title: Yellow Square, ID: GB/15632)
  132. Sebastian Carter (Book Title: Book Becomes, ID: GB/1076)
  133. Will Carter (Book Title: Weeds and Wildflowers, ID: GB/4065)
  134. Barbara Cartland (Book Title: Princess to the Rescue, ID: GB/1080)
  135. Jacob Cartright (Book Title: Alien Invaders, ID: GB/11614)
  136. Raymond Carver (Book Title: For Tess, ID: GB/10802)
  137. Enric Casasses (Book Title: Häuser meiner Strasse, ID: GB/11398)
  138. Rosamond Casey (Book Title: Mapping the Dark, ID: GB/11949)
  139. Rosamond Casey (Book Title: Men in Suits, ID: GB/11950)
  140. Thomas Cassidy (Book Title: Vispoeologee, ID: GB/14308)
  141. Katja Cassing (Book Title: Musashimaru, ID: GB/14186)
  142. Lenora Castillo (Book Title: On This Land, ID: GB/12971)
  143. May Castleberry (Book Title: Enveloppe-Moi, ID: GB/14258)
  144. May Castleberry (Book Title: My Pretty Pony, ID: GB/10962)
  145. May Castleberry (Book Title: Stars, ID: GB/11921)
  146. Lourdes Castro (Book Title: Ombres Transparentes, ID: GB/1087)
  147. Phillip Dennis Cate (Book Title: Claire Van Vliet: Printmaker and Printer, ID: GB/1088)
  148. Willa Cather (Book Title: Lost Lady, ID: GB/1090)
  149. Brian Catling (Book Title: Blindings, ID: GB/1093)
  150. Hermine Cattaneo (Book Title: Playing Cards with Hindegard, ID: GB/16840)
  151. Maurizio Cattelan (Book Title: Three Qattelan, ID: GB/13606)
  152. Carlota Caulfield (Book Title: GHROMYT, ID: GB/30588)
  153. Patrick Caulfield (Book Title: Poems of Jules Laforgue, ID: GB/3609)
  154. C. P. Cavafy (Book Title: Selection of Poems, ID: GB/1096)
  155. Paul Celan (Book Title: Four Poems, ID: GB/1105)
  156. Paul Celan (Book Title: Wasser und Feuer, ID: GB/13497)
  157. Don Celender (Book Title: Museum Piece, ID: GB/10104)
  158. Don Celender (Book Title: Observation and Scholarship Examination for Art Historians, Museum Directors, Artists, Dealers, and Collectors., ID: GB/10113)
  159. Don Celender (Book Title: Olympics of Art, ID: GB/1110)
  160. Don Celender (Book Title: Political Art Movement etc., ID: GB/1111)
  161. Bernhard Cella (Book Title: Travel Journal, ID: GB/11402)
  162. Blaise Cendrars (Book Title: Fin du Monde filmée par l'Ange N.-D., ID: GB/14797)
  163. Blaise Cendrars (Book Title: La Prose du Transsibérien et de la petite Jehanne de France, ID: GB/16875)
  164. Blaise Cendrars (Book Title: Prose du Transsibérien et de la Petite Jehanne de France, ID: GB/14561)
  165. Blaise Cendrars (Book Title: Trans Siberian Prosody and Little Jeanne from France, ID: GB/14691)
  166. Miguel de Saavedra Cervantes (Book Title: Don Quixote, ID: GB/1114)
  167. Miguel de Saavedra Cervantes (Book Title: Don Quixote, ID: GB/13075)
  168. Macy Chadwick (Book Title: Aggregate Memory, ID: GB/13946)
  169. Macy Chadwick (Book Title: Arranging Chaos, ID: GB/15216)
  170. Macy Chadwick (Book Title: Cell Memory, ID: GB/13955)
  171. Macy Chadwick (Book Title: Conversation, ID: GB/14179)
  172. Macy Chadwick (Book Title: Dis)location, ID: GB/30472)
  173. Macy Chadwick (Book Title: Fears Grow Wings, ID: GB/13945)
  174. Macy Chadwick (Book Title: Input / Output, ID: GB/15204)
  175. Macy Chadwick (Book Title: Locus, ID: GB/14854)
  176. Macy Chadwick (Book Title: Meanwhile Don't Push and Squeeze, ID: GB/15243)
  177. Macy Chadwick (Book Title: MisMatch, ID: GB/14180)
  178. Macy Chadwick (Book Title: Observations on Listening, ID: GB/13957)
  179. Macy Chadwick (Book Title: Pathways, ID: GB/14181)
  180. Macy Chadwick (Book Title: REF, ID: GB/16486)
  181. Macy Chadwick (Book Title: Shift, ID: GB/14851)
  182. Macy Chadwick (Book Title: Topography of Home, ID: GB/13956)
  183. Macy Chadwick (Book Title: Trace, ID: GB/15332)
  184. Whitney Chadwick (Book Title: Sketchbook, ID: GB/12968)
  185. Enrique Chagoya (Book Title: Codex Espangliensis, ID: GB/13729)
  186. Hussein Chalayan (Book Title: Altitude, ID: GB/1119)
  187. Dave Chambers (Book Title: Alice in Wonderland, ID: GB/1042)
  188. David Chambers (Book Title: Ink on the Elbow, ID: GB/11234)
  189. Tiane Doan na Champassak (Book Title: Father of Pop Dance, ID: GB/15882)
  190. Tiane Doan na Champassak (Book Title: Scraps, ID: GB/16100)
  191. Tiane Doan na Champassak (Book Title: Siam's Guy, ID: GB/15884)
  192. Tiane Doan na Champassak (Book Title: Strip, ID: GB/15887)
  193. Tiane Doan na Champassak (Book Title: Veil of Maya 1, ID: GB/16075)
  194. Paul Chan (Book Title: Phaedrus Pron, ID: GB/13067)
  195. Oliver Chanarin (Book Title: Holy Bible, ID: GB/14126)
  196. Karen Chance (Book Title: Parallax, ID: GB/1132)
  197. Bruce Chandler (Book Title: Secret Sharer, ID: GB/15866)
  198. Raymond Chandler (Book Title: Big Sleep, ID: GB/1134)
  199. Jack Charles (Book Title: Postcard correspondence, ID: GB/30109)
  200. Miss [M]E[M] Charles (Book Title: Postcard correspondence, ID: GB/30109)
  201. Gérard Charriére (Book Title: Afrique d'Aujour d'hui, ID: GB/1145)
  202. Gérard Charriére (Book Title: Manhattan Third Year Reader, ID: GB/11786)
  203. Gérard Charriére (Book Title: Utah Reader, ID: GB/11331)
  204. Christine Chartrand (Book Title: Six Voies, ID: GB/11768)
  205. Ivana Charvatova (Book Title: Bauhaus Ballet, ID: GB/30424)
  206. Geoffrey Chaucer (Book Title: Kelmscott Chaucer, ID: GB/9876)
  207. Geoffrey Chaucer (Book Title: Prologue to The Canterbury Tales, ID: GB/1152)
  208. Chris Cheek (Book Title: Things Not Worth Keeping, ID: GB/1154)
  209. Anton P. Chekhov (Book Title: Short Stories, ID: GB/1157)
  210. Julie Chen (Book Title: Accretion of Identity, ID: GB/30420)
  211. Julie Chen (Book Title: Adam's Fall, ID: GB/4573)
  212. Julie Chen (Book Title: Bitter Chocolate, ID: GB/30593)
  213. Julie Chen (Book Title: Bon Bon Mots, ID: GB/1159)
  214. Julie Chen (Book Title: Book of Hours, ID: GB/30406)
  215. Julie Chen (Book Title: Chrysalis, ID: GB/14905)
  216. Julie Chen (Book Title: Domestic Science, ID: GB/4797)
  217. Julie Chen (Book Title: Family Tree, ID: GB/14904)
  218. Julie Chen (Book Title: Full Circle, ID: GB/10989)
  219. Julie Chen (Book Title: Glimpse, ID: GB/15474)
  220. Julie Chen (Book Title: Guide to Higher Learning, ID: GB/12295)
  221. Julie Chen (Book Title: How Books Work, ID: GB/13170)
  222. Julie Chen (Book Title: In-versions, ID: GB/1160)
  223. Julie Chen (Book Title: Leavings, ID: GB/1171)
  224. Julie Chen (Book Title: Life Time, ID: GB/1161)
  225. Julie Chen (Book Title: Listening, ID: GB/1162)
  226. Julie Chen (Book Title: Memento, ID: GB/13761)
  227. Julie Chen (Book Title: Ode to a Grand Staircase (For Four Hands), ID: GB/1163)
  228. Julie Chen (Book Title: Panorama, ID: GB/12165)
  229. Julie Chen (Book Title: Personal Paradigms, ID: GB/8796)
  230. Julie Chen (Book Title: Radio Silence, ID: GB/1164)
  231. Julie Chen (Book Title: River of Stars, ID: GB/1165)
  232. Julie Chen (Book Title: Space-Time Geometry, ID: GB/1166)
  233. Julie Chen (Book Title: St. Ostrich in Manhattan, ID: GB/4583)
  234. Julie Chen (Book Title: True to Life, ID: GB/10157)
  235. Julie Chen (Book Title: Veil, ID: GB/1167)
  236. Julie Chen (Book Title: View, ID: GB/11252)
  237. Julie Chen (Book Title: Wayfinding, ID: GB/16244)
  238. Julie Chen (Book Title: World Without End, ID: GB/1168)
  239. Julie Chen (Book Title: You Are Here, ID: GB/1169)
  240. Tony Chen (Book Title: Animals Showing Off, ID: GB/1170)
  241. Peter Cherches (Book Title: Colorful Tales, ID: GB/1172)
  242. Christophe Cherix (Book Title: Working Drawings and Other Visible Things on Paper not Necessarily Meanto to be Viewed as Art, ID: GB/11080)
  243. Phil Chernofsky (Book Title: And Every Single One Was Someone, ID: GB/14824)
  244. G. K. Chesterton (Book Title: Father Brown Stories, ID: GB/1174)
  245. Bruno Chiarlone (Book Title: Fluxit - My Hand book, ID: GB/12812)
  246. Bruno Chiarlone (Book Title: Walk T Over, ID: GB/12823)
  247. Edmond Chibeau (Book Title: Performance Scripts: Prime Numbers, ID: GB/14812)
  248. Abigail Child (Book Title: Flesh, ID: GB/1177)
  249. David Baptiste Chirot (Book Title: Rebelle, ID: GB/30509)
  250. Jagdisch Chitara (Book Title: Cloth of the Mother Goddess, ID: GB/15207)
  251. Deborah Philips Chodoff (Book Title: Dishwasher is not Magic, ID: GB/1184)
  252. Deborah Philips Chodoff (Book Title: Move-3, ID: GB/11662)
  253. Henri Chopin (Book Title: Black Hippocampus, ID: GB/1185)
  254. Kate Chopin (Book Title: Certain Light, ID: GB/11329)
  255. Alix Christie (Book Title: For Sale, Baby Shoes, Never Worn, ID: GB/13828)
  256. John Christie (Book Title: Listen, ID: GB/1189)
  257. Lori Christmastree (Book Title: Ballerina, ID: GB/1192)
  258. Lori Christmastree (Book Title: Hazardous to Your Health, ID: GB/1193)
  259. Lori Christmastree (Book Title: Junior Senior Prom, ID: GB/1194)
  260. Lori Christmastree (Book Title: Mother/Mate Messages, ID: GB/1195)
  261. Lori Christmastree (Book Title: Tale in Two Parts, ID: GB/1196)
  262. Lori Christmastree (Book Title: You Don't Greet Me At the Door Anymore, ID: GB/1197)
  263. A. B. Christopher (Book Title: Word Accomplished, ID: GB/1199)
  264. Karen Skove Chu (Book Title: Sirens, ID: GB/13098)
  265. George Chuikshank (Book Title: Dickens' London, ID: GB/6724)
  266. Edidija Ciricaite (Book Title: Those Frivolous Readers, ID: GB/15530)
  267. David Citino (Book Title: Letter of Columbus, ID: GB/1211)
  268. John Clare (Book Title: Birds Nesting, ID: GB/1217)
  269. John Clare (Book Title: Flitting, ID: GB/1218)
  270. John Clare (Book Title: Hue & Cry, ID: GB/1219)
  271. John Clare (Book Title: Trees - The Spirit of the Woods, ID: GB/1220)
  272. John Clare (Book Title: Verses for His Children, ID: GB/1222)
  273. Ed Clark (Book Title: Loopy Limericks, ID: GB/313)
  274. Emma Chichester Clark (Book Title: Despot and the Slave, ID: GB/1337)
  275. Kathryn Clark (Book Title: Color of Night, ID: GB/10796)
  276. Kathryn Clark (Book Title: Fresh Wind in Venice, ID: GB/10799)
  277. Kenneth Clark (Book Title: Renaissance, ID: GB/4968)
  278. Larry Clark (Book Title: Perfect Childhood, ID: GB/1224)
  279. Leonard Clark (Book Title: Intimate Landscape, ID: GB/1225)
  280. Thomas A. Clark (Book Title: After Marvell, ID: GB/1226)
  281. Thomas A. Clark (Book Title: Dividing the Light, ID: GB/1227)
  282. Thomas A. Clark (Book Title: Slow Air, ID: GB/15226)
  283. Tom Clark (Book Title: Nine Songs, ID: GB/1228)
  284. Francesco Clemente (Book Title: Departure of the Argonaut, ID: GB/12583)
  285. Francesco Clemente (Book Title: Singular Pleasures, ID: GB/1244)
  286. Vija Clemins (Book Title: Magic Magic Book, ID: GB/12449)
  287. Vija Clemins (Book Title: Stars, ID: GB/11921)
  288. Douglas Cleverdon (Book Title: Under Milk Wood, ID: GB/6421)
  289. David Clifford (Book Title: After Image, ID: GB/13057)
  290. David Clifford (Book Title: Folding Paper, ID: GB/15157)
  291. Claude Closky (Book Title: 1000 Things To Do, ID: GB/1250)
  292. Claude Closky (Book Title: Beautiful Faces, ID: GB/12123)
  293. Claude Closky (Book Title: Concrete Poetry, ID: GB/30458)
  294. Claude Closky (Book Title: Magazines, ID: GB/11991)
  295. Mark Cockram (Book Title: Sir Patrick Spens & Other Ballads, ID: GB/10920)
  296. Mark Cockram (Book Title: Ten Nudes, ID: GB/1261)
  297. Jean Cocteau (Book Title: Les Enfants Terribles, ID: GB/1263)
  298. Jean Cocteau (Book Title: White Paper, ID: GB/14814)
  299. Mark Coetzee (Book Title: American Dream, ID: GB/11123)
  300. Maurizio Cogliandro (Book Title: Royal Road to the Unconscious, ID: GB/11971)
  301. Claudia Cohen (Book Title: After Image, ID: GB/13057)
  302. Claudia Cohen (Book Title: Around the World in Colour, ID: GB/14468)
  303. Claudia Cohen (Book Title: Chasing Paper, ID: GB/13060)
  304. Claudia Cohen (Book Title: Cutting Paper, ID: GB/13794)
  305. Claudia Cohen (Book Title: Decorating Paper, ID: GB/14934)
  306. Claudia Cohen (Book Title: Folding Paper, ID: GB/15157)
  307. Claudia Cohen (Book Title: Language of her Body, ID: GB/13130)
  308. Claudia Cohen (Book Title: Occupied by Colour, ID: GB/13360)
  309. Claudia Cohen (Book Title: Paper Botanists, ID: GB/30415)
  310. Claudia Cohen (Book Title: Paste Papers, ID: GB/13059)
  311. Claudia Cohen (Book Title: Pattern, ID: GB/30022)
  312. Claudia Cohen (Book Title: Suminagashi, ID: GB/14755)
  313. Claudia Cohen (Book Title: Temperamental Rose, ID: GB/13058)
  314. Claudia Cohen (Book Title: WunderCabinet, ID: GB/13062)
  315. Henry Cohen (Book Title: Bald Prima Donna, ID: GB/3185)
  316. Ira Cohen (Book Title: Kathmandu Portfolio, ID: GB/12698)
  317. J. M. Cohen (Book Title: Spanish Bawd, ID: GB/5408)
  318. Aaron Cohick (Book Title: Memory Life Manual Index, ID: GB/30405)
  319. Nik Cohn (Book Title: 20th-Century Dreams, ID: GB/1285)
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