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Authors starting with 'U'

  1. Yuko Uchikawa (Book Title: Norton Holiday Project, ID: GB/31616)
  2. John Udal (Book Title: In a State of Readiness...., ID: GB/6641)
  3. UG (Book Title: Power Pop, ID: GB/6642)
  4. Philippe Ug (Book Title: Op-Art Pop-Up Vasarely, ID: GB/15170)
  5. Tom Uglow (Book Title: Composition No. 1, ID: GB/13436)
  6. Jonathan Uhlaner (Book Title: Runge Revisited, ID: GB/16650)
  7. Phyllis Uitti-Maslin (Book Title: Zones of Time, Sand and Rain, ID: GB/12974)
  8. Heike Ulbricht (Book Title: October, or Autumnal Tints, ID: GB/13829)
  9. James Ramsey Ullman (Book Title: Wite Tower, ID: GB/6643)
  10. Tomi Um (Book Title: Feast!, ID: GB/16558)
  11. Lovely Umayam (Book Title: Atomic Sublime, ID: GB/30021)
  12. Giuseppe Ungaretti (Book Title: Kalumet, ID: GB/15042)
  13. Unknown (Book Title: Cork Book, ID: GB/15401)
  14. Unknown (Book Title: Give Us Small Books, ID: GB/13329)
  15. Unknown (Book Title: Miss Pinns, ID: GB/6690)
  16. Unknown (Book Title: States of Humanity, ID: GB/6692)
  17. Unknown (Book Title: Sticky book, ID: GB/15867)
  18. John Updike (Book Title: When I write. . .", ID: GB/10795)
  19. Judith Farley Upjohn (Book Title: Alice In Ribbons, ID: GB/6709)
  20. Regula Hurter Urech (Book Title: Herzkirsi, ID: GB/12009)
  21. Uri Werner Urech-Hurter (Book Title: Herzkirsi, ID: GB/12009)
  22. Ram Singh Urveti (Book Title: Night Life of Trees, ID: GB/14098)
  23. Allison Urwick (Book Title: Sleeping, ID: GB/30154)
  24. Stephen Usherwood (Book Title: Great Enterprise, ID: GB/6712)

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