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Authors starting with 'K'

  1. Franz Kafka (Book Title: Auf der Galerie, ID: GB/12010)
  2. Franz Kafka (Book Title: Bucket Rider, ID: GB/3362)
  3. Franz Kafka (Book Title: Conversation with the Supplicant, ID: GB/3360)
  4. Franz Kafka (Book Title: Country Doctor, ID: GB/3361)
  5. Franz Kafka (Book Title: In the Penal Colony, ID: GB/3363)
  6. Franz Kafka (Book Title: Metamorphosis, ID: GB/3364)
  7. Franz Kafka (Book Title: Parables and Paradoxes, ID: GB/16240)
  8. Franz Kafka (Book Title: Sorge des Hausvaters, ID: GB/30435)
  9. Franz Kafka (Book Title: Trial, ID: GB/12450)
  10. Franz Kafka (Book Title: Trial, ID: GB/3365)
  11. Franz Kafka (Book Title: Trial, ID: GB/3366)
  12. Franz Kafka (Book Title: Verwandlung, ID: GB/14657)
  13. Robin Kahn (Book Title: Intelligent Woman's Guide to Art, ID: GB/11074)
  14. Dan Kainen (Book Title: Safari, ID: GB/15822)
  15. Lesley Jane Kaiser (Book Title: Naughty Nineties, ID: GB/15810)
  16. Arijana Kajfes (Book Title: Occular Witness, ID: GB/10416)
  17. Gunnar A. Kaldeway (Book Title: California Time, ID: GB/13501)
  18. Gunnar A. Kaldeway (Book Title: October, or Autumnal Tints, ID: GB/13829)
  19. Gunnar A. Kaldeway (Book Title: One Voice in Four Parts, ID: GB/13383)
  20. Ann Kalmbach (Book Title: Shoot to Kill, ID: GB/3374)
  21. Darmara Kaminecki (Book Title: Slapdown, ID: GB/12400)
  22. Wassily Kandinsky (Book Title: Blackness, ID: GB/2593)
  23. Alan Kane (Book Title: Folk Archive, ID: GB/11613)
  24. Catherine Kanner (Book Title: Prayers Written at Vailima, ID: GB/6209)
  25. Immanuel Kant (Book Title: Perpetual Peace, ID: GB/12632)
  26. Stephen Kaplin (Book Title: Crank number 7, ID: GB/3377)
  27. Ryszard Kapuscinski (Book Title: In the Shade of a Tree in Africa, ID: GB/10191)
  28. Ryszard Kapuscinski (Book Title: Ryszard Kapuschinski, ID: GB/16571)
  29. Rhea Karam (Book Title: All Roads Lead to You, ID: GB/15457)
  30. Mikhail Karasik (Book Title: Acts - Dedicated to Bloom, ID: GB/12034)
  31. Mikhail Karasik (Book Title: Board of Honour, ID: GB/10550)
  32. Mikhail Karasik (Book Title: Cheque Book, ID: GB/13759)
  33. Mikhail Karasik (Book Title: Drama of Marinetti [ДРАМА МАРИНЕТТИ], ID: GB/12035)
  34. Mikhail Karasik (Book Title: Gas Masks, ID: GB/13302)
  35. Mikhail Karasik (Book Title: Genesis, ID: GB/11287)
  36. Mikhail Karasik (Book Title: Matjes Herring, ID: GB/10728)
  37. Mikhail Karasik (Book Title: Mitten, ID: GB/12444)
  38. Mikhail Karasik (Book Title: RYBA, ID: GB/11286)
  39. Mikhail Karasik (Book Title: Snow-Storm, ID: GB/10701)
  40. Mikhail Karasik (Book Title: Word, ID: GB/10729)
  41. Christopher Kardambikis (Book Title: Oyster Boat, ID: Gb/30445)
  42. Pat Kardas (Book Title: Pagan Babies, ID: GB/11946)
  43. Young Karl (Book Title: Hymns to Janus, ID: GB/3379)
  44. Karl Lubomirski (Book Title: Lock Down, ID: GB/30548)
  45. Maren Karlson (Book Title: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dude, ID: GB/14208)
  46. Marin Kasimir (Book Title: From Here to There, ID: GB/3384)
  47. Sara Kasper (Book Title: Necessary Disclosures, ID: GB/15854)
  48. Janos Kass (Book Title: Fathers and Sons, ID: GB/6593)
  49. Lev Kassil (Book Title: USSR en construction #12, ID: GB/16453)
  50. Jeffrey Kastner (Book Title: Book of Stamps, ID: GB/11934)
  51. Michael Katakis (Book Title: For Sale, Baby Shoes, Never Worn, ID: GB/13828)
  52. Alex Katz (Book Title: Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror, ID: GB/13225)
  53. Margaret Kaufman (Book Title: Aunt Sallie's Lament, ID: GB/7407)
  54. Margaret Kaufman (Book Title: Aunt Sallie's Lament, ID: GB/15699)
  55. Margaret Kaufman (Book Title: Aunt Sallie's Lament, ID: GB/3389)
  56. Margaret Kaufman (Book Title: Deep in the Territory, ID: GB/3390)
  57. Margaret Kaufman (Book Title: Old Quilts, ID: GB/10797)
  58. Margaret Kaufman (Book Title: Pandora's Box, ID: GB/10790)
  59. Margaret Kaufman (Book Title: Praise Basted In, ID: GB/3391)
  60. Margaret Kaufman (Book Title: Sarah's Sacrifice, ID: GB/3392)
  61. Carol Kaufmann (Book Title: Safari, ID: GB/15822)
  62. P. J. Kavanagh (Book Title: Real Sky, ID: GB/3393)
  63. Masashi Kawamura (Book Title: Rainbow in Your Hand, ID: GB/11917)
  64. On Kawara (Book Title: One Million Years, ID: GB/11520)
  65. Emma Kay (Book Title: Worldview, ID: GB/3395)
  66. Bill Keaggy (Book Title: Milk Eggs Vodka, ID: GB/11636)
  67. Jerry Kearns (Book Title: Tense, ID: GB/30454)
  68. Charles H. Jr. Keating (Book Title: Crime Stories from the Strand, ID: GB/452)
  69. John Keats (Book Title: To Autumn, ID: GB/12004)
  70. Charles Keeping (Book Title: Castle of Otranto, ID: GB/6907)
  71. Charles Keeping (Book Title: Ghost Stories of M. R. James, ID: GB/3524)
  72. Charles Keeping (Book Title: Idiot, ID: GB/1786)
  73. Richard Kegler (Book Title: Autumn, ID: GB/7145)
  74. Franz Keim (Book Title: Nibelungen, ID: GB/14712)
  75. Ellen J. Keiter (Book Title: Some New York Handball Courts, ID: GB/13387)
  76. Thomas Kellein (Book Title: Time Exposed, ID: GB/13505)
  77. Ronald Keller (Book Title: Aesop's Fables, ID: GB/12973)
  78. Ronald Keller (Book Title: The Bridge (three poems), ID: GB/9819)
  79. Ronald Keller (Book Title: Typographycs, ID: GB/3404)
  80. Shannon Kelley (Book Title: In Spite of Everything, the Stars, ID: GB/14143)
  81. Tatana Kellner (Book Title: Fifty Years of Silence, ID: GB/12221)
  82. Ellsworth Kelly (Book Title: Coup de Dés, ID: GB/12455)
  83. Ellsworth Kelly (Book Title: Kelly 1:1, ID: GB/3405)
  84. Ellsworth Kelly (Book Title: Line Form Color, ID: GB/3406)
  85. Jerry Kelly (Book Title: Blind Man's Buff, ID: GB/11305)
  86. Jerry Kelly (Book Title: Divan e Shams, ID: GB/14888)
  87. Jerry Kelly (Book Title: Fragments of Light 2, ID: GB/11955)
  88. Jerry Kelly (Book Title: Giacomo Joyce, ID: GB/11330)
  89. Jerry Kelly (Book Title: Meta Mor for the Moon, ID: GB/11309)
  90. Daniel E. Kelm (Book Title: Architextures, ID: GB/10190)
  91. Daniel E. Kelm (Book Title: Fishtales, ID: GB/30442)
  92. Daniel E. Kelm (Book Title: Love in the Time of War, ID: GB/14121)
  93. Daniel E. Kelm (Book Title: Neo Emblemata Nova, ID: GB/3412)
  94. Daniel E. Kelm (Book Title: Surplus Value Books: Catalogue #13, ID: GB/10210)
  95. Paul Kendall (Book Title: Universal Spider, ID: GB/1320)
  96. Michael Kenna (Book Title: Bridge, ID: GB/30017)
  97. Kristan Kennedy (Book Title: Summer Sigs, ID: GB/14809)
  98. Melinda Kennedy (Book Title: Shadow Play, ID: GB/12976)
  99. Olive Kennedy (Book Title: Letters from a Portugese Nun, ID: GB/3416)
  100. Richard Kennedy (Book Title: Boy at the Hogarth Press, ID: GB/3419)
  101. Richard Kennedy (Book Title: Parcel of Time, ID: GB/3420)
  102. Rockwell Kent (Book Title: Candide, ID: GB/6847)
  103. Eliza Kentridge (Book Title: Selected Signs, ID: GB/16147)
  104. William Kentridge (Book Title: Tummelplatz, ID: GB/30449)
  105. Paul Kepple (Book Title: S., ID: GB/14174)
  106. Janice Kerbel (Book Title: 15 Lombard St., ID: GB/3430)
  107. Kate Kern (Book Title: Glove Index, ID: GB/3433)
  108. Kate Kern (Book Title: Instructions, ID: GB/3434)
  109. Jack Kerouac (Book Title: Americans, ID: GB/15843)
  110. Jack Kerouac (Book Title: Getting Inside Jack Kerouac´s head, ID: GB/14404)
  111. Count Harry Kessler (Book Title: Eclogues of Vergil, ID: GB/13701)
  112. Edward Kessler (Book Title: Narcissus Reformed, ID: GB/12101)
  113. Stuart Kestenbaum (Book Title: Water Prayers, ID: GB/12668)
  114. Daniel Kharms (Book Title: Hindrance, ID: GB/3445)
  115. Omar Khayyam (Book Title: Mirror & the Eye, ID: GB/3446)
  116. David Kherdian (Book Title: Homage to Adana, ID: GB/3447)
  117. Timur Kibirov (Book Title: Snow-Storm, ID: GB/10701)
  118. Chip Kidd (Book Title: Uncovered, ID: GB/11517)
  119. Anselm Kiefer (Book Title: Argonauten, ID: GB/14335)
  120. Anselm Kiefer (Book Title: Book by Anselm Kiefer, ID: GB/3452)
  121. Anselm Kiefer (Book Title: Erotik im Fernen Oster oder (Transition from cool to warm), ID: GB/10948)
  122. Jochen Kienbaum (Book Title: Hornbook, ID: GB/14333)
  123. Linde Kienle (Book Title: Wild Cranes, ID: GB/12967)
  124. Tom Kierein (Book Title: Weather, ID: GB/3455)
  125. Tom Killion (Book Title: In Medias Res, ID: GB/11361)
  126. A young Kim (Book Title: Chance in Wonderland, ID: GB/12764)
  127. A young Kim (Book Title: No doubt, this simple musical grammar will jar on some people, ID: GB/12748)
  128. Myoung Soo Kim (Ivary) (Book Title: Blue Book, ID: GB/11609)
  129. Myoung Soo Kim (Ivary) (Book Title: Chess, ID: GB/12498)
  130. Myoung Soo Kim (Ivary) (Book Title: Myoung-Soo In My Dining Room, ID: GB/11247)
  131. Myoung Soo Kim (Ivary) (Book Title: Tub on Tuesday, ID: GB/11221)
  132. Myoung Soo Kim (Ivary) (Book Title: Tub on Wednesday, ID: GB/12022)
  133. Lucy Kimbell (Book Title: Audit, ID: GB/10637)
  134. James R. Kincaid (Book Title: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, ID: GB/1052)
  135. James R. Kincaid (Book Title: Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There, ID: GB/15954)
  136. David King (Book Title: 10 Years of Uzbekistan, ID: GB/15807)
  137. Karen King (Book Title: Gospel of Mary, ID: GB/10817)
  138. Ronald King (Book Title: Alphabeta Concertina, ID: GB/3469)
  139. Ronald King (Book Title: Anansi Company, ID: GB/2121)
  140. Ronald King (Book Title: Bijoux, ID: GB/413)
  141. Ronald King (Book Title: Bluebeard's Castle, ID: GB/3470)
  142. Ronald King (Book Title: Burning of the Books, ID: GB/12211)
  143. Ronald King (Book Title: Circus Turn, ID: GB/3471)
  144. Ronald King (Book Title: Claim Claim Claim, ID: GB/12212)
  145. Ronald King (Book Title: Echo Book, ID: GB/3472)
  146. Ronald King (Book Title: Hick Hack Hock, ID: GB/3474)
  147. Ronald King (Book Title: Late August on the Coast, ID: GB/13064)
  148. Ronald King (Book Title: Little but Often, ID: GB/13772)
  149. Ronald King (Book Title: London Series, ID: GB/3475)
  150. Ronald King (Book Title: Mirror Book, ID: GB/3476)
  151. Ronald King (Book Title: Song of Solomon, ID: GB/3477)
  152. Ronald King (Book Title: To My Valentine, ID: GB/3473)
  153. Ronald King (Book Title: Turn over darling, ID: GB/3478)
  154. Scott King (Book Title: Seven Wonders of the World, ID: GB/2928)
  155. Simon King (Book Title: Ode to the West Wind, ID: GB/5906)
  156. Steven King (Book Title: My Pretty Pony, ID: GB/10962)
  157. Susan E. King (Book Title: Lessons from the South, ID: GB/3480)
  158. Susan E. King (Book Title: Redressing the Sixties, ID: GB/12969)
  159. Susan E. King (Book Title: Say, See, Bone, ID: GB/13001)
  160. Susan E. King (Book Title: Women and Cars, ID: GB/3481)
  161. Tony King (Book Title: Moving Alphabet Book, ID: GB/3482)
  162. Magdalen King-Hall (Book Title: Diary of a Young Lady of Fashion in 1764-5, ID: GB/3483)
  163. Maxine Hong Kingston (Book Title: Hawai'i One Summer: 1978, ID: GB/3484)
  164. Peter Kingston (Book Title: Indian Train Journey, ID: GB/11952)
  165. Galway Kinnell (Book Title: Fergus Falling, ID: GB/3486)
  166. Galway Kinnell (Book Title: First Poems 1946-1954, ID: GB/3487)
  167. Galway Kinnell (Book Title: Geese, ID: GB/10801)
  168. Galway Kinnell (Book Title: Seekonk Woods, ID: GB/3488)
  169. Galway Kinnell (Book Title: Shoes of Wandering, ID: GB/3489)
  170. Galway Kinnell (Book Title: Two Poems, ID: GB/3490)
  171. Arthur F. Kinney (Book Title: Birds and Beasts of Shakespeare, ID: GB/3491)
  172. Leland Kinsey (Book Title: Trio, ID: GB/13715)
  173. Rudyard Kipling (Book Title: Glory of the Garden, ID: GB/3495)
  174. Martin Kippenberger (Book Title: Hotel-Hotel, ID: GB/11327)
  175. Martin Kippenberger (Book Title: Input-Output, ID: GB/12308)
  176. Martin Kippenberger (Book Title: No Drawing No Cry, ID: GB/12292)
  177. E. L. Kirchner (Book Title: Stiftsfräulein und der Tod, ID: GB/14971)
  178. Ken Kirkwood (Book Title: Search for the Rare Plumador, ID: GB/3500)
  179. Kirpichev (Book Title: 2M book, ID: GB/14319)
  180. Bernard Kirschenbaum (Book Title: Hidden Self Portrait, ID: GB/10110)
  181. Ely Kish (Book Title: Dinosaur Babies, ID: GB/3502)
  182. Matt Kish (Book Title: Moby-Dick in Pictures, ID: GB/13852)
  183. R. B. Kitaj (Book Title: Kaddish for Naomi Ginsberg, 1894-1956, ID: GB/12456)
  184. Linda Kitson (Book Title: Plague, ID: GB/1005)
  185. Sharon Kivland (Book Title: Case of Hysteria, ID: GB/10641)
  186. Sharon Kivland (Book Title: Reader, ID: GB/10407)
  187. August R. Klapper (Book Title: Stories Of Little Red Riding Hood, And Others, ID: GB/16191)
  188. Jean Klare (Book Title: Atlas of Experience, ID: GB/6771)
  189. Paul Klee (Book Title: Pedagogical Sketchbook, ID: GB/14617)
  190. Steven Klein (Book Title: Visionaire 55 Surprise, ID: GB/12152)
  191. Irmtraud Klug-Berninger (Book Title: Denkst, es ist Zufall, ID: GB/14886)
  192. Irmtraud Klug-Berninger (Book Title: Hab' so Eine Phantasie . . ., ID: GB/14885)
  193. Tracey Knapp (Book Title: Match in a Bottle, ID: GB/3523)
  194. Tracey Knapp (Book Title: Match in a Bottle, ID: GB/3513)
  195. Nigel Kneale (Book Title: Ghost Stories of M. R. James, ID: GB/3524)
  196. Jordan Knecht (Book Title: Little Book of Boekie Woekie, ID: GB/13068)
  197. Daniel Knorderer (Book Title: Lysistrata, ID: GB/212)
  198. Alison Knowles (Book Title: green, the red, the yellow, the black, and the white, ID: GB/14448)
  199. Alison Knowles (Book Title: Plah plah pli plah, ID: GB/13370)
  200. Ellen Knudson (Book Title: Ingress /Egress, ID: GB/16171)
  201. Ann Knutson (Book Title: Untitled String Book, ID: GB/3533)
  202. Lewis Koch (Book Title: Organik Book, ID: GB/13101)
  203. Peter Rutledge Koch (Book Title: CODEX MMXIII, ID: GB/15579)
  204. Peter Rutledge Koch (Book Title: Defictions of Diogenes, ID: GB/11322)
  205. Peter Rutledge Koch (Book Title: Five Poems, ID: GB/13373)
  206. Peter Rutledge Koch (Book Title: Lost Journals of Sacajewea, ID: GB/15362)
  207. Peter Rutledge Koch (Book Title: Speculum Mundi, ID: GB/30146)
  208. Peter Rutledge Koch (Book Title: The Last Word, ID: GB/15361)
  209. Rudolf Koch (Book Title: Typefoundry in Silhouette, ID: GB/3536)
  210. Job Koelewijn (Book Title: Road Not Taken, ID: GB/14272)
  211. Ronald Koertge (Book Title: Fresh Meat, ID: GB/3540)
  212. Arthur Koestler (Book Title: Darkness at Noon, ID: GB/3542)
  213. Stephan Kohler (Book Title: Story of the Lion, ID: GB/30437)
  214. Akiko Kojima (Book Title: In Praise of Typhoons, ID: GB/11011)
  215. Lisa Kokin (Book Title: Wordless Library, ID: GB/30473)
  216. Claudia Kolgen (Book Title: Ein Hauch von Erinnerugen, ID: GB/3545)
  217. Katsumi Komagata (Book Title: Aller - Retour, ID: GB/15202)
  218. Katsumi Komagata (Book Title: Blue to Blue, ID: GB/12045)
  219. Katsumi Komagata (Book Title: Cloud, ID: GB/12072)
  220. Katsumi Komagata (Book Title: Después de la Iluvial, ID: GB/14075)
  221. Katsumi Komagata (Book Title: First Look, ID: GB/14711)
  222. Katsumi Komagata (Book Title: Folds and Planes, ID: GB/11358)
  223. Katsumi Komagata (Book Title: Found it!, ID: GB/12048)
  224. Katsumi Komagata (Book Title: Ichigu, ID: GB/15191)
  225. Katsumi Komagata (Book Title: Josef et Anni, ID: GB/30542)
  226. Katsumi Komagata (Book Title: Kakera, ID: GB/15182)
  227. Katsumi Komagata (Book Title: Little Tree, ID: GB/12046)
  228. Katsumi Komagata (Book Title: Lucky Hen, ID: GB/15631)
  229. Katsumi Komagata (Book Title: One for Many, ID: GB/12049)
  230. Katsumi Komagata (Book Title: Sound Carried by the Wind, ID: GB/12044)
  231. Katsumi Komagata (Book Title: Tears, ID: GB/12047)
  232. Katsumi Komagata (Book Title: Thank You, ID: GB/15636)
  233. Katsumi Komagata (Book Title: What Color?, ID: GB/12050)
  234. Katsumi Komagata (Book Title: When the Sun Rises, ID: GB/15255)
  235. Yusef Komunyakaa (Book Title: Love in the Time of War, ID: GB/14121)
  236. Harry Kondoleon (Book Title: Cote d'Azur Triangle, ID: GB/10300)
  237. Kasper König (Book Title: Stockholm Museum, ID: GB/1319)
  238. Ted Kooser (Book Title: Flying at Night, ID: GB/16570)
  239. Márton Koppány (Book Title: Breeze, ID: GB/30590)
  240. Márton Koppány (Book Title: Seer, ID: GB/15350)
  241. Renne Koppel (Metavel) (Book Title: Miniatures from the Bible by Metavel, ID: GB/13841)
  242. Erdmute Koppenhöfer (Book Title: Bilder vom Sehen, ID: GB/16178)
  243. Kumi Korf (Book Title: Waves at my Side, ID: GB/16513)
  244. Bodo Korsig (Book Title: Letter from Marina, ID: GB/12445)
  245. Helga Kos (Book Title: Ode aan de Kolossale Zon, ID: GB/11357)
  246. Diane Kosowski (Book Title: Pop-up Book of Gnomes, ID: GB/15957)
  247. Richard Kostelanetz (Book Title: Fulcrapoems, ID: GB/11493)
  248. Richard Kostelanetz (Book Title: Minimal Erotic Fictions, ID: GB/12832)
  249. Richard Kostelanetz (Book Title: My Song of Myself, ID: GB/15238)
  250. Richard Kostelanetz (Book Title: Openings and Closings, ID: GB/3554)
  251. Richard Kostelanetz (Book Title: Puns, ID: GB/16649)
  252. Richard Kostelanetz (Book Title: Text-Sound Texts, ID: GB/3555)
  253. Richard Kostelanetz (Book Title: Thrice, ID: GB/12735)
  254. Kaitlin Kostus (Book Title: Little Book of Boekie Woekie, ID: GB/13068)
  255. Joseph Kosuth (Book Title: Two Oxford Reading Rooms, ID: GB/3557)
  256. Joseph Kosuth (Book Title: Xerox Book, ID: GB/10320)
  257. Jannis Kounellis (Book Title: Senza Titolo, ID: GB/14338)
  258. Márta Kovalovszky (Book Title: Our Marriage with Miki, ID: GB/6324)
  259. Renate Kozikowski (Book Title: Sophie's Hideaway, ID: GB/3560)
  260. Aaron Krach (Book Title: Author of this Book Committed Suicide, ID: GB/13431)
  261. Richard Kraft (Book Title: Diary: How to Improve the World (You Will Only Make Matters Worse), ID: GB/14999)
  262. Richard Kraft (Book Title: Here Comes Kitty, ID: GB/15068)
  263. Judith Krant (Book Title: Us & Them, ID: GB/8748)
  264. Ruth Krauss (Book Title: Re-examination of Freedom, ID: GB/3572)
  265. Fritz Kredel (Book Title: Nymphs of Fiesole, ID: GB/644)
  266. Ann M. Kresge (Book Title: Shadow Play, ID: GB/12976)
  267. Hubert Kretschmer (Book Title: Various Small Dicks, ID: GB/14612)
  268. Bernd Kroeber (Book Title: Roxana - The Fortunate Mistress, ID: GB/1658)
  269. Ernest Kroll (Book Title: Tattoo Parlor and Other Fraxioms, ID: GB/3576)
  270. Susan Kronfeld (Book Title: Spaghettiana, ID: GB/3579)
  271. Alexei Kruchenykh (Book Title: Victory Over the Sun, ID: GB/3580)
  272. Barbara Kruger (Book Title: My Pretty Pony, ID: GB/10962)
  273. Anouk Kruithof (Book Title: Daily Exhaustion, ID: GB/12739)
  274. Peter Kruty (Book Title: Hiddenness, ID: GB/13054)
  275. Peter Kruty (Book Title: I Had a Blueprint of History, ID: GB/13498)
  276. Peter Kruty (Book Title: Method, ID: GB/14145)
  277. Michael Kuch (Book Title: Alliterative Abecedarium of Anthropomorphic Animals, ID: GB/13760)
  278. Michael Kuch (Book Title: Little River, ID: GB/14302)
  279. Michael Kuch (Book Title: Waterlines, ID: GB/15734)
  280. Katherine Kuehn (Book Title: Letters & Numbers, ID: GB/5508)
  281. Katherine Kuehn (Book Title: Mining My Antonia, ID: GB/13789)
  282. Burgi Kühnemann (Book Title: Chat et le Renard, ID: GB/12433)
  283. Burgi Kühnemann (Book Title: Deutscher Wald und deutsches Rotkäppchen, ID: GB/12036)
  284. Burgi Kühnemann (Book Title: Rotkäppchen und der Wolf, ID: GB/15379)
  285. Yasuo Kume (Book Title: Tesuki Washi Shuho, ID: GB/3590)
  286. Karen Kunc (Book Title: On This Land, ID: GB/12971)
  287. Reiner Kunze (Book Title: With the Volume Down Low, ID: GB/3593)
  288. Hari Kunzru (Book Title: Memory Palace, ID: GB/14045)
  289. Mikko Kuorinki (Book Title: Order of Things:, ID: GB/13389)
  290. Yuri Kuper (Book Title: My Sister-Life, ID: GB/10963)
  291. Marika Kupkova (Book Title: Martin Zet, ID: GB/15228)
  292. T. Kurahara (Book Title: To the Blue Wall, ID: GB/11308)
  293. Choukitsu Kurumatani (Book Title: Musashimaru, ID: GB/14186)
  294. Yayoi Kusama (Book Title: Visionaire 55 Surprise, ID: GB/12152)
  295. Sowon Kwon (Book Title: Whiteowned Gasoline Stations, ID: GB/14602)
  296. Hedi Kyle (Book Title: A to Z, ID: GB/3598)
  297. Hedi Kyle (Book Title: ABC Book, ID: GB/15095)
  298. Hedi Kyle (Book Title: New World Suite, ID: GB/11396)

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