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Authors starting with 'V'

  1. Karoline v. Günderode (Book Title: Ein Apokaliptisches Fragment, ID: GB/6716)
  2. Karoline v. Günderode (Book Title: Kuss in Traume, ID: GB/6717)
  3. Gonzaol Fernandez de Oviedo Y. Valdes (Book Title: Conquest and Settlement of the Island Boriquen or Puerto Rico, ID: GB/6719)
  4. Barbara Valenta (Book Title: Pop-O-Mania, ID: GB/6720)
  5. Aymer Vallance (Book Title: Morte D' Arthur, ID: GB/4097)
  6. Rosalind Vallance (Book Title: Dickens in Europe, ID: GB/6723)
  7. Rosalind Vallance (Book Title: Dickens' London, ID: GB/6724)
  8. Cesar Vallejo (Book Title: After So Many Words, ID: GB/6726)
  9. Igor Vamos (Book Title: Suggested Photo Spots, ID: GB/6250)
  10. Aart van Barneveld (Book Title: Ephemera, ID: GB/13409)
  11. Walter Van Beirendonck (Book Title: Mutilate, ID: GB/6730)
  12. Geert van Daal (Book Title: 50 Marbled Papers, ID: GB/6732)
  13. Jan Dirk van der Burg (Book Title: After Mandela, ID: GB/14842)
  14. Marg van der Burgh (Book Title: Twintig jaar, ID: GB/16645)
  15. Atie van der Meer (Book Title: Who's Afraid, ID: GB/6746)
  16. Ron van der Meer (Book Title: Architecture Pack, ID: GB/6738)
  17. Ron van der Meer (Book Title: Beastly Birthday Book, ID: GB/1288)
  18. Ron van der Meer (Book Title: Earth Pack, ID: GB/6739)
  19. Ron van der Meer (Book Title: Great Movies Live, ID: GB/3226)
  20. Ron van der Meer (Book Title: How Many, ID: GB/11599)
  21. Ron van der Meer (Book Title: Majesty in Flight, ID: GB/6740)
  22. Ron van der Meer (Book Title: Math Doctor, ID: GB/6747)
  23. Ron van der Meer (Book Title: Math Kit, ID: GB/6741)
  24. Ron van der Meer (Book Title: Monster Island, ID: GB/6742)
  25. Ron van der Meer (Book Title: Music Pack, ID: GB/6743)
  26. Ron van der Meer (Book Title: Phantom of the Opera, ID: GB/15812)
  27. Ron van der Meer (Book Title: Pop-up Book of Magic Tricks, ID: GB/6744)
  28. Ron van der Meer (Book Title: Roaring Lion Tales, ID: GB/5178)
  29. Ron van der Meer (Book Title: Sailing Ships, ID: GB/6745)
  30. Ron van der Meer (Book Title: Who's Afraid, ID: GB/6746)
  31. Marinus van Dijke (Book Title: Bar en Boos, ID: GB/13826)
  32. Marinus van Dijke (Book Title: Daresu, ID: GB/13827)
  33. Edna van Duyn (Book Title: Road Not Taken, ID: GB/14272)
  34. John C. Van Dyke (Book Title: Desert, ID: GB/12012)
  35. Marjorie Van Dyke (Book Title: Giacomo Joyce, ID: GB/11330)
  36. Henriëtte van Egten (Book Title: Achtentachtig Zeignungen 1980-81, ID: GB/6754)
  37. Henriëtte van Egten (Book Title: Book of Troy, ID: GB/14360)
  38. Matthew Van Fleet (Book Title: One Yellow Lion, ID: GB/6755)
  39. Delina van Heerden (Book Title: Tale, ID: GB/15716)
  40. Erica Van Horn (Book Title: 14 Blackthorns, ID: GB/6758)
  41. Erica Van Horn (Book Title: After Brancusi, ID: GB/13333)
  42. Erica Van Horn (Book Title: Envelope Interior Art History, ID: GB/6759)
  43. Erica Van Horn (Book Title: Home of Michelle Fekir, ID: GB/6760)
  44. Erica Van Horn (Book Title: Identificazione, ID: GB/10438)
  45. Erica Van Horn (Book Title: Letterpress, ID: GB/15936)
  46. Erica Van Horn (Book Title: Nearing Arcueil, ID: GB/11919)
  47. Erica Van Horn (Book Title: Seven Lady Saintes, ID: GB/6761)
  48. Erica Van Horn (Book Title: Short-cuts, ID: GB/13328)
  49. Erica Van Horn (Book Title: Some Words for Living Locally, ID: GB/10412)
  50. Erica Van Horn (Book Title: Water of Recess, ID: GB/6762)
  51. Kate van Houten (Book Title: What Day Is It, ID: GB/6763)
  52. Geert van Kesteren (Book Title: Baghdad Calling, ID: GB/11885)
  53. Louisa van Leer (Book Title: Fifteen Pornography Companies, ID: GB/12321)
  54. Francis van Maele (Book Title: 1958, ID: GB/12954)
  55. Francis van Maele (Book Title: 1969, ID: GB/15347)
  56. Francis van Maele (Book Title: Dada Universe, ID: GB/13050)
  57. Francis van Maele (Book Title: Franticham's Fluxus Island, ID: GB/13788)
  58. Francis van Maele (Book Title: Franticham's Los Angeles Palmtrees, ID: GB/14787)
  59. Francis van Maele (Book Title: Tokyo Umbrella, ID: GB/12672)
  60. Francis van Maele (Book Title: Trilby Farm Dairy Milk, ID: GB/30586)
  61. Molly Van Nice (Book Title: Concerto for Blue Ball and Tangle, ID: GB/11767)
  62. Molly Van Nice (Book Title: Notes for a Thoroughly Natural History, ID: GB/6765)
  63. Sarah van Niekerk (Book Title: Divided Loyalist, ID: GB/6118)
  64. Gerrie van Noord (Book Title: Make Everything New, ID: GB/11616)
  65. Sarah and Maarten van Ryckevorsel (Book Title: Great Women Rulers of History, ID: GB/31026)
  66. J. C. van Schagen (Book Title: Wit-White, ID: GB/14079)
  67. Louise Van Swaaij (Book Title: Atlas of Experience, ID: GB/6771)
  68. Herbert van Thal (Book Title: Domestic Manners of the Americans, ID: GB/6568)
  69. Ronald van Tienhoven (Book Title: Tristes Tropiques Illustrations Hors Texte, ID: GB/13223)
  70. Lawrence G van Velzer (Book Title: Environmental Awareness Magazine, ID: GB/31034)
  71. Lawrence G van Velzer (Book Title: Extracts from The Blog of Samuel Pepys, ID: GB/15159)
  72. Lawrence G van Velzer (Book Title: For Sale, Baby Shoes, Never Worn, ID: GB/13828)
  73. Lawrence G van Velzer (Book Title: Harry Paget Flashman, ID: GB/15517)
  74. Lawrence G van Velzer (Book Title: Herakles, ID: GB/13797)
  75. Lawrence G van Velzer (Book Title: Hoarder's Manual No. 77, ID: GB/14244)
  76. Lawrence G van Velzer (Book Title: Letter to My Daughter, ID: GB/30076)
  77. Lawrence G van Velzer (Book Title: Letters From Bittenberg, ID: GB/30077)
  78. Lawrence G van Velzer (Book Title: Literary Hangouts, ID: GB/31603)
  79. Lawrence G van Velzer (Book Title: Murder by Book, ID: GB/15685)
  80. Lawrence G van Velzer (Book Title: My Private Library:, ID: GB/30100)
  81. Lawrence G van Velzer (Book Title: New Foolszit Roman, ID: GB/31036)
  82. Lawrence G van Velzer (Book Title: On the Labeling of Paintings: A Guide for the Art School Impaired, ID: GB/31035)
  83. Lawrence G van Velzer (Book Title: Report from the Metropolitan Police Marine Policing Unit (Thames River Police) Concerning Three Men in a Boat, ID: GB/16165)
  84. Lawrence G van Velzer (Book Title: Spring Haiku of Tobu Sho, ID: GB/30448)
  85. Lawrence G van Velzer (Book Title: Travels of Sir John Mandeville, ID: GB/30407)
  86. Lawrence G van Velzer (Book Title: Truer History of Doctor Dolittle, ID: GB/30145)
  87. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: ABC of Bugs and Plants in a Northern Garden, ID: GB/13418)
  88. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Anno Domini, ID: GB/3303)
  89. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Aratus / Phaenomena / Sky Signs, ID: GB/31630)
  90. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Aunt Sallie's Lament, ID: GB/3389)
  91. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Aunt Sallie's Lament, ID: GB/7407)
  92. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Aunt Sallie's Lament, ID: GB/15699)
  93. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Aura, ID: GB/1060)
  94. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Ballad of the Spanish Civil Guard, ID: GB/3966)
  95. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Bare Elegy, ID: GB/3929)
  96. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Batterers, ID: GB/3801)
  97. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Beauty in Use, ID: GB/4296)
  98. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Birthcords, ID: GB/3262)
  99. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Bone Songs, ID: GB/926)
  100. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Bread and Puppet (Theater), ID: GB/10789)
  101. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Brockport Sunflowers, ID: GB/10800)
  102. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Bucket Rider, ID: GB/3362)
  103. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Chiasmadon, ID: GB/3118)
  104. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Circulus Sapientiae, ID: GB/6850)
  105. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Circus of Doctor Lao, ID: GB/2108)
  106. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Circus of Dr. Lao, ID: GB/2109)
  107. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Claire Van Vliet: A Celebration of Paper, ID: 3317)
  108. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Claire Van Vliet: Printmaker and Printer, ID: GB/1088)
  109. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Clandestine Muse, ID: GB/3702)
  110. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Closed Door, ID: GB/5287)
  111. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Color of Night, ID: GB/10796)
  112. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Conversation with the Supplicant, ID: GB/3360)
  113. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Country Doctor, ID: GB/3361)
  114. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Death of the Horses by Fire, ID: GB/10803)
  115. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Deep in the Territory, ID: GB/3390)
  116. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Designating Duet, ID: GB/4297)
  117. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Dido and Aeneas, ID: GB/6359)
  118. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Dream of the Dirty Woman, ID: GB/5708)
  119. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Easter, ID: GB/3304)
  120. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Eat Book, ID: GB/4391)
  121. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Eve, ID: GB/4298)
  122. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Fable of Bidpai, ID: GB/5937)
  123. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Felicity of Carols, ID: GB/5934)
  124. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Fergus Falling, ID: GB/3486)
  125. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Fireproof Floors at Witley Court, ID: GB/5714)
  126. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Floralia, ID: GB/4299)
  127. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Flowering Time, ID: GB/3305)
  128. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: For Tess, ID: GB/10802)
  129. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Four Months / Four Seasons, ID: GB/12557)
  130. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Four Women, ID: GB/2816)
  131. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Fresh Wind in Venice, ID: GB/10799)
  132. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: From a Housewife's Diary, ID: GB/4787)
  133. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: From Actium, ID: GB/3306)
  134. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: From Arctic Dreams, ID: GB/10793)
  135. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: From Finland, ID: GB/10792)
  136. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Gameboard/Symmetries, ID: GB/15560)
  137. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Geese, ID: GB/10801)
  138. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Gospel of Mary, ID: GB/10817)
  139. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Greed, ID: GB/14023)
  140. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Guest, ID: GB/5935)
  141. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Handmade Definiton (sic) of Obscurity, ID: GB/11132)
  142. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Hedge School, ID: GB/2824)
  143. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Helios, ID: GB/12704)
  144. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Herball, ID: GB/3242)
  145. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: It's just a goddamned piece of paper!, ID: GB/15031)
  146. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Janus Press 1955-1975 and 1975-1980, ID: GB/2101)
  147. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Janus Press Ephemera, ID: GB/15733)
  148. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Janus Press Miscellaneous Prints, ID: GB/16560)
  149. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Janus Press Silver Anniversary Miscellany, ID: GB/6773)
  150. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Lady Freedom Among Us, ID: GB/1798)
  151. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Landscape With Cows In It, ID: GB/925)
  152. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Lilac Wind, ID: GB/3307)
  153. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Loneliness, ID: GB/1520)
  154. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Lucretius and Other Sonnets, ID: GB/15728)
  155. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Mass of Thanksgiving, ID: GB/11589)
  156. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Midi - Noon, ID: GB/6400)
  157. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Missed Beat, ID: GB/2635)
  158. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Mother Goose, ID: GB/5936)
  159. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Narcissus, ID: GB/3308)
  160. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Night Street, ID: GB/4027)
  161. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Of Gravity and Grace, ID: GB/6469)
  162. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Old Mistresses' Apologue, ID: GB/2211)
  163. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Old Quilts, ID: GB/10797)
  164. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Oxford Odyssey, ID: GB/6399)
  165. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Pandora's Box, ID: GB/10790)
  166. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Papermaking at Hayle Mill, ID: GB/11755)
  167. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Paperwork, ID: GB/2097)
  168. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Parables and Paradoxes, ID: GB/16240)
  169. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Poetry of Demetrios Capetanakis, ID: GB/1012)
  170. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Poetry of Demetrios Capetanakis, ID: GB/1011)
  171. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Praise Basted In, ID: GB/3391)
  172. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Punta del Burro, ID: GB/15918)
  173. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Raxerol, ID: GB/3777)
  174. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Rise, ID: GB/3942)
  175. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Sappho, ID: GB/10804)
  176. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Scribe of Kloster Eibingen, ID: GB/11131)
  177. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Second Light, ID: GB/6401)
  178. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Seekonk Woods, ID: GB/3488)
  179. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Selfish Giant, ID: GB/7109)
  180. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Seven Poems (Compound Frame), ID: GB/1729)
  181. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Silences Between, ID: GB/15313)
  182. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Sky and Earth: Variable Landscape, ID: GB/6774)
  183. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Snow, ID: GB/3309)
  184. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Some Trees and Bushes, ID: GB/6775)
  185. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Spaghettiana, ID: GB/3579)
  186. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Spring Clay, ID: GB/3271)
  187. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: St. Francis Preaches to the Birds, ID: GB/5709)
  188. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: St. Francis Preaches to the Birds, ID: GB/16845)
  189. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: St. Francis Preaches to the Birds, ID: GB/16844)
  190. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: St. Francis Preaches to the Birds, ID: GB/16843)
  191. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Summer Day/Winter Night, ID: GB/2098)
  192. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Tatata, ID: GB/13011)
  193. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: This Is, ID: GB/5710)
  194. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Tower of Babel, ID: GB/10787)
  195. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Town at Dusk, ID: GB/3310)
  196. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Traditional Hungarian Songs, ID: GB/6036)
  197. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Tragedie of King Lear, ID: GB/5863)
  198. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Trio, ID: GB/13715)
  199. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Tumbling Blocks, ID: GB/6776)
  200. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Two Poems, ID: GB/3490)
  201. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Unknown [The Sound], ID: GB/10791)
  202. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Watermarks, ID: GB/16533)
  203. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Weddingmass of Christopher Maria Siegl and Adelaide Louise Moran, ID: GB/11055)
  204. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: What the Owl Said, ID: GB/1370)
  205. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Whatever Happens, ID: GB/3778)
  206. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: When I write. . .", ID: GB/10795)
  207. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: White Horse Butcher, ID: GB/5711)
  208. Claire Van Vliet (Book Title: Winter Wind, ID: GB/3254)
  209. Fons van Woerkom (Book Title: Face to Face, ID: GB/6778)
  210. Agnes F. Vandome (Book Title: Irma Boom, ID: GB/13663)
  211. Döce Váradi (Book Title: Guest Book 1998, ID: GB/15304)
  212. Gabor Farkas Varga (Book Title: Honfoglaló, ID: GB/14734)
  213. Various (Book Title: Occuprint, ID: GB/13382)
  214. Devendra P. Varma (Book Title: Castle of Otranto, ID: GB/6907)
  215. Devendra P. Varma (Book Title: Monk, ID: GB/3835)
  216. Giorgio Varsari (Book Title: Lives of the Artists, ID: GB/6794)
  217. Robert Vas Dias (Book Title: Life of Parts, ID: GB/6796)
  218. Victor Vasarely (Book Title: Op-Art Pop-Up Vasarely, ID: GB/15170)
  219. Giorgio Vasari (Book Title: Life of Michelangelo Buonarroti, ID: GB/6798)
  220. Nico Vassilakis (Book Title: Amputation of L Mendax, ID: GB/15671)
  221. Nico Vassilakis (Book Title: Twelve American Cities, ID: GB/30092)
  222. Nico Vassilakis (Book Title: West of Dodge, ID: GB/12821)
  223. Gustavo Vazquez (Book Title: Doc / Undoc, ID: GB/14528)
  224. Helen Vendler (Book Title: Kaddish for Naomi Ginsberg, 1894-1956, ID: GB/12456)
  225. Helen Vendler (Book Title: Poems of W. B. Yeats, ID: GB/12454)
  226. Helen Vendler (Book Title: Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror, ID: GB/13225)
  227. Helen Vendler (Book Title: Squarings, ID: GB/11318)
  228. Michael Venning (Book Title: Speckled Egg, ID: GB/10410)
  229. André Venter (Book Title: I-Ching for the 'African Renaissance', ID: GB/16859)
  230. Till Verclas (Book Title: Im weissen Tal, ID: GB/14331)
  231. Till Verclas (Book Title: Musterbuch, ID: GB/13354)
  232. Till Verclas (Book Title: Streifzüge, ID: GB/13799)
  233. Angelo Verga (Book Title: 33 New York City Poems, ID: GB/12106)
  234. Ben Verhoeven (Book Title: Sylvae, ID: GB/12026)
  235. Alex Vermeulen (Book Title: S. O. H., ID: GB/6808)
  236. Jules Verne (Book Title: Around the World in Eighty Days, ID: GB/6809)
  237. Jules Verne (Book Title: Tempete et Calme, ID: GB/10277)
  238. Felice Feliciano Veronese (Book Title: Alphabetum Romanum, ID: GB/6810)
  239. Hugo Vickers (Book Title: England Their England, ID: GB/4057)
  240. Hugo Vickers (Book Title: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, ID: GB/3962)
  241. Hugo Vickers (Book Title: Pursuit of Love, ID: GB/4472)
  242. Diane Victor (Book Title: Guest Book 1998, ID: GB/15304)
  243. Diane Victor (Book Title: Uhanga Dihangara (Coat Hanger Print Portfolio), ID: GB/10174)
  244. Cecilia Vicuna (Book Title: Hilur, ID: GB/6820)
  245. Alberto Vieceli (Book Title: 336 Pages; 336 Books, ID: GB/14829)
  246. Oliver Viehweg (Book Title: About a Year, ID: GB/15265)
  247. Bernard Villers (Book Title: 3/8, ID: GB/12028)
  248. Bernard Villers (Book Title: a . . . ., ID: GB/13524)
  249. Bernard Villers (Book Title: Au pied de la lettre., ID: GB/13536)
  250. Bernard Villers (Book Title: Bleu, ID: GB/13516)
  251. Bernard Villers (Book Title: Carbones, ID: GB/12775)
  252. Bernard Villers (Book Title: coleur n'existe pas, ID: GB/13528)
  253. Bernard Villers (Book Title: Continue, ID: GB/13529)
  254. Bernard Villers (Book Title: Conversation et Promenade avec Bernard Villers dans son Atelier et Cans sa Maison le 15 Fevrier 2009, ID: GB/13519)
  255. Bernard Villers (Book Title: Correspondance de Vincent, ID: GB/13531)
  256. Bernard Villers (Book Title: Cristal, ID: GB/14449)
  257. Bernard Villers (Book Title: do ré mi fa sol la si, ID: GB/13538)
  258. Bernard Villers (Book Title: Echo, ID: GB/13540)
  259. Bernard Villers (Book Title: En Filigrane, ID: GB/12776)
  260. Bernard Villers (Book Title: En Pologne, Nulle Part, ID: GB/13521)
  261. Bernard Villers (Book Title: Fenêtre, ID: GB/13517)
  262. Bernard Villers (Book Title: Geometrie Variable, ID: GB/13539)
  263. Bernard Villers (Book Title: Idées Noires, ID: GB/14445)
  264. Bernard Villers (Book Title: Impression persistante, ID: GB/13543)
  265. Bernard Villers (Book Title: Interference Cahier, ID: GB/12779)
  266. Bernard Villers (Book Title: la mémoire d'un ange, ID: GB/13525)
  267. Bernard Villers (Book Title: Lectures, ID: GB/12777)
  268. Bernard Villers (Book Title: Livre Concevable, ID: GB/13542)
  269. Bernard Villers (Book Title: Livre Dire Voir, ID: GB/13526)
  270. Bernard Villers (Book Title: Livre Réversible, ID: GB/13541)
  271. Bernard Villers (Book Title: Mir Age, ID: GB/13535)
  272. Bernard Villers (Book Title: Nara, ID: GB/13518)
  273. Bernard Villers (Book Title: ni rose, ni vert, ID: GB/13523)
  274. Bernard Villers (Book Title: Ode / Edo, ID: GB/13515)
  275. Bernard Villers (Book Title: Perdre le Nord, ID: GB/13537)
  276. Bernard Villers (Book Title: Portraits de papiers, ID: GB/12774)
  277. Bernard Villers (Book Title: Si, ID: GB/12778)
  278. Bernard Villers (Book Title: Stilleven, ID: GB/13532)
  279. Bernard Villers (Book Title: Tokyoto, ID: GB/13514)
  280. Bernard Villers (Book Title: Tri Pty Que, ID: GB/13527)
  281. Bernard Villers (Book Title: Triage, ID: GB/13530)
  282. Bernard Villers (Book Title: Tumulus, ID: GB/13533)
  283. Bernard Villers (Book Title: Un Peu / Beaucoup, ID: GB/13534)
  284. Alan Villiers (Book Title: Voyage to the South Seas, ID: GB/619)
  285. Francois Villon (Book Title: Lyrical Poems of Francois Villon, ID: GB/6839)
  286. Anik Vinay (Book Title: Anik Vinay, NIKA, ID: GB/11553)
  287. Anik Vinay (Book Title: Unknown [Ce qui nous éveille], ID: GB/14363)
  288. Bernie Vinzani (Book Title: Architextures, ID: GB/10190)
  289. Bernie Vinzani (Book Title: For Tess, ID: GB/10802)
  290. Virgil (Book Title: Eclogues of Vergil, ID: GB/13701)
  291. Alberto Vitacchio (Book Title: Edges, ID: GB/13783)
  292. Alberto Vitacchio (Book Title: Lettering, ID: GB/15110)
  293. Alberto Vitacchio (Book Title: Through, ID: GB/12831)
  294. Katherine Vivian (Book Title: Grand Meaulnes, ID: GB/47)
  295. Katherine Vivian (Book Title: Une Vie, ID: GB/1629)
  296. Jon Vlakos (Book Title: Fire in the Louvre, ID: GB/6109)
  297. Jon Vlakos (Book Title: Swish of Cow Tail, ID: GB/5430)
  298. Jon Vlakos (Book Title: Tightrope, ID: GB/15763)
  299. Jon Vlakos (Book Title: Untitled (Aluminum), ID: GB/5138)
  300. Cornelis Vleeskens (Book Title: Ah!, ID: GB/12993)
  301. William T. Vollmann (Book Title: Book of Candles, ID: GB/11500)
  302. Jean Francois Marie Arouet de Voltaire (Book Title: Candide, ID: GB/6847)
  303. Darya von Berner (Book Title: Lupus Viator Alanta, ID: GB/6849)
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