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Authors starting with 'Z'

  1. Olivier Zahm (Book Title: Magazines, ID: GB/11991)
  2. Olivier Zahm (Book Title: Purple Magazine #3, ID: GB/16598)
  3. Olivier Zahm (Book Title: Purple Magazine #5, ID: GB/16599)
  4. Olivier Zahm (Book Title: Purple Prose, ID: GB/16597)
  5. Zampanò (Book Title: House of Leaves, ID: GB/10951)
  6. Andrea Zanzotto (Book Title: Circhi e Cene, ID: GB/7301)
  7. Hermann Zapf (Book Title: Thought and Vision, ID: GB/16860)
  8. Ilia Zdanevich (Iliazd) (Book Title: Courtisan Grotesque, ID: GB/14146)
  9. Ilia Zdanevich (Iliazd) (Book Title: Lidantiu faram, ID: GB/11772)
  10. Paul Zelevansky (Book Title: Book of Takes, ID: GB/7312)
  11. Paul Zelevansky (Book Title: Case for the Burial of Ancestors. Book 1, ID: GB/7308)
  12. Paul Zelevansky (Book Title: Case for the Burial of Ancestors. Book 3, ID: GB/7307)
  13. Paul Zelevansky (Book Title: Case fot the Burial of Ancestors. Book 2, ID: GB/7309)
  14. Paul Zelevansky (Book Title: Crossroads Novelty Spring Catalogue, ID: GB/10119)
  15. Paul Zelevansky (Book Title: Crossroads Primer, ID: GB/7310)
  16. Paul Zelevansky (Book Title: Shadow Architecture at the Crossroads Annual 19, ID: GB/10757)
  17. Paul Zelevansky (Book Title: Sweep, ID: GB/7311)
  18. Paul Zelevansky (Book Title: Whose Square is This?, ID: GB/13393)
  19. Ellen Zhao (Book Title: I Am You, ID: GB/11761)
  20. Ernst Zimmer (Book Title: Katharsis, ID: GB/15637)
  21. R. Zimmerman (Book Title: Twink, ID: GB/30513)
  22. Philip (Phil) Zimmermann (Book Title: Celcius233, ID: GB/15062)
  23. Philip (Phil) Zimmermann (Book Title: Civil Defense, ID: GB/7316)
  24. Philip (Phil) Zimmermann (Book Title: Cruising Altitude, ID: GB/13367)
  25. Philip (Phil) Zimmermann (Book Title: Elektromagnetism, ID: GB/11757)
  26. Philip (Phil) Zimmermann (Book Title: Flames, ID: GB/11625)
  27. Philip (Phil) Zimmermann (Book Title: High Tension, ID: GB/7319)
  28. Philip (Phil) Zimmermann (Book Title: Hubris, ID: GB/11325)
  29. Philip (Phil) Zimmermann (Book Title: Interference, ID: GB/7317)
  30. Philip (Phil) Zimmermann (Book Title: Long Story Short, ID: GB/7318)
  31. Philip (Phil) Zimmermann (Book Title: Nature Abhors, ID: GB/11310)
  32. Philip (Phil) Zimmermann (Book Title: Ojalà, ID: GB/13372)
  33. Philip (Phil) Zimmermann (Book Title: Patterned Apart, ID: GB/11159)
  34. Philip (Phil) Zimmermann (Book Title: Reaper, ID: GB/15193)
  35. Philip (Phil) Zimmermann (Book Title: Salt Lake Travel, ID: GB/15275)
  36. Philip (Phil) Zimmermann (Book Title: Shelter, ID: GB/30408)
  37. Philip (Phil) Zimmermann (Book Title: Swamp Monsters, ID: GB/30570)
  38. Philip (Phil) Zimmermann (Book Title: This Mortal Coil, ID: GB/11326)
  39. Philip (Phil) Zimmermann (Book Title: Westway, ID: GB/11306)
  40. Silvia Ziranek (Book Title: Very Food, ID: GB/7321)
  41. Beha-Ed-Din Zohein (Book Title: Envious Camel, ID: GB/7323)
  42. Emile Zola (Book Title: Nana, ID: GB/7325)
  43. Marilyn Zornado (Book Title: Old-Time Film, ID: GB/16758)
  44. Hermann Zschiegner (Book Title: Thirtyfour Parking Lots, ID: GB/12746)
  45. Hermann Zschiegner (Book Title: This book should ideally be placed next to Jonathan Monk's Cover Version, ID: GB/12737)
  46. Francine Zubell (Book Title: Hors de contenance, ID: GB/11556)
  47. Karen Zummerman (Book Title: Salt Lake Travel, ID: GB/15275)
  48. Christian Zwang (Book Title: California Time, ID: GB/13501)
  49. Christian Zwang (Book Title: Musterbuch, ID: GB/13354)
  50. Thomas Zwang (Book Title: Im weissen Tal, ID: GB/14331)
  51. Thomas Zwang (Book Title: Insect-Musicians, ID: GB/13940)
  52. Thomas Zwang (Book Title: Kalumet, ID: GB/15042)
  53. Piet Zwart (Book Title: Het boek van PTT, ID: GB/15080)
  54. Janet Zweig (Book Title: 336 Lines Currently expurgated from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet in ninth grade textbooks, ID: GB/11053)
  55. Janet Zweig (Book Title: Heinz and Judy, ID: GB/7327)
  56. Janet Zweig (Book Title: Sheherezade, ID: GB/7328)
  57. Janet Zweig (Book Title: This Book is Extremely Receptive, ID: GB/7329)
  58. Paul Zweig (Book Title: River, ID: GB/7330)
  59. Stefan Zweig (Book Title: Invisible Collection, ID: GB/11683)
  60. Tony Zwicker (Book Title: Letterpress, ID: GB/15936)
  61. Daniela Zyman (Book Title: Leben, ID: GB/15455)

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