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Authors starting with 'S'

  1. Robert Sabuda (Book Title: Beetles, ID: GB/5593)
  2. Robert Sabuda (Book Title: Brooklyn Pops Up, ID: GB/6441)
  3. Robert Sabuda (Book Title: Wonderful Wizard of Oz., ID: GB/417)
  4. Tom Sachs (Book Title: Nutsy's Road Test, ID: GB/14104)
  5. Tom Sachs (Book Title: Sol Lewitt's Wall Drawings, ID: GB/16551)
  6. Colin Sackett (Book Title: Black Bob, ID: GB/5598)
  7. Colin Sackett (Book Title: Englshalphabet, ID: GB/5599)
  8. Colin Sackett (Book Title: Englshpublshing, ID: GB/10449)
  9. Colin Sackett (Book Title: Thither, ID: GB/5600)
  10. Oliver Sacks (Book Title: Island of Rota, ID: GB/12733)
  11. Julie Sadler (Book Title: Dreamiverse, ID: GB/5601)
  12. Usman Saeed (Book Title: I'll Get My Coat, ID: GB/11612)
  13. Paula Sager (Book Title: Red Thread, Two Women, ID: GB/11229)
  14. Stefan Sagmeister (Book Title: Sagmeister & Walsh: Beauty, ID: GB/16487)
  15. Margaret Ahrens Sahlstrand (Book Title: Travel Diary, ID: GB/11778)
  16. Saki (Book Title: Short Stories, ID: GB/16838)
  17. Saki (Book Title: Unbearable Bassington, ID: GB/16831)
  18. Ligaya Salazar (Book Title: Memory Palace, ID: GB/14045)
  19. Andrew Sallee (Book Title: God Bless This Circuitry, ID: GB/12159)
  20. Paul Salt (Book Title: Momento Mori, ID: GB/10441)
  21. Lucas Samaras (Book Title: Book, ID: GB/12217)
  22. Lucas Samaras (Book Title: Photofictions, ID: GB/12296)
  23. Lucas Samaras (Book Title: Samaras Album, ID: GB/5631)
  24. Martin Samuel (Book Title: Portraits, ID: GB/14349)
  25. George Sand (Book Title: Story of My Life, ID: GB/5632)
  26. Brian Sanders (Book Title: Titanic, ID: GB/11638)
  27. Jeremy Sanders (Book Title: Various Small Flyers, ID: GB/30071)
  28. Karin Sanders (Book Title: Kinderbuch 1957, ID: GB/15629)
  29. Sukhdev Sandhu (Book Title: I'll Get My Coat, ID: GB/11612)
  30. David Sandlin (Book Title: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dude, ID: GB/14208)
  31. David Sandlin (Book Title: What is Sin?, ID: GB/5634)
  32. David Sandlin (Book Title: Wrathland, ID: GB/13041)
  33. Elspeth Sandys (Book Title: Tess of the D'Urbervilles, ID: GB/2734)
  34. Christy Sheffield Sanford (Book Title: Cowrie Shell Piece, ID: GB/5636)
  35. Eduardo Hernandez Santos (Book Title: Wall, ID: GB/13823)
  36. Li Sao (Book Title: Ohne Wolken, ID: GB/11424)
  37. Craig J. Saper (Book Title: On Being Read, ID: GB/5638)
  38. Marc Saporta (Book Title: Composition No. 1, ID: GB/13436)
  39. Sarenco (Book Title: Anthology, ID: GB/14991)
  40. Aram Saroyan (Book Title: Beatles, ID: GB/9888)
  41. William Saroyan (Book Title: Saroyan, ID: GB/5643)
  42. Joachim Sartorius (Book Title: Golden Tower, ID: GB/14807)
  43. Robyn Sassen (Book Title: All on the Same Page, ID: GB/12367)
  44. Siegfried Sassoon (Book Title: Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man, ID: GB/5647)
  45. Siegfried Sassoon (Book Title: Memoirs of an Infantry Officer, ID: GB/5648)
  46. Erik Satie (Book Title: Sports & Divertissements, ID: GB/16297)
  47. Alain Satié (Book Title: Ple? Plon Sca Screlonu Ipilore Plisou, ID: GB/14938)
  48. Kimitoshi Sato (Book Title: Jack and the Beanstalk, ID: GB/12415)
  49. Fritz Sauter (Book Title: Cadavre Burlesque, ID: GB/12815)
  50. Fritz Sauter (Book Title: No News!, ID: GB/16798)
  51. Fritz Sauter (Book Title: Sehnsucht nach dem Trompetenspiel, ID: GB/13782)
  52. Thomas Sauvin (Book Title: Until Death Do Us Part, ID: GB/16071)
  53. Thomas Sauvin (Book Title: Xian. 线, ID: GB/16072)
  54. Karen Savage (Book Title: Contest, ID: GB/5650)
  55. Karen Savage (Book Title: Silence is Golden Book, ID: GB/5651)
  56. Alberto Savinio (Book Title: Departure of the Argonaut, ID: GB/12583)
  57. Oleg Savunov (Book Title: sad poem printed on sunlight, ID: GB/31662)
  58. Kathleen Patricia Sawyer (Book Title: Somata, ID: GB/14012)
  59. Joe Scanlan (Book Title: Object Lessons, ID: GB/13469)
  60. Joe Scanlan (Book Title: Two Views, ID: GB/11474)
  61. Huck Scarry (Book Title: Looking into the Middle Ages, ID: GB/5662)
  62. Alacia Scavino (Book Title: Fausto, ID: GB/11332)
  63. Hans Schabus (Book Title:, ID: GB/15221)
  64. Judith Schalansky (Book Title: Pocket Atlas of Remote Islands, ID: GB/14495)
  65. Peter Schamoni (Book Title: Maximiliana, ID: GB/14655)
  66. Gaylord Schanilec (Book Title: Bicycle Diaries, ID: GB/13831)
  67. Gaylord Schanilec (Book Title: Departures, ID: GB/16398)
  68. Gaylord Schanilec (Book Title: Emerson G. Wulling, ID: GB/11233)
  69. Gaylord Schanilec (Book Title: I Will Eat a Piece of the Roof and you can Eat the Window, ID: GB/11236)
  70. Gaylord Schanilec (Book Title: Ink on the Elbow, ID: GB/11234)
  71. Gaylord Schanilec (Book Title: Looking North from Dragon Ridge, ID: GB/11240)
  72. Gaylord Schanilec (Book Title: Mayflies of the Driftless Region, ID: GB/10608)
  73. Gaylord Schanilec (Book Title: Sylvae, ID: GB/12026)
  74. Gaylord Schanilec (Book Title: Wrenching Times, ID: GB/7084)
  75. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: 2↑11, ID: GB/31105)
  76. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: 26°57,3'N, 142°16,8'E, ID: GB/11542)
  77. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: 32 Superior Beauties of Buddha's Person, ID: GB/14332)
  78. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: Ach, ID: GB/11393)
  79. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: Aokigahara, ID: GB/15314)
  80. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: Bamberg, ID: GB/13380)
  81. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: BArch, DR 1/2385, ID: GB/31106)
  82. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: Bleiben, ID: GB/13574)
  83. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: Bleiben, ID: GB/13100)
  84. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: Blühender Kirschbaum, ID: GB/11391)
  85. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: Come in to frower, ID: GB/11389)
  86. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: Do, ID: GB/10369)
  87. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: Durchblicke, ID: GB/11390)
  88. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: Ein verdunkeltes Boot, ID: GB/16449)
  89. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: Erbe, ID: GB/11388)
  90. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: First you have to prove it to me, ID: GB/30135)
  91. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: Fuji, ID: GB/15392)
  92. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: Funky Sabbath, ID: GB/11010)
  93. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: Funky Sabbath, ID: GB/11014)
  94. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: Guest Book - The House was Quiet, ID: GB/16361)
  95. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: Ich - wann? Wo?, ID: GB/11451)
  96. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: Ideation by Chance, ID: GB/13845)
  97. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: Im Hochhaus, ID: GB/13099)
  98. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: In Praise of Typhoons, ID: GB/11011)
  99. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: Jack and Betty Forever, ID: GB/11452)
  100. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: Jack and Betty Forever, ID: GB/11012)
  101. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: Japaner ohne Hose, ID: GB/11394)
  102. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: Japanische Hitparade vom 25. Mai 1968, ID: GB/15333)
  103. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: Jin-shin Jiko, ID: GB/15868)
  104. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: march 29, 1912. Robert F. Scott, ID: GB/13844)
  105. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: Musashimaru, ID: GB/14186)
  106. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: Nase, ID: GB/12280)
  107. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: Okonomiyaki, ID: GB/12740)
  108. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: Pjöngjang, Nordkorea I'm Mai 2004, ID: GB/16452)
  109. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: Pyongyang, ID: GB/12209)
  110. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: Safe Method to Pass University Entrance Exams in the Subject of Japanese, ID: GB/11482)
  111. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: Seltsame Umgebung, ID: GB/12725)
  112. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: Solitude, ID: GB/30136)
  113. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: System, ID: GB/14187)
  114. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: Trakl [II], ID: GB/12726)
  115. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: Triumph eines Hosenverkäufers, ID: GB/10367)
  116. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: Veronika Schaepers Ephemera, ID: GB/15871)
  117. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: von Liebeskunst, ID: GB/11392)
  118. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: Weisse Verben, ID: GB/15701)
  119. Veronika Schäpers (Book Title: Wurmzauber, ID: GB/10368)
  120. Miriam Schapiro (Book Title: Rondo, ID: GB/11689)
  121. Catherine Schelbert (Book Title: Will Happiness Find Me?, ID: GB/11089)
  122. Renate Scherg (Book Title: Alea Iacta Est, ID: GB/30441)
  123. Klaus Scherübel (Book Title: Book, ID: GB/8758)
  124. Wilber Schilling (Book Title: Surplus Value Books: Catalogue #13, ID: GB/10210)
  125. Annie Schlechter (Book Title: Pressed for Time, ID: GB/14779)
  126. Steffen Schleiermacher (Book Title: 45' fur einen Sprecher, ID: GB/13970)
  127. Jeremy Schmall (Book Title: Mr. Handshake's Last Gasp, ID: GB/13046)
  128. Jeremy Schmall (Book Title: Slapdown, ID: GB/12400)
  129. Jessica Schmid (Book Title: Typo Bilder Buch, ID: GB/13774)
  130. Joachim Schmid (Book Title: One Day in May, ID: GB/14832)
  131. Joachim Schmid (Book Title: Sixty-Eight Minutes on the Sunset Strip, ID: GB/14830)
  132. Joachim Schmid (Book Title: Twentysix Gasoline Stations, Every Building on the Sunset Strip, Thirtyfour Parking Lots, Nine Swimming Pools, A Few Palm Trees, No Small Fires, ID: GB/12751)
  133. Joachim Schmid (Book Title: X Marks the Spot, ID: GB/14831)
  134. Bradley Schmidt (Book Title: Elude, ID: GB/30592)
  135. Dan Schmidt (Book Title: On the Road Too, ID: GB/12335)
  136. Paul Schmidt (Book Title: Season in Hell, ID: GB/5360)
  137. Peter Schmidt (Book Title: Oblique Strategies, ID: GB/13287)
  138. Siegfried J. Schmidt (Book Title: LW - Tract, ID: GB/30002)
  139. Mary Beth Schmidt Fogarty (Book Title: Colours of the Spirit, ID: GB/5680)
  140. Gabriele Schmidt-Heins (Book Title: Untitled, ID: GB/12617)
  141. George Schneeman (Book Title: In the Nam What Can Happen, ID: GB/537)
  142. Klaus Schneider (Book Title: Wortkonstruktionen, ID: GB/5682)
  143. Marianne Schneider (Book Title: Farbwechsel: Schwarz, ID: GB/14255)
  144. Nina Schneider (Book Title: Pressed for Time, ID: GB/14779)
  145. Uta Schneider (Book Title: Boundless, ID: GB/13835)
  146. Uta Schneider (Book Title: Denkst, es ist Zufall, ID: GB/14886)
  147. Uta Schneider (Book Title: Fall, ID: GB/11552)
  148. Uta Schneider (Book Title: Hab' so Eine Phantasie . . ., ID: GB/14885)
  149. Uta Schneider (Book Title: Jeder wusste, um was es ging (Everyone knew what it was about), ID: GB/13854)
  150. Uta Schneider (Book Title: Treibgut / Flotsam and Jetsam, ID: GB/10461)
  151. Maxwell Schnurer (Book Title: Chronic Freedom, ID: GB/13149)
  152. Norbert Schoerner (Book Title: Order of Things, ID: GB/10839)
  153. Sylvia Scholten (Book Title: Sylvia Scholten, ID: GB/11532)
  154. Schoolbook (Book Title: Schoolbook, ID: GB/5695)
  155. Shon Schooler (Book Title: Cycle, ID: GB/12073)
  156. Ilse Schreiber-Noll (Book Title: Garden, ID: GB/10276)
  157. Ilse Schreiber-Noll (Book Title: River, ID: GB/13066)
  158. Keri Miki-Lani Schroeder (Book Title: Bitter Chocolate, ID: GB/30593)
  159. Keri Miki-Lani Schroeder (Book Title: Book of Hours, ID: GB/30406)
  160. Christian Friedrich Daniel Schubart (Book Title: Forelle, ID: GB/14795)
  161. Jens Schubert (Book Title: Lubok 9, ID: GB/13468)
  162. Bruno Schulz (Book Title: Tree of Codes, ID: GB/13851)
  163. Charles M. Schulz (Book Title: Snoopy and the Twelve Days of Christmas, ID: GB/5705)
  164. Helmut Schulze (Book Title: nächtliche Reise um mein Zimmer, ID: GB/12622)
  165. Helmut Schulze (Book Title: Reise um mein Zimmer, ID: GB/12715)
  166. Petra Schulze-Wollgast (Book Title: Metal Type Poetry, ID: GB/15674)
  167. Elka Schumann (Book Title: Dream of the Dirty Woman, ID: GB/5708)
  168. Peter Schumann (Book Title: Brockport Sunflowers, ID: GB/10800)
  169. Peter Schumann (Book Title: Death of the Horses by Fire, ID: GB/10803)
  170. Peter Schumann (Book Title: Hallelujah, ID: GB/15703)
  171. Peter Schumann (Book Title: Helios, ID: GB/12704)
  172. Peter Schumann (Book Title: Sappho, ID: GB/10804)
  173. Peter Schumann (Book Title: St. Francis Preaches to the Birds, ID: GB/16843)
  174. Peter Schumann (Book Title: St. Francis Preaches to the Birds, ID: GB/5709)
  175. Peter Schumann (Book Title: St. Francis Preaches to the Birds, ID: GB/16845)
  176. Peter Schumann (Book Title: St. Francis Preaches to the Birds, ID: GB/16844)
  177. Peter Schumann (Book Title: Tatata, ID: GB/13011)
  178. Peter Schumann (Book Title: This Is, ID: GB/5710)
  179. Peter Schumann (Book Title: White Horse Butcher, ID: GB/5711)
  180. James Schuyler (Book Title: Fireproof Floors at Witley Court, ID: GB/5714)
  181. Josef Schwaiger (Book Title: Runge Revisited, ID: GB/16650)
  182. Alexandra Schwartz (Book Title: Ed Ruscha's Los Angeles, ID: GB/12653)
  183. Betty Ann Schwartz (Book Title: One to Ten and back again, ID: GB/12323)
  184. Carol Schwartzott (Book Title: Beyond Ichthyology, ID: GB/10278)
  185. Carol Schwartzott (Book Title: Blind Men and the Elephant, ID: GB/5726)
  186. Carol Schwartzott (Book Title: Brief History of Knitting, ID: GB/10932)
  187. Carol Schwartzott (Book Title: Brief History of Paper, ID: GB/15856)
  188. Carol Schwartzott (Book Title: Brief History of Paper, ID: GB/5728)
  189. Carol Schwartzott (Book Title: Brief History of Paper, ID: GB/5727)
  190. Carol Schwartzott (Book Title: Brief History of the Basket, ID: GB/5729)
  191. Carol Schwartzott (Book Title: Brief History of the Fan, ID: GB/10273)
  192. Carol Schwartzott (Book Title: Brief History of the Orchid, ID: GB/5730)
  193. Carol Schwartzott (Book Title: Brief History of the Quilt, ID: GB/5731)
  194. Carol Schwartzott (Book Title: Color, ID: GB/11765)
  195. Carol Schwartzott (Book Title: Concept Color, ID: GB/10929)
  196. Carol Schwartzott (Book Title: Darling Could You do This or Do That?, ID: GB/15762)
  197. Carol Schwartzott (Book Title: Four Books, ID: GB/5732)
  198. Carol Schwartzott (Book Title: Garden, ID: GB/5733)
  199. Carol Schwartzott (Book Title: Goat Island Journal, ID: GB/5734)
  200. Carol Schwartzott (Book Title: Haiku Poems, ID: GB/5735)
  201. Carol Schwartzott (Book Title: He Said, She Said, ID: GB/5736)
  202. Carol Schwartzott (Book Title: Joseph Cornell: A Dossier of Sorts, ID: GB/5737)
  203. Carol Schwartzott (Book Title: Mirror, ID: GB/5738)
  204. Carol Schwartzott (Book Title: Ode/Odalisque Matisse, ID: GB/5739)
  205. Carol Schwartzott (Book Title: Ola Mola, ID: GB/10178)
  206. Carol Schwartzott (Book Title: Ola Mola, ID: GB/8787)
  207. Carol Schwartzott (Book Title: Oviri. Savage. Paul Gauguin, ID: GB/5740)
  208. Carol Schwartzott (Book Title: Passage, ID: GB/5741)
  209. Carol Schwartzott (Book Title: Perfect Garden, ID: GB/5742)
  210. Carol Schwartzott (Book Title: Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, ID: GB/11710)
  211. Carol Schwartzott (Book Title: That Morning, ID: GB/5743)
  212. Robert Schwarz (Book Title: Auf der Galerie, ID: GB/12010)
  213. Robert Schwarz (Book Title: Elysium, ID: GB/11473)
  214. Robert Schwarz (Book Title: Flussmythos, ID: GB/11475)
  215. Robert Schwarz (Book Title: Grodek, ID: GB/14785)
  216. Robert Schwarz (Book Title: Hommage a Antonin Artaud, ID: GB/11942)
  217. Robert Schwarz (Book Title: Katharsis, ID: GB/15637)
  218. Robert Schwarz (Book Title: Metamorphoses, ID: GB/15630)
  219. Robert Schwarz (Book Title: Nachts' Stueck, ID: GB/14132)
  220. Robert Schwarz (Book Title: Scardanelli, ID: GB/13821)
  221. Robert Schwarz (Book Title: Winterreise, ID: GB/12011)
  222. Robert Schwarz (Book Title: Woyzeck, ID: GB/14324)
  223. Christa Schwarztrauber (Book Title: Buch-Elemente von A bis Z, ID: GB/15234)
  224. Armand Schwerner (Book Title: Redspel, ID: GB/5745)
  225. Armand Schwerner (Book Title: Triumph of the Will, ID: GB/5746)
  226. Kurt Schwitters (Book Title: Kurt Schwitters, ID: GB/16151)
  227. Leonardo Sciascia (Book Title: Leopard, ID: GB/1687)
  228. Pati Scobey (Book Title: Back of Time, ID: GB/5747)
  229. Pati Scobey (Book Title: Internal Change, ID: GB/5749)
  230. Pati Scobey (Book Title: Internal Change, ID: GB/5748)
  231. Pati Scobey (Book Title: Notes toward the definition of david, ID: GB/11296)
  232. Pati Scobey (Book Title: Since man began to eat himself, ID: GB/11297)
  233. Pamela Scott (Book Title: Animal Anthology, ID: GB/5756)
  234. Paul Scott (Book Title: After the Funeral, ID: GB/5757)
  235. Robert F. Scott (Book Title: march 29, 1912. Robert F. Scott, ID: GB/13844)
  236. Sir Walter Scott (Book Title: Bride of Lammermoor, ID: GB/5759)
  237. Sean Scully (Book Title: Heart of Darkness, ID: GB/12448)
  238. Ronald Searle (Book Title: More Scraps in no particular order, ID: GB/11871)
  239. Leonard Seastone (Book Title: Equals Two to the Nth Power, ID: GB/10133)
  240. Leonard Seastone (Book Title: Equals Two to the Nth Power, ID: GB/10132)
  241. Leonard Seastone (Book Title: Good Movies, ID: GB/10309)
  242. Helen Mmakgabo Mmapula Sebidi (Book Title: Uhanga Dihangara (Coat Hanger Print Portfolio), ID: GB/10174)
  243. Rufus Butler Seder (Book Title: Gallop!, ID: GB/11927)
  244. Rufus Butler Seder (Book Title: Swing!, ID: GB/12017)
  245. Bree Seeley (Book Title: Saddam Hussein Watches, ID: GB/10914)
  246. Ned and Rosalie Seidler (Book Title: Whales, ID: GB/5786)
  247. Anthony Seidman (Book Title: San Fernando Valley Suite, ID: GB/11459)
  248. Tom Seidmann-Freud (Book Title: Magic Boat, ID: GB/5787)
  249. Dallas Seitz (Book Title: Royal Road to the Unconscious, ID: GB/11971)
  250. Ingrid Selberg (Book Title: Nature's Hidden World, ID: GB/5789)
  251. Ingrid Selberg (Book Title: Our Changing World, ID: GB/5790)
  252. George Seldes (Book Title: Lysistrata, ID: GB/16481)
  253. Gilbert Seldes (Book Title: Lysistrata, ID: GB/14139)
  254. Will Self (Book Title: What the Hell are You Doing?, ID: GB/13509)
  255. Walter C. Sellar (Book Title: 1066 and All That, ID: GB/5797)
  256. David Sellars (Book Title: Anna Livia Plurabelle, ID: GB/8799)
  257. David Sellars (Book Title: Finnegans Wake, ID: GB/3339)
  258. Maurice Sendak (Book Title: Brooklyn Pops Up, ID: GB/6441)
  259. Maurice Sendak (Book Title: Mommy?, ID: GB/12919)
  260. David Senior (Book Title: Every Day the Urge Grows Stronger to Get Hold of an Object at Very Close Range by Way of its Likeness, its Reproduction, ID: GB/11966)
  261. Annette Senneby (Book Title: On the Art of Painting, ID: GB/10148)
  262. Yann Serandour (Book Title: Thirtysix Fire Stations, ID: GB/12394)
  263. Yann Serandour (Book Title: Writing Pad, ID: GB/12142)
  264. Michel Serres (Book Title: Carte d'identité, ID: GB/15589)
  265. Michel Serres (Book Title: Gedicht, ID: GB/30462)
  266. Vijay Seshadri (Book Title: Poems / Drawings, ID: GB/16116)
  267. (Father) Brocard Sewell (Book Title: Frances Horovitz 1938 - 1983, ID: GB/5828)
  268. Andy Sewell (Book Title: Notes on 7 days of darkness, 7 days of drawing and 7 days void, ID: GB/15153)
  269. Byron Sewell (Book Title: Hunting of the Snark, ID: GB/1053)
  270. Daniel Seymour (Book Title: Loud Song, ID: GB/15888)
  271. Peter Seymour (Book Title: Counting Bears, ID: GB/5830)
  272. Peter Seymour (Book Title: If Pigs Could Fly, ID: GB/5831)
  273. Peter Seymour (Book Title: Naughty Nineties, ID: GB/15810)
  274. Peter Seymour (Book Title: Roaring Twenties, ID: GB/5832)
  275. Peter Seymour (Book Title: What's in the Cave?, ID: GB/5833)
  276. Peter Seymour (Book Title: What's in the Jungle, ID: GB/5834)
  277. Beldan Sezan (Book Title: Iron Bunnies Hop, ID: GB/15913)
  278. Beldan Sezan (Book Title: To Keep That Bit of Physical Distance, ID: GB/15914)
  279. Visconti Sforza (Book Title: Visconti-Sforza Tarocchi Deck of cards, ID: GB/30141)
  280. Judy Fairclough Sgantas (Book Title: ABC of Bugs and Plants in a Northern Garden, ID: GB/13418)
  281. Susan Sgorbati (Book Title: Emergent Forms: Visual Improvisation, ID: GB/15617)
  282. Adele Shaak (Book Title: Off the Books, ID: GB/15261)
  283. Douglas Shafer (Book Title: Locus Voluptatis, ID: GB/5835)
  284. Douglas Shafer (Book Title: Subtle from the Dense, ID: GB/5836)
  285. Ben Shahn (Book Title: Thirteen Poems, ID: GB/15034)
  286. William Shakespeare (Book Title: Hamlet II:2, ID: GB/7210)
  287. William Shakespeare (Book Title: Hamlet's Ophelia, ID: GB/14358)
  288. William Shakespeare (Book Title: Seven Ages of Man, ID: GB/5859)
  289. William Shakespeare (Book Title: Shakespeare's Sonnets, ID: GB/5860)
  290. William Shakespeare (Book Title: Sonnets & A Lover's Complaint, ID: GB/5861)
  291. William Shakespeare (Book Title: Tragedie of Hamlet Prince of Denmark, ID: GB/5862)
  292. William Shakespeare (Book Title: Tragedie of King Lear, ID: GB/5863)
  293. Susier Shakir (Book Title: One to Ten and back again, ID: GB/12323)
  294. T. Shanaathanan (Book Title: Incomplete Thombu, ID: GB/16441)
  295. Hugh Shankland (Book Title: Prettiest Love Letters in the World, ID: GB/5865)
  296. Arnold Shapiro (Book Title: All Kinds of Cats, ID: GB/5866)
  297. Arnold Shapiro (Book Title: All Kinds of Dogs, ID: GB/5867)
  298. Arnold Shapiro (Book Title: Animal Fair Counting Book, ID: GB/5868)
  299. Arnold Shapiro (Book Title: What's New?" asked the Gnu, ID: GB/5869)
  300. Joel Shapiro (Book Title: Bridge, ID: GB/30017)
  301. Leanne Shapton (Book Title: Important Artifacts and Personal Property from the Collection of Lenore Doolan and Harold Morris, including Books, Street Fashion, and Jewellery, ID: GB/15850)
  302. Susan Joy Share (Book Title: "N", ID: GB/5875)
  303. Susan Joy Share (Book Title: a to z, ID: GB/5876)
  304. Susan Joy Share (Book Title: Great Wall, ID: GB/5877)
  305. Susan Joy Share (Book Title: Rainbow Slinky, ID: GB/11784)
  306. Shirley Sharoff (Book Title: Chant du Cheval de vent, ID: GB/10314)
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