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Authors starting with 'P'

  1. Piet Paaltjens (Book Title: Polyglotte Melkboer, ID: GB/16117)
  2. Kveta Pacovska (Book Title: Unfold Enfold, ID: GB/10302)
  3. Susanne Padberg (Book Title: Bilder vom Sehen, ID: GB/16178)
  4. Susanne Padberg (Book Title: Rotkäppchen und der Wolf, ID: GB/15379)
  5. Ron Padgett (Book Title: Adventures of Mr and Mrs Jim and Ron, ID: GB/16629)
  6. Clemente Padin (Book Title: For the Lascano wetlands, ID: GB/16079)
  7. Clemente Padin (Book Title: Homage to the Square, ID: GB/12799)
  8. Candida Pagan (Book Title: Nebula, ID: GB/15060)
  9. Candida Pagan (Book Title: Primium Mobile, ID: GB/15059)
  10. Candida Pagan (Book Title: Primum Mobile, ID: GB/15205)
  11. Robin Page (Book Title: This book belongs to Robin Page, ID: GB/12828)
  12. Gianpaolo Pagni (Book Title: Senza Pensare, ID: GB/14000)
  13. Shin Yu Pai (Book Title: Haiku Not Bombs, ID: GB/12109)
  14. Peter Pakesch (Book Title: Wall, ID: GB/11313)
  15. Michael Palin (Book Title: For Sale, Baby Shoes, Never Worn, ID: GB/13828)
  16. Marcia Pally (Book Title: Eat and Die, ID: GB/12432)
  17. Garrick Palmer (Book Title: Moby Dick or The Whale, ID: GB/4336)
  18. Kottie Paloma (Book Title: Aargh, ID: GB/11454)
  19. Joan Palou (Book Title: 3333366666, ID: GB/4923)
  20. Joan Palou (Book Title: A, ID: GB/4924)
  21. Joan Palou (Book Title: Degotim, ID: GB/4925)
  22. Joan Palou (Book Title: Llibre Amb Una Sola Fulla!, ID: GB/4926)
  23. Colin Pantall (Book Title: Floating Worlds, ID: GB/15635)
  24. Sancho Panza (Book Title: Letter to My Daughter, ID: GB/30076)
  25. John T. Paoletti (Book Title: Collection of Sol LeWitt, ID: GB/11312)
  26. Matthew Papa (Book Title: Twentysix Likes on Tumblr, ID: GB/13719)
  27. Nina Papaconstantinou (Book Title: Reader, ID: GB/10407)
  28. Gianni Paravicini (Book Title: Dieter Roth, Ur-Tränenmeer, ID: GB/12736)
  29. Zaven Pare (Book Title: Ossip Mandelstam, ID: GB/4104)
  30. Philippe Paringaux (Book Title: Trente-Six Positions de l'amour, ID: GB/3537)
  31. Gabriel Paris (Book Title: Fleurs, ID: GB/13740)
  32. Miguet Paris (Book Title: Prose du Transsibérien et de la Petite Jehanne de France, ID: GB/14561)
  33. Wendy Paris (Book Title: What's New?" asked the Gnu, ID: GB/5869)
  34. Yeoun Joo Park (Book Title: Future of Higher Education, ID: GB/11366)
  35. Sara Parkel (Book Title: Hang On, ID: GB/12070)
  36. Sara Parkel (Book Title: Organik Book, ID: GB/13101)
  37. Sarah Parkel (Book Title: Regional Museum, ID: GB/10375)
  38. Sarah Parkel (Book Title: Scream at the Librarian, ID: GB/11456)
  39. Cornelia Parker (Book Title: Lost Volume: A Catalogue of Disasters, ID: GB/4942)
  40. Derek Parker (Book Title: Plague, ID: GB/1005)
  41. Dorothy Parker (Book Title: Best of Dorothy Parker, ID: GB/4943)
  42. Siôn Parkinson (Book Title: Head in the Railings, ID: GB/11073)
  43. Francis Parkman (Book Title: Oregon Trail, ID: GB/4948)
  44. Martin Parr (Book Title: Hidden Islam, ID: GB/15219)
  45. E. G. Parrot (Book Title: English Book Prospectuses, ID: GB/2048)
  46. Gray Parrot (Book Title: Tortoises, ID: GB/3683)
  47. Mary Parry (Book Title: Birth of a Naturalist, ID: GB/3245)
  48. Mary Parry (Book Title: Birth of a Naturalist, ID: GB/30106)
  49. Mary Parry (Book Title: History of Susanna, ID: GB/4955)
  50. Mary Parry (Book Title: History of Susanna, ID: GB/30023)
  51. Mary Parry (Book Title: Saint Matheu, ID: GB/15766)
  52. Mary Parry (Book Title: Winter, ID: GB/2600)
  53. Nicholas Parry (Book Title: Air Space, ID: GB/5144)
  54. Nicholas Parry (Book Title: Birth of a Naturalist, ID: GB/30106)
  55. Nicholas Parry (Book Title: Birth of a Naturalist, ID: GB/3245)
  56. Nicholas Parry (Book Title: Blore Heath, ID: GB/4954)
  57. Nicholas Parry (Book Title: History of Susanna, ID: GB/30023)
  58. Nicholas Parry (Book Title: History of Susanna, ID: GB/4955)
  59. Nicholas Parry (Book Title: Poems of Taliesin, ID: GB/4956)
  60. Nicholas Parry (Book Title: Rune Poem, ID: GB/2594)
  61. Nicholas Parry (Book Title: Saint Matheu, ID: GB/15766)
  62. Nicholas Parry (Book Title: Verses from the Book of Psalms, ID: GB/4957)
  63. Nicholas Parry (Book Title: Winter, ID: GB/2600)
  64. Zahra Partovi (Book Title: Divan e Shams, ID: GB/14888)
  65. Zahra Partovi (Book Title: Divan e Shams, ID: GB/14888)
  66. Zahra Partovi (Book Title: Fragments of Light 2, ID: GB/11955)
  67. Zahra Partovi (Book Title: Fragments of Light 4, ID: GB/12343)
  68. Zahra Partovi (Book Title: Giacomo Joyce, ID: GB/11330)
  69. Zahra Partovi (Book Title: Giacomo Joyce, ID: GB/11330)
  70. Zahra Partovi (Book Title: On the Art of Painting, ID: GB/10148)
  71. Zahra Partovi (Book Title: Ruminations, ID: GB/11471)
  72. Brian Partridge (Book Title: Acrostics, ID: GB/15389)
  73. Marco Pasi (Book Title: Diary With Kaleidoscope Eyes, ID: GB/14840)
  74. Michael Passmore (Book Title: Super Castings, ID: GB/7129)
  75. Boris Pasternak (Book Title: My Sister-Life, ID: GB/10963)
  76. Oskar Pastior (Book Title: Come in to frower, ID: GB/11389)
  77. Oskar Pastior (Book Title: Kabelpoesie oder Farbenspiel, ID: GB/12100)
  78. Avni Patel (Book Title: Early Bird Exercise Book, ID: GB/8760)
  79. Walter Pater (Book Title: Renaissance, ID: GB/4968)
  80. David Murray Paton (Book Title: Prose du Transsibérien et de la petite Jehanne de France, ID: GB/16875)
  81. Simon Patterson (Book Title: Rex Reason, ID: GB/4981)
  82. Denis Paul (Book Title: On Certainty, ID: GB/12014)
  83. Elliot Paul (Book Title: Monsieur Dorlan - Relieur, ID: GB/4982)
  84. Korky Paul (Book Title: Crocodile and the Dumper Truck, ID: GB/4159)
  85. Korky Paul (Book Title: Doors, ID: GB/4984)
  86. Korky Paul (Book Title: Hey Diddle Diddle, ID: GB/4985)
  87. Korky Paul (Book Title: Humpty Dumpty, ID: GB/4160)
  88. Korky Paul (Book Title: Jack and Jill, ID: GB/4161)
  89. Korky Paul (Book Title: Pop-up Book of Ghost Tales, ID: GB/4986)
  90. Nora Pauwels (Book Title: Rekening, ID: GB/13813)
  91. Keith Pavia (Book Title: Input Output, ID: GB/13592)
  92. Mark Pawson (Book Title: Pink Paper Book, ID: GB/10451)
  93. Mark Pawson (Book Title: Plugs, ID: GB/4990)
  94. Hilary Paynter (Book Title: Goblin Market, ID: GB/5454)
  95. Octovio Paz (Book Title: Three Poems, ID: GB/11994)
  96. Thomas Love Peacock (Book Title: Nightmare Abbey, ID: GB/4992)
  97. G. Pearlman (Book Title: Hoarder's Manual No. 77, ID: GB/14244)
  98. Hesketh Pearson (Book Title: Smith of Smiths, ID: GB/4998)
  99. Cynthia Peck-Kubaczek (Book Title: Runge Revisited, ID: GB/16650)
  100. Sef Peeters (Book Title: Untitled 1976. Multiple bookobject, ID: GB/5001)
  101. Minxin Pei (Book Title: Necessary Disclosures, ID: GB/15854)
  102. David Pelham (Book Title: A is for Animals, ID: GB/5004)
  103. David Pelham (Book Title: Dimensional Man, ID: GB/16293)
  104. David Pelham (Book Title: Dimensional Mazes, ID: GB/5005)
  105. David Pelham (Book Title: Kites, ID: GB/13573)
  106. David Pelham (Book Title: Sam's Sandwich, ID: GB/30007)
  107. David Pelham (Book Title: Sam's Snack, ID: GB/5006)
  108. David Pelham (Book Title: Sam's Surprise, ID: GB/5007)
  109. David Pelham (Book Title: Sensational Samburger, ID: GB/5008)
  110. David Pelham (Book Title: Trail, ID: GB/11633)
  111. David Pelham (Book Title: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, ID: GB/4369)
  112. David Pelham (Book Title: Universe, ID: GB/1380)
  113. David Pelham (Book Title: Worms Wiggle, ID: GB/5009)
  114. Rémy Pénard (Book Title: Stampoems, ID: GB/13290)
  115. A. R. Penck (Book Title: Secret Book of Jazz, ID: GB/14188)
  116. Alexy Pendle (Book Title: Framley Parsonage, ID: GB/6562)
  117. Alexy Pendle (Book Title: Last Chronicle of Barset, ID: GB/6563)
  118. Alexy Pendle (Book Title: Small House at Allington, ID: GB/6565)
  119. George Pendle (Book Title: Book of Stamps, ID: GB/11934)
  120. Peter Pendrey (Book Title: Laxdaela Saga, ID: GB/7340)
  121. Peter Pendrey (Book Title: Oregon Trail, ID: GB/4948)
  122. Peter Pendrey (Book Title: Three Tragedies, ID: GB/3967)
  123. Cheryl Penn (Book Title: All good things come to an end, ID: GB/30616)
  124. Ib Pennick (Book Title: Story of the Statue of Liberty, ID: GB/15811)
  125. Giuseppe Penone (Book Title: Svolgere la propria pelle, ID: GB/5016)
  126. Booes Penrose (Book Title: Story of the Renaissance, ID: GB/15865)
  127. Rodney Peppe (Book Title: Indoors, ID: GB/15828)
  128. Samuel Pepys (Book Title: Extracts from The Blog of Samuel Pepys, ID: GB/15159)
  129. Georges Perec (Book Title: Memory Life Manual Index, ID: GB/30405)
  130. Georges Perec (Book Title: Pigeon Reader, ID: GB/14403)
  131. Sharmini Pereira (Book Title: Incomplete Thombu, ID: GB/16441)
  132. Sharmini Pereira (Book Title: Speech Writer, ID: GB/16444)
  133. Henri Peretz (Book Title: Table of Power, ID: GB/30147)
  134. Jean-Claude Peretz (Book Title: Eroto-scope, ID: GB/14727)
  135. Eliana Perez (Book Title: Organik Book, ID: GB/13101)
  136. Dan Perjovschi (Book Title: Human Natural Disasters, ID: GB/30025)
  137. Hirsch Perlman (Book Title: Stills from a Complete Conversation, ID: GB/5030)
  138. Géza Perneczky (Book Title: International Stamps, ID: GB/5032)
  139. Géza Perneczky (Book Title: International Stamps No. 2, ID: GB/5033)
  140. Géza Perneczky (Book Title: Spirits-stamping, ID: GB/5034)
  141. Géza Perneczky (Book Title: Stamping of little objects, ID: GB/5035)
  142. Géza Perneczky (Book Title: Story of the Colourful Ribbons, ID: GB/5036)
  143. Charles Perrault (Book Title: Lune Enchantée, ID: GB/15199)
  144. Maria Perry (Book Title: Elizabeth I, ID: GB/5040)
  145. Kevin Perryman (Book Title: Related Children, ID: GB/14868)
  146. Marisha Pessl (Book Title: Night Film, ID: GB/14171)
  147. Fernando Pessoa (Book Title: Wahrheit und Aspirin, ID: GB/11422)
  148. Madeleine Pestiaux (Book Title: Papers of River Muds, ID: GB/10316)
  149. Sarah Peter (Book Title: Pen in Hand, ID: GB/5042)
  150. Sarah Peters (Book Title: Necessary Disclosures, ID: GB/15854)
  151. Les Petersen (Book Title: Sydney Morning, ID: GB/13477)
  152. Marianne R. Petit (Book Title: My Anatomical Journal, ID: GB/31615)
  153. Marianne R. Petit (Book Title: Person you (Don't) Want to Be, ID: GB/31612)
  154. Marianne R. Petit (Book Title: Struwwelpeter and More Morbid Tales, ID: GB/31621)
  155. Harry Mark Petrakis (Book Title: Chapter Seven, ID: GB/5046)
  156. Chris Petrone (Book Title: Uniform Paper, ID: GB/11171)
  157. Raymond Pettibon (Book Title: Scream at the Librarian, ID: GB/11456)
  158. Raymond Pettibon (Book Title: Scream of the Librarian (Sketches of Our Patrons in Downtown Los Angeles), ID: GB/12107)
  159. Raymond Pettibon (Book Title: South of Heaven, ID: GB/15562)
  160. Michael Peven (Book Title: Manmade Wonders (Snatches), ID: GB/5048)
  161. Yves Peyré (Book Title: Intimate Cosmogony, ID: GB/11095)
  162. Julia Peyton-Jones (Book Title: America Goes To War. . . Swimming In The Afternoon, ID: GB/12303)
  163. Julia Peyton-Jones (Book Title: Journey into Fear, ID: GB/30027)
  164. Werner Pfeiffer (Book Title: Liber Mobile, ID: GB/14350)
  165. Gilbert Phelps (Book Title: History of Rasselas, ID: GB/3297)
  166. Gilbert Phelps (Book Title: Howards End, ID: GB/2170)
  167. Gilbert Phelps (Book Title: Rare Adventures and Painful Peregrinations of William Lithgow, ID: GB/5050)
  168. Gilbert Phelps (Book Title: Rare Adventures and Painful Peregrinations of William Lithgow, ID: GB/5050)
  169. Gilbert Phelps (Book Title: To the Lighthouse, ID: GB/7251)
  170. J. S. Phillimore (Book Title: True Historie of Lucian the Samosatenian, ID: GB/2923)
  171. Deborah Phillips (Book Title: Little Chaos, ID: GB/5053)
  172. Dennis Phillips (Book Title: On Rooks, ID: GB/15056)
  173. Dennis Phillips (Book Title: Sophia's Lament, ID: GB/14021)
  174. Nicholas Phillips (Book Title: Egyptian Hours, ID: GB/5054)
  175. Tom Phillips (Book Title: Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri. Inferno, ID: GB/12854)
  176. Tom Phillips (Book Title: Heart of the Humument, ID: GB/15449)
  177. Tom Phillips (Book Title: Humument, ID: GB/15732)
  178. Tom Phillips (Book Title: Humument (Fifth edition), ID: GB/14428)
  179. Tom Phillips (Book Title: Humument (First edition?), ID: GB/5058)
  180. Tom Phillips (Book Title: Humument (First revised edition), ID: GB/13997)
  181. Tom Phillips (Book Title: Humument (Private Fourth Edition), ID: GB/13998)
  182. Tom Phillips (Book Title: Humument (Tetrad Edition), ID: GB/14005)
  183. Tom Phillips (Book Title: Humument (Third Edition), ID: GB/13999)
  184. Tom Phillips (Book Title: Trailer, ID: GB/14354)
  185. Clive Phillpot (Book Title: Volumes (of Vulnerability), ID: GB/3274)
  186. Howard Phipps (Book Title: Further Interiors, ID: GB/5061)
  187. Howard Phipps (Book Title: Interiors, ID: GB/5062)
  188. Docteur Georges Pialloux (Book Title: Saint-Jean-De-Luz Ciboune. Cité corsaire., ID: GB/5067)
  189. Pablo Picasso (Book Title: Lysistrata, ID: GB/14139)
  190. Pablo Picasso (Book Title: Lysistrata, ID: GB/16481)
  191. Michalis Pichler (Book Title: Catalog / Exhibition, ID: GB/15462)
  192. Michalis Pichler (Book Title: Coup de Dés Jamais N'abolira le Hasard, ID: GB/14486)
  193. Michalis Pichler (Book Title: Floribundarosen, ID: GB/15592)
  194. Michalis Pichler (Book Title: J'ai le mouvement qui deplace le lignes, ID: GB/15466)
  195. Michalis Pichler (Book Title: Monsanto Company Earnings Call Transcript, ID: GB/14835)
  196. Michalis Pichler (Book Title: Sechsundzwanzig Autobahn Flaggen, ID: GB/12320)
  197. Michalis Pichler (Book Title: Some More Sonnet(s), ID: GB/14818)
  198. Michalis Pichler (Book Title: Twentysix Gasoline Stations, ID: GB/12319)
  199. Michalis Pichler (Book Title: Twentysix Gasoline Stations, ID: GB/14661)
  200. Jan Pienkowski (Book Title: ABC Dinosaurs, ID: GB/5073)
  201. Jan Pienkowski (Book Title: Botticelli's Bed and Breakfast, ID: GB/5074)
  202. Jan Pienkowski (Book Title: Dinner Time, ID: GB/5075)
  203. Jan Pienkowski (Book Title: Fancy That!, ID: GB/5076)
  204. Jan Pienkowski (Book Title: Gossip, ID: GB/5077)
  205. Jan Pienkowski (Book Title: Haunted House, ID: GB/5078)
  206. Jan Pienkowski (Book Title: Little Monsters, ID: GB/5079)
  207. Jan Pienkowski (Book Title: Robot, ID: GB/5080)
  208. Jan Pienkowski (Book Title: Small Talk, ID: GB/5082)
  209. Emmanuel Pierre (Book Title: Rencontres de Flibusquet a Paris, ID: GB/5083)
  210. Jack Pierson (Book Title: All of a Sudden, ID: GB/5084)
  211. Wim Pijbes (Book Title: Rijksmuseum Cook Book, ID: GB/15246)
  212. Max Pinckers (Book Title: Floating Worlds, ID: GB/15635)
  213. Steven Pinker (Book Title: Language Instinct, ID: GB/5088)
  214. Thos P. Pinkert (Book Title: Fox and the Farmer, ID: GB/5089)
  215. Jerry Pinkney (Book Title: Strange Animals of the Sea, ID: GB/5090)
  216. Adrian Piper (Book Title: Colored People, ID: GB/5093)
  217. Michelle Piranio (Book Title: Coup de Dés Jamais N'abolira le Hasard, ID: GB/30526)
  218. Maria G. Pisano (Book Title: Hecatombe 9-11, ID: GB/13796)
  219. Maria G. Pisano (Book Title: Seven Voyages, ID: GB/13777)
  220. Maria G. Pisano (Book Title: Tunnel Vision, ID: GB/15402)
  221. Maria G. Pisano (Book Title: Under Cover: ABC of Banned Books, ID: GB/31611)
  222. Maria G. Pisano (Book Title: Via Dolorosa, ID: GB/31628)
  223. Michael Pisano (Book Title: Seven Voyages, ID: GB/13777)
  224. Jonathan Pitcher (Book Title: Intranquilo: On Edge, ID: GB/12714)
  225. J. Martin Pitts (Book Title: Waternymph and the Boy, ID: GB/4763)
  226. Joshua Piven (Book Title: Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook, ID: GB/5103)
  227. Vanessa Place (Book Title: Catalog / Exhibition, ID: GB/15462)
  228. Salvador Plascencia (Book Title: Composition No. 1, ID: GB/13436)
  229. Katie Plassche (Book Title: Input Output, ID: GB/13592)
  230. Plato (Book Title: Trial and Execution of Socrates, ID: GB/16830)
  231. Susan Pletzsch (Book Title: Solitude, ID: GB/30136)
  232. John Plunkett (Book Title: Mind Grenades, ID: GB/5108)
  233. Lee Podesva (Book Title: Komma, ID: GB/13049)
  234. Edgar Allan Poe (Book Title: Black Cat, ID: GB/5117)
  235. Edgar Allan Poe (Book Title: Descent into the Maelstrom, ID: GB/30409)
  236. Edgar Allan Poe (Book Title: Fall of the House of Usher, ID: GB/5111)
  237. Edgar Allan Poe (Book Title: Raven, ID: GB/15088)
  238. Edgar Allan Poe (Book Title: Raven, ID: GB/5113)
  239. Edgar Allan Poe (Book Title: Raven, ID: GB/5114)
  240. Edgar Allan Poe (Book Title: Raven, ID: GB/12743)
  241. Edgar Allan Poe (Book Title: Raven, ID: GB/13822)
  242. Edgar Allan Poe (Book Title: Raven, ID: GB/5112)
  243. Edgar Allan Poe (Book Title: Tell-Tale Heart, ID: GB/15258)
  244. JoAnna Poehlmann (Book Title: Drawings in a Nutshell, ID: GB/5118)
  245. JoAnna Poehlmann (Book Title: Love Letters, ID: GB/5119)
  246. Alessandro Poeta (Book Title: Outsider, ID: GB/14649)
  247. Maddalena Polletta (Book Title: Ex Libris, ID: GB/31614)
  248. Dany Polmadie (Book Title: Passport, ID: GB/5125)
  249. Marshall Pomerantz (Book Title: They Run, ID: GB/15303)
  250. Mimi Pond (Book Title: Half Off, ID: GB/5127)
  251. Jess Poplawski (Book Title: Input Output, ID: GB/13592)
  252. Kathryn Poppino (Book Title: Untitled (Aluminum), ID: GB/5138)
  253. Maria F. Porges (Book Title: UnMatched Halves, ID: GB/5140)
  254. Genesis P-Orridge (Book Title: Salivation Army Black Book, ID: GB/11071)
  255. Bern Porter (Book Title: Book of Do's, ID: GB/13478)
  256. Bern Porter (Book Title: Found Poems, ID: GB/5141)
  257. Bern Porter (Book Title: Here Comes Everybody's Don't Book, ID: GB/13482)
  258. Bern Porter (Book Title: Manhattan Telephone Book 1972, ID: GB/5142)
  259. Bern Porter (Book Title: Sweet End, ID: GB/13481)
  260. Bern Porter (Book Title: What are Legends, ID: GB/13717)
  261. John Porter (Book Title: Air Space, ID: GB/5144)
  262. Dennis Potter (Book Title: Tender is the Night, ID: GB/5752)
  263. Rick Potts (Book Title: Variations on the Dialectic between Mingus and Pithecanthropus Erectus, ID: GB/10933)
  264. Molly Poulter (Book Title: Types of Beauty, ID: GB/14256)
  265. T. L. Poulton (Book Title: Plurality of Worlds, ID: GB/1613)
  266. Lawrence Clark Powell (Book Title: Out of the Dark, ID: GB/10287)
  267. Alan Powers (Book Title: Book of Jugs, ID: GB/5163)
  268. Kevin C. Powers (Book Title: Letter Composed During a Lull in the Fighting, ID: GB/14149)
  269. Lucio Pozzi (Book Title: People and Things, ID: GB/5168)
  270. Vicki Pracht (Book Title: Tpyoghaisfcre Nitezon II, ID: GB/13767)
  271. Usha Prajapat (Book Title: Uhanga Dihangara (Coat Hanger Print Portfolio), ID: GB/10174)
  272. Mary Pratt (Book Title: NYC A-Z Vol. 3, ID: GB/5173)
  273. Mary Pratt (Book Title: NYC A-Z Vol II, ID: GB/5172)
  274. Alain Presencer (Book Title: Roaring Lion Tales, ID: GB/5178)
  275. John Press (Book Title: Sleeping, ID: GB/30154)
  276. Molly Preston (Book Title: Anne Hughes: Her Boke, ID: GB/3103)
  277. Doris Preussner (Book Title: Denkst, es ist Zufall, ID: GB/14886)
  278. Doris Preussner (Book Title: Hab' so Eine Phantasie . . ., ID: GB/14885)
  279. Elizabeth Price (Book Title: small Gold Medal, ID: GB/10635)
  280. Matlack Price (Book Title: Foot-High Letters. A Guide to Lettering, ID: GB/16827)
  281. Richard Price (Book Title: Good Life, ID: GB/5181)
  282. Richard Price (Book Title: Little but Often, ID: GB/13772)
  283. Richard Price (Book Title: Mechanical World, ID: GB/11145)
  284. Robin Price (Book Title: 43, ID: GB/12846)
  285. Robin Price (Book Title: Altar Book for Gorecki, ID: GB/5182)
  286. Robin Price (Book Title: As You Continue, ID: GB/13479)
  287. Robin Price (Book Title: By-and-by, ID: GB/13129)
  288. Robin Price (Book Title: Guest Book - The House was Quiet, ID: GB/16361)
  289. Robin Price (Book Title: Language of her Body, ID: GB/13130)
  290. Robin Price (Book Title: Love in the Time of War, ID: GB/14121)
  291. Caradog Prichard (Book Title: Un Nos Ola Leuad, ID: GB/8703)
  292. Tania Prill (Book Title: 336 Pages; 336 Books, ID: GB/14829)
  293. Don Prince (Book Title: Workplace, ID: GB/10452)
  294. Richard Prince (Book Title: 60 Years Later, ID: GB/13434)
  295. Richard Prince (Book Title: Adult Comedy Action Drama, ID: GB/11935)
  296. Richard Prince (Book Title: America Goes To War. . . Swimming In The Afternoon, ID: GB/12303)
  297. Richard Prince (Book Title: American Dream, ID: GB/11123)
  298. Richard Prince (Book Title: American English, ID: GB/5188)
  299. Roger Pringle (Book Title: Garland for the Laureate, ID: GB/5189)
  300. Johanna Prins (Book Title: Sappho, ID: GB/10804)
  301. Patrick Procktor (Book Title: Shropshire Lad, ID: GB/3066)
  302. Sergei Prokofiev (Book Title: Peter & The Wolf, ID: GB/30795)
  303. R. Prost (Book Title: Etudes, ID: GB/30152)
  304. Alice and Martin Provensen (Book Title: Leonardo Da Vinci, ID: GB/5199)
  305. Rob Pruitt (Book Title: Holy Crap, ID: GB/12629)
  306. James Putnam (Book Title: Appointment, ID: GB/10346)
  307. James Putnam (Book Title: Appointment, ID: GB/13388)
  308. Richard Pye (Book Title: Impermanence Subtile, ID: GB/15302)
  309. Roland Pym (Book Title: English Eccentrics, ID: GB/5967)
  310. Roland Pym (Book Title: Love in a Cold Climate, ID: GB/4471)
  311. Roland Pym (Book Title: Pursuit of Love, ID: GB/4472)
  312. Monty Python (Book Title: Micromacrocosm, ID: GB/5207)

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