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Authors starting with 'M'

  1. Joni Mabe (Book Title: Untold Story, ID: GB/4050)
  2. David Macaulay (Book Title: Motel of the Mysteries, ID: GB/7366)
  3. Rosalind MacCurrach (Book Title: Small Wild Things, ID: GB/10830)
  4. A. G. Macdonell (Book Title: England Their England, ID: GB/4057)
  5. Katie MacGregor (Book Title: Aratus / Phaenomena / Sky Signs, ID: GB/31630)
  6. Katie MacGregor (Book Title: Architextures, ID: GB/10190)
  7. Katie MacGregor (Book Title: Black Ice and Rain, ID: GB/11725)
  8. Miriam Macgregor (Book Title: Bird's Eye View of the Whittington Press, ID: GB/16693)
  9. Miriam Macgregor (Book Title: Country Chaos, ID: GB/4058)
  10. Miriam Macgregor (Book Title: Diary of An Apple Tree, ID: GB/4059)
  11. Miriam Macgregor (Book Title: Predators in My Garden, ID: GB/4060)
  12. Miriam Macgregor (Book Title: Weeds in my Garden, ID: GB/13450)
  13. Miriam Macgregor (Book Title: Weeds in my Garden, ID: GB/13450)
  14. Miriam Macgregor (Book Title: Whittington, ID: GB/30139)
  15. Miriam Macgregor (Book Title: Whittington, ID: GB/4061)
  16. Kenneth MacInnes (Book Title: Acts - Dedicated to Bloom, ID: GB/12034)
  17. Kenneth MacInnes (Book Title: RYBA, ID: GB/11286)
  18. Elin Mack (Book Title: Absence of Logic, ID: GB/14763)
  19. Shena Mackay (Book Title: Untitled, ID: GB/15481)
  20. K. R. MacKenzie (Book Title: Georgics, ID: GB/4149)
  21. Norman H. MacKenzie (Book Title: Poems, ID: GB/3043)
  22. George Mackey (Book Title: Weeds and Wildflowers, ID: GB/4065)
  23. Fiona Macleod (Book Title: Dream Meadows, ID: GB/16077)
  24. Kat Macleod (Book Title: Bird, ID: GB/10468)
  25. Alyson MacNeil (Book Title: Mill on the Floss, ID: GB/1948)
  26. J. Oglethorpe MacNooder (Book Title: Another Common Place Book, ID: GB/4067)
  27. Christien Maeindertsma (Book Title: Checked Baggage, ID: GB/12838)
  28. Giorgio Maffei (Book Title: Sol Lewitt, ID: 2014)
  29. David Magarshack (Book Title: Idiot, ID: GB/1786)
  30. Magianegra (Book Title: Typographical Collages, ID: GB/30507)
  31. Magnetic Poetry (Book Title: Magnetic Poetry Composition Journal, ID: GB/4072)
  32. Magnus Magnusson (Book Title: Laxdaela Saga, ID: GB/7340)
  33. Magnus Magnusson (Book Title: Laxdaela Saga, ID: GB/7340)
  34. Miranda Maher (Book Title: 100 Coordinates of Violence, ID: GB/4073)
  35. Miranda Maher (Book Title: After Reasonable Research, ID: GB/4074)
  36. Miranda Maher (Book Title: Eighteen Self Portraits, ID: GB/4075)
  37. Miranda Maher (Book Title: Girls! Girls! Girls! Madwomen & Murderesses, ID: GB/4076)
  38. Miranda Maher (Book Title: How to Read and Write in the Dark, ID: GB/4077)
  39. Miranda Maher (Book Title: Redbook: A Book of Hours, ID: GB/4078)
  40. Claus Gunther Mahn (Book Title: Related Children, ID: GB/14868)
  41. Jule Claudia Mahn (Book Title: Elude, ID: GB/30592)
  42. Jule Claudia Mahn (Book Title: Related Children, ID: GB/14868)
  43. Jule Claudia Mahn (Book Title: Salvage, ID: GB/15135)
  44. Taj Mahomed (Book Title: Song of the Colours, ID: GB/4079)
  45. Anne-Marie Mai (Book Title: Ny Dansk Poesi - NDP, ID: GB/30535)
  46. Theresa Maier (Book Title: New Hampshire Journal, ID: GB/11239)
  47. Thomas Mailaender (Book Title: Time Travellers, ID: GB/30797)
  48. Aristide Maillol (Book Title: Eclogues of Vergil, ID: GB/13701)
  49. Antony Maitland (Book Title: Encore, ID: GB/4086)
  50. Clarence Major (Book Title: Parking Lots, ID: GB/4087)
  51. Avril Makula (Book Title: Fork in the Road, ID: GB/30598)
  52. Malioutine (Book Title: USSR en construction #12, ID: GB/16453)
  53. Stéphane Mallarmé (Book Title: Coup de Dés, ID: GB/12455)
  54. Stéphane Mallarmé (Book Title: Coup de Dés Jamais N'abolira le Hasard, ID: GB/15090)
  55. Stéphane Mallarmé (Book Title: Coup de Dés Jamais N'abolira le Hasard, ID: GB/14486)
  56. Stéphane Mallarmé (Book Title: Coup de Dés Jamais N'abolira le Hasard, ID: GB/30540)
  57. Stéphane Mallarmé (Book Title: Coup de Dés Jamais N'abolira le Hasard, ID: GB/14563)
  58. Stéphane Mallarmé (Book Title: Fleurs, ID: GB/13740)
  59. William Hurrell Mallock (Book Title: Humument (Fifth edition), ID: GB/14428)
  60. William Hurrell Mallock (Book Title: Humument (First edition?), ID: GB/5058)
  61. William Hurrell Mallock (Book Title: Humument (First revised edition), ID: GB/13997)
  62. William Hurrell Mallock (Book Title: Humument (Private Fourth Edition), ID: GB/13998)
  63. William Hurrell Mallock (Book Title: Humument (Third Edition), ID: GB/13999)
  64. Andrew Malone (Book Title: Observer's Book of Horses & Ponies, ID: GB/14297)
  65. Laurent Malone (Book Title: Notre Silence, ID: GB/4094)
  66. Sir Thomas Malory (Book Title: Chronicles of King Arthur, ID: GB/4096)
  67. Sir Thomas Malory (Book Title: Morte D' Arthur, ID: GB/4097)
  68. Peter Malutzki (Book Title: 2020, ID: GB/30009)
  69. Peter Malutzki (Book Title: Aeronautische Sindtbart oder seltsame Luftreise von Niedercalifornien nach Crain Driessigstes Abendteur avt Capitul, ID: GB/240)
  70. Peter Malutzki (Book Title: Almanach auf das Jahr 2012, ID: GB/13682)
  71. Peter Malutzki (Book Title: Although nothing ventured nothing is won, ID: GB/15229)
  72. Peter Malutzki (Book Title: Born to Be Alive, ID: GB/30567)
  73. Peter Malutzki (Book Title: Centuria One Hundred, ID: GB/16247)
  74. Peter Malutzki (Book Title: Collagebuch Eins, ID: GB/12357)
  75. Peter Malutzki (Book Title: Collagebuch Zwei (2), ID: GB/12358)
  76. Peter Malutzki (Book Title: Diderots neue Kleider, ID: GB/16188)
  77. Peter Malutzki (Book Title: Doctor Diderot's & Misterd'Alembert's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass, ID: GB/16187)
  78. Peter Malutzki (Book Title: FlugBlattBuch Nr. 8: Frankfurter Postzeitung, ID: GB/4098)
  79. Peter Malutzki (Book Title: Fünf Vorschläge, ID: GB/12348)
  80. Peter Malutzki (Book Title: Holzweg, ID: GB/31095)
  81. Peter Malutzki (Book Title: Kurt Schwitters geht auf 101 zu, ID: GB/11603)
  82. Peter Malutzki (Book Title: Leonce und Lena, ID: GB/31097)
  83. Peter Malutzki (Book Title: Leporello 1 + 2, ID: GB/6718)
  84. Peter Malutzki (Book Title: Lucy in the Sky, ID: GB/14273)
  85. Peter Malutzki (Book Title: Luft ist Kühl und es dunkelt, ID: GB/11925)
  86. Peter Malutzki (Book Title: Mona Lisa, ID: GB/31092)
  87. Peter Malutzki (Book Title: Monochrome Bücher 1-6, ID: GB/4099)
  88. Peter Malutzki (Book Title: Obwohl nichts wagte ist nichts gewonnen, ID: GB/14610)
  89. Peter Malutzki (Book Title: Oda al mar, ID: GB/30568)
  90. Peter Malutzki (Book Title: Razzle Dazzle, ID: GB/13292)
  91. Peter Malutzki (Book Title: Schlechte Wörter, ID: GB/12549)
  92. Peter Malutzki (Book Title: Sehr geehrter Herr Malutzki, ID: GB/11604)
  93. Peter Malutzki (Book Title: Skizzen auf Tränenpapier, ID: GB/12356)
  94. Peter Malutzki (Book Title: Some Buildings on the Streets of Kharkiv. Ukraine, ID: GB/31093)
  95. Peter Malutzki (Book Title: Stopfnadel, ID: GB/31096)
  96. Peter Malutzki (Book Title: Stundenbuch, ID: GB/12972)
  97. Peter Malutzki (Book Title: Unser Landschaftsbericht, ID: GB/11336)
  98. Peter Malutzki (Book Title: Unter Wasser, ID: GB/1925)
  99. Peter Malutzki (Book Title: Von Anton bis Zeppelin, ID: GB/10955)
  100. Peter Malutzki (Book Title: Wenn der lahme Weber Träumt er Webe, ID: GB/15215)
  101. Peter Malutzki (Book Title: Wortschafz, ID: GB/15230)
  102. Peter Malutzki (Book Title: Zweite Enzyklopädie von Tlön, ID: GB/11337)
  103. Ossip Mandelstam (Book Title: Ossip Mandelstam, ID: GB/4104)
  104. Giorgio Manganelli (Book Title: Centuria One Hundred, ID: GB/16247)
  105. Giorgio Manganelli (Book Title: Farbwechsel: Schwarz, ID: GB/14255)
  106. Susan Mann (Book Title: Pagan Babies, ID: GB/11946)
  107. Thomas Mann (Book Title: Buddenbrooks, ID: GB/4111)
  108. Thomas Mann (Book Title: Morte a Venezia, ID: GB/15958)
  109. Edgar Mansfield (Book Title: Modern Design in Bookbinding, ID: GB/9659)
  110. Katherine Mansfield (Book Title: Twelve Stories, ID: GB/4115)
  111. Eva Mantell (Book Title: Tick Tiger Trout, ID: GB/4118)
  112. Nancy Manter (Book Title: Water Prayers, ID: GB/12668)
  113. Robert Mapplethorpe (Book Title: Season in Hell, ID: GB/5360)
  114. Anton Marc (Book Title: Thread of Meaning, ID: GB/4123)
  115. Lee Marchalonis (Book Title: Smell of Winter, ID: GB/14707)
  116. Eric de Mare (Book Title: London 1851, ID: GB/4131)
  117. Eric de Mare (Book Title: Wren's London, ID: GB/4132)
  118. Max Marek (Book Title: Fluesterbuch, ID: GB/14301)
  119. Max Marek (Book Title: Gedächtnis Protokoll, ID: GB/14300)
  120. Peter Maresca (Book Title: Little Nemo in Slumberland, ID: GB/10383)
  121. Russell Maret (Book Title: Aethelwold Etc, ID: GB/12417)
  122. Russell Maret (Book Title: Aethelwold Etc, ID: GB/15253)
  123. Russell Maret (Book Title: Brownsville Boys, ID: GB/14259)
  124. Russell Maret (Book Title: CODEX MMXIII, ID: GB/15579)
  125. Russell Maret (Book Title: Elements, ID: GB/4133)
  126. Russell Maret (Book Title: Hope, ID: GB/16856)
  127. Russell Maret (Book Title: Hungry Bibliophiles, ID: GB/15242)
  128. Russell Maret (Book Title: Interstices & Intersections or, an Autodidact Comprehends a Cube, ID: GB/14477)
  129. Russell Maret (Book Title: Method, ID: GB/14145)
  130. Russell Maret (Book Title: Ornamental Digressions, ID: GB/15260)
  131. Russell Maret (Book Title: Pressed for Time, ID: GB/14779)
  132. Russell Maret (Book Title: Roma Abstract, ID: GB/16239)
  133. Russell Maret (Book Title: Some Problems with Red, ID: GB/15196)
  134. Russell Maret (Book Title: Specimens of Diverse Characters, ID: GB/13053)
  135. Russell Maret (Book Title: Three Constitutions, ID: GB/30580)
  136. Russell Maret (Book Title: United States Constitution and Amendments, redacted, ID: GB/30579)
  137. Deball Mariana Castillo (Book Title: Interlude. The reader`s traces, ID: GB/14396)
  138. Paul Mariani (Book Title: Timing Devices: Poems, ID: GB/4137)
  139. Filippo Tommaso Marinetti (Book Title: Drama of Marinetti [ДРАМА МАРИНЕТТИ], ID: GB/12035)
  140. Bol Marjoram (Book Title: Dans Paris, ID: GB/11545)
  141. Bol Marjoram (Book Title: For the Few, ID: GB/11544)
  142. Enid Mark (Book Title: Ars Botanica, ID: GB/10177)
  143. Enid Mark (Book Title: Precessional, ID: GB/7153)
  144. Caryl Markerink (Book Title: Memory Traces, ID: GB/12623)
  145. Lily R. Markiewicz (Book Title: Price of Words, ID: GB/4146)
  146. Sven Märkisch (Book Title: Ausserordentliches Beispiel von Mutterliebe bei einem wilden Tiere, ID: GB/12399)
  147. Denise Markonish (Book Title: Sol Lewitt 100 Views, ID: GB/12293)
  148. Margaret Markwick (Book Title: Small House at Allington, ID: GB/6565)
  149. Publius Vergilius Maro (Book Title: Georgics, ID: GB/4149)
  150. Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Book Title: One Hundred Years of Solitude, ID: GB/4151)
  151. Ray Marshall (Book Title: Birds, ID: GB/2139)
  152. Ray Marshall (Book Title: Butterflies, ID: GB/2140)
  153. Ray Marshall (Book Title: Crocodile and the Dumper Truck, ID: GB/4159)
  154. Ray Marshall (Book Title: Crocodile and the Dumper Truck, ID: GB/4159)
  155. Ray Marshall (Book Title: Doors, ID: GB/4984)
  156. Ray Marshall (Book Title: Guinness Pop-up Book of Records, ID: GB/2039)
  157. Ray Marshall (Book Title: Hey Diddle Diddle, ID: GB/4985)
  158. Ray Marshall (Book Title: Humpty Dumpty, ID: GB/4160)
  159. Ray Marshall (Book Title: Jack and Jill, ID: GB/4161)
  160. Ray Marshall (Book Title: Plane - Watch it Work!, ID: GB/4162)
  161. Ray Marshall (Book Title: Search for the Rare Plumador, ID: GB/3500)
  162. Ray Marshall (Book Title: Sophie's Hideaway, ID: GB/3560)
  163. Ray Marshall (Book Title: The Car - Watch it Work!, ID: GB/4163)
  164. Enzo Marsico (Book Title: Love Story, ID: GB/15935)
  165. Robert Marteau (Book Title: Miroir Volatil, ID: GB/30411)
  166. Marcus Vererius Martialis (Book Title: Libellus, ID: GB/9970)
  167. Caroline Martin (Book Title: Lap Games, ID: GB/4168)
  168. Charles Martin (Book Title: Sports & Divertissements, ID: GB/16297)
  169. Emily Martin (Book Title: (Yes), I Live in Iowa, ID: GB/4174)
  170. Emily Martin (Book Title: Anxiety Alphabet, ID: GB/4171)
  171. Emily Martin (Book Title: Fly Away, ID: GB/13812)
  172. Emily Martin (Book Title: How Can I Live in Iowa?, ID: GB/4172)
  173. Emily Martin (Book Title: I Like It. Here., ID: GB/4173)
  174. Emily Martin (Book Title: In One Ear, ID: GB/4175)
  175. Emily Martin (Book Title: Juror #13, ID: GB/13769)
  176. Emily Martin (Book Title: Life in Iowa, ID: GB/4176)
  177. Emily Martin (Book Title: My Twelve Steps, ID: GB/4177)
  178. Emily Martin (Book Title: Not a Straight Line, ID: GB/13771)
  179. Emily Martin (Book Title: Path Book (Untitled), ID: GB/4178)
  180. Emily Martin (Book Title: Perfect Martini, ID: GB/4179)
  181. Emily Martin (Book Title: Sleepers, Dreamers & Screamers, ID: GB/12349)
  182. Emily Martin (Book Title: Slices, ID: GB/11931)
  183. Emily Martin (Book Title: So On and So On, ID: GB/4180)
  184. Emily Martin (Book Title: Vicious Circle, ID: GB/15792)
  185. Emily Martin (Book Title: Who, What, Where, When, ID: GB/13775)
  186. Emily Martin (Book Title: Yes, I Like Living in Iowa, ID: GB/4181)
  187. Frank Martin (Book Title: Diary of a Young Lady of Fashion in 1764-5, ID: GB/3483)
  188. Frank Martin (Book Title: Scarlet and Black, ID: GB/6188)
  189. Fred Martin (Book Title: Travel Book, ID: GB/4184)
  190. Henry Martin (Book Title: 100 Skies, ID: GB/13145)
  191. Ross Martin (Book Title: Only Connect, ID: GB/15467)
  192. Ruth Martin (Book Title: Hokey Cokey, ID: GB/10435)
  193. Poncho Martinez (Book Title: Memoria, ID: GB/30538)
  194. Henri Martraix (Book Title: Unknown [Ce qui nous éveille], ID: GB/14363)
  195. Kitty Maryatt (Book Title: Kotoba, ID: GB/11304)
  196. Kitty Maryatt (Book Title: Nous Tissons, ID: GB/11301)
  197. Kitty Maryatt (Book Title: Prose Transsibérien Re-Creation, ID: GB/15948)
  198. Kitty Maryatt (Book Title: QuintSequences, ID: GB/15770)
  199. Kitty Maryatt (Book Title: Rock : Paper : Book, ID: GB/14697)
  200. Kitty Maryatt (Book Title: Rules of Thumb, ID: GB/14260)
  201. Kitty Maryatt (Book Title: Unbuttoned/ Buttoned, ID: GB/10222)
  202. Osiah Masekoameng (Book Title: Uhanga Dihangara (Coat Hanger Print Portfolio), ID: GB/10174)
  203. J. H. Mason (Book Title: Eclogues of Vergil, ID: GB/13701)
  204. John Mason (Book Title: More Papers Hand Made by John Mason, ID: GB/4194)
  205. Joseph Massey (Book Title: Chronic Freedom, ID: GB/13149)
  206. Massin (Book Title: Bald Prima Donna, ID: GB/3185)
  207. Dodie Masterman (Book Title: Anna Karenina, ID: GB/6501)
  208. Dodie Masterman (Book Title: My Brilliant Career, ID: GB/2215)
  209. Dodie Masterman (Book Title: Secret Garden, ID: GB/931)
  210. Dodie Masterman (Book Title: Spanish Bawd, ID: GB/5408)
  211. R. & E. Powys Mathers (Book Title: Mademoiselle de Maupin, ID: GB/2324)
  212. Harry Mathews (Book Title: Singular Pleasures, ID: GB/4201)
  213. Henri Matisse (Book Title: Jazz, ID: GB/12786)
  214. Henri Matisse (Book Title: Jazz, ID: GB/4205)
  215. Gordon Matta-Clark (Book Title: Walls paper, ID: GB/11319)
  216. Peter Matthiessen (Book Title: On the Ice Mountain, ID: GB/10192)
  217. W. Somerset Maugham (Book Title: Short Stories, ID: GB/4213)
  218. Barbara Mauriello (Book Title: Method, ID: GB/14145)
  219. Barbara Mauriello (Book Title: Mystery of the Magic Box, ID: GB/12360)
  220. Barbara Mauriello (Book Title: Water Prayers, ID: GB/12668)
  221. Barbara Mauriello (Book Title: What is White, ID: GB/31601)
  222. Bruce Mawdesley (Book Title: Song of the Scythe, ID: GB/4224)
  223. James Clerk Maxwell (Book Title: On Physical Lines, ID: GB/15309)
  224. Dan Mayer (Book Title: MayBow's Book Arts Jargonator, ID: GB/16074)
  225. Hansjörg Mayer (Book Title: Typoaktionen, ID: GB/4230)
  226. Frances Mayes (Book Title: Arts of Fire, ID: GB/4236)
  227. David Mayor (Book Title: French Schmuck, ID: GB/13221)
  228. Friederika Mayröcker (Book Title: Brancusi "Der Kusz" (Kalkstein), ID: GB/4242)
  229. Lisa Mazza (Book Title: Transart, ID: GB/15628)
  230. Lisa Mazza (Book Title: Transart, ID: GB/15628)
  231. Nhlanhla Mbatha (Book Title: Uhanga Dihangara (Coat Hanger Print Portfolio), ID: GB/10174)
  232. Thomas McAfee (Book Title: My Confidant, Catullus, ID: GB/4244)
  233. Kerry McAleer-Keeler (Book Title: Uncovering White Privilege, ID: GB/16070)
  234. John McBrewster (Book Title: Irma Boom, ID: GB/13663)
  235. Louise McCagg (Book Title: Fold: Map Stories, ID: GB/4247)
  236. Louise McCagg (Book Title: Our Marriage with Miki, ID: GB/6324)
  237. Chad McCail (Book Title: Active Genital, ID: GB/10626)
  238. Scott McCarney (Book Title: Alphabook, ID: GB/4259)
  239. Scott McCarney (Book Title: Alphabook 10, ID: GB/15452)
  240. Scott McCarney (Book Title: Alphabook 3, ID: GB/4261)
  241. Scott McCarney (Book Title: Autobiographies, ID: GB/10120)
  242. Scott McCarney (Book Title: Autobiography #5, ID: GB/10131)
  243. Scott McCarney (Book Title: Autobiography #6, ID: GB/11147)
  244. Scott McCarney (Book Title: Autobiography #7, ID: GB/13660)
  245. Scott McCarney (Book Title: Bananaco News, ID: GB/13454)
  246. Scott McCarney (Book Title: Coming to Terms: An Abecedarium, ID: GB/13378)
  247. Scott McCarney (Book Title: Decider, ID: GB/11647)
  248. Scott McCarney (Book Title: Dessert Shield, ID: GB/10761)
  249. Scott McCarney (Book Title: Diderot / Americana Vol 29, ID: GB/4248)
  250. Scott McCarney (Book Title: Diderot / Doubleday Vol 2, ID: GB/11769)
  251. Scott McCarney (Book Title: Drunkard's Path, ID: GB/4249)
  252. Scott McCarney (Book Title: Face Book, ID: GB/13489)
  253. Scott McCarney (Book Title: Far Horizons, ID: GB/4250)
  254. Scott McCarney (Book Title: Flux Bush, ID: GB/11644)
  255. Scott McCarney (Book Title: Gender Card Game, ID: GB/16193)
  256. Scott McCarney (Book Title: ID Book. (ID:80-00), ID: GB/4251)
  257. Scott McCarney (Book Title: In Case of Emergency:, ID: GB/4252)
  258. Scott McCarney (Book Title: Index to the Encyclopaedia, ID: GB/4253)
  259. Scott McCarney (Book Title: Intersection Communication, ID: GB/4254)
  260. Scott McCarney (Book Title: Laundry in Public, ID: GB/16212)
  261. Scott McCarney (Book Title: Little Houses, ID: GB/11643)
  262. Scott McCarney (Book Title: Lost Horizons, ID: GB/11093)
  263. Scott McCarney (Book Title: Married, ID: GB/16223)
  264. Scott McCarney (Book Title: Memory Loss, ID: GB/4260)
  265. Scott McCarney (Book Title: No Mo Pro Mo Ho Mo Pho Bo, ID: GB/4255)
  266. Scott McCarney (Book Title: Panagram, ID: GB/15451)
  267. Scott McCarney (Book Title: Photographs, ID: GB/11645)
  268. Scott McCarney (Book Title: Pointin' Jesse and Smilin' Joe, ID: GB/4256)
  269. Scott McCarney (Book Title: Safety in Numbers, ID: GB/4257)
  270. Scott McCarney (Book Title: Saints and Sinners, ID: GB/11092)
  271. Scott McCarney (Book Title: Searching for Myself, ID: GB/16225)
  272. Scott McCarney (Book Title: Selection of Cards, ID: GB/11646)
  273. Scott McCarney (Book Title: Skuta's Pointers, ID: GB/13179)
  274. Scott McCarney (Book Title: State of the Union, ID: GB/11148)
  275. Scott McCarney (Book Title: Think Seoul, ID: GB/11146)
  276. Scott McCarney (Book Title: Various Fires and MLK, ID: GB/13073)
  277. Scott McCarney (Book Title: Yellow Hanging Accordion Book Structure, ID: GB/4258)
  278. Paula McCartney (Book Title: Bird Watching, ID: GB/12705)
  279. Peter McCavana (Book Title: Hors de contenance, ID: GB/11556)
  280. Winsor McCay (Book Title: Little Nemo in Slumberland, ID: GB/10383)
  281. Elizabeth McClintock (Book Title: California Flora, ID: GB/15953)
  282. Michael McClure (Book Title: Book of Benjamin, ID: GB/4265)
  283. Carlo McCormick (Book Title: Airplayers, ID: GB/216)
  284. Ellen McCulloch-Lovell (Book Title: Gone, ID: GB/30105)
  285. Ellen McCulloch-Lovell (Book Title: Gone, ID: GB/12703)
  286. John McDowall (Book Title: Mask, ID: GB/10455)
  287. Nicholas McDowall (Book Title: Trans Siberian Prosody and Little Jeanne from France, ID: GB/14691)
  288. Nicholas McDowall (Book Title: Wall in Wales, ID: GB/4272)
  289. David McDuff (Book Title: Ny Dansk Poesi - NDP, ID: GB/30535)
  290. Sean McElroy (Book Title: Hymn to Dionysos, ID: GB/8729)
  291. Thomas McEvilley (Book Title: Defictions of Diogenes, ID: GB/11322)
  292. Anne McGarrell (Book Title: Flora, ID: GB/4273)
  293. Jean McGarry (Book Title: Human House, ID: GB/4274)
  294. Jean McGarry (Book Title: Red Coat, ID: GB/4275)
  295. Phyllis McGibbon (Book Title: Chronology of Important Events, ID: GB/4276)
  296. Nora Lee McGillivray (Book Title: Between Us and Far Away, ID: GB/4277)
  297. Nora Lee McGillivray (Book Title: Climb, ID: GB/4278)
  298. Nora Lee McGillivray (Book Title: Mapping the Great Book, ID: GB/4279)
  299. Nora Lee McGillivray (Book Title: Moon, ID: GB/4280)
  300. Nora Lee McGillivray (Book Title: Seeing Ladders, ID: GB/4281)
  301. Harold McGrath (Book Title: Frankenstein, ID: GB/5904)
  302. DeLoss McGraw (Book Title: Colored Poem, ID: GB/12218)
  303. DeLoss McGraw (Book Title: Hard Travel(ing), ID: GB/12219)
  304. DeLoss McGraw (Book Title: House the Poet Built, ID: GB/12220)
  305. Miriam McGreggor (Book Title: New Castle, ID: GB/4282)
  306. Terence McKenna (Book Title: Flight into Egypt, ID: GB/1974)
  307. David McKetterick (Book Title: New Specimen Book of Curwen Pattern Papers, ID: GB/7378)
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