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Authors starting with 'I'

  1. Dorothy Iannone (Book Title: Story of Bern, ID: GB/14299)
  2. Henrik Ibsen (Book Title: Poems, ID: GB/3173)
  3. IDEO (Book Title: Thoughtless Acts?, ID: GB/10610)
  4. Christina Iglesias (Book Title: jalousie, ID: GB/14339)
  5. Claire Illouz (Book Title: Loin d'un Paradis, ID: GB/30418)
  6. Claire Illouz (Book Title: They Run, ID: GB/15303)
  7. Robert Indiana (Book Title: Numbers, ID: GB/14071)
  8. Karin Innerling (Book Title: Kabelpoesie oder Farbenspiel, ID: GB/12100)
  9. Karin Innerling (Book Title: Visual Poetry, ID: GB/12099)
  10. Eugene Ionesco (Book Title: Bald Prima Donna, ID: GB/3185)
  11. Eugene Ionesco (Book Title: Journeys Among the Dead, ID: GB/3186)
  12. Philip Iosca (Book Title: Blush, ID: GB/13718)
  13. Zoë Irvine (Book Title: Cowboy Story, ID: GB/11075)
  14. Zoë Irvine (Book Title: Illiers Combray, ID: GB/10420)
  15. Christopher Isherwood (Book Title: Goodbye to Berlin, ID: GB/3198)
  16. Christopher Isherwood (Book Title: Mr Norris Changes Trains, ID: GB/3199)
  17. Sam Ita (Book Title: Odyssey, ID: GB/16437)
  18. Arimichi Iwasawa (Book Title: Guest Book 1998, ID: GB/15304)

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